2011届高考英语一轮复习单元专题配套精练:选修10 unit4-6

选修 10
Units 4~5 能力演练
一、语法填空 When you start talking about good and bad manners you immediately start meeting difficulties.Many people just cannot agree 1 they

mean.We asked a lady,who replied that she thought you could tell a well-mannered person 2 the way they occupied the space around

them.However, 3 second person thought that this was 4 a question of civilized behavior than good manners.Instead, other person told us this a story about an American who 5 (invite) to an Arab meal in one of

the countries of the Middle East.The American hadn,t been told much about the kind of food he might expect. 6 he had known about Arab food,he might have behaved better.Immediately before him was a very flat piece of bread that looked,to him,very much like a napkin. 7 (pick) it up, put it into his collar, that it fell across his shirt.His Arab he so host, who had been watching, nothing, 8 immediately copied the said 9 (act) of his guest.And that,said 10 second person,was a fine

example of good manners.? 二、完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的四个选项(A、 B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。?

An unemployed man goes to try for a job with Microsoft as a cleaner.After an interview,the manager says,“You are 1 .Let me have your e-mail address so that I can send you a form to where to work on your first day.? The man says he doesn,t have a 3 or e-mail.Listening to this,the 2 and advise you

manager replies,“Well,then,that really means that you can 4 expect to be employed.”? ? 5 ,the man leaves.Not knowing where to turn and only having 6 a 10 kg box of tomatoes at the

$ 10 left,he decides to

supermarket.Within less than 2 hours,he sells them at 100% profit. 7 the process several times that day,he ends up with $100 before returning home.The man 8 he can quite easily make a living by selling

tomatoes.Getting up earlier every day and going to bed late,he doubles his 9 in quite a short time.Soon he acquires a cart then a truck to 10 his tomatoes.By the end of the first year,he manages a staff of several hundred people,all selling tomatoes.? Now considering the future of his family,he decides to buy some life insurance. 11 an insurance adviser,he picks an insurance plan to fit his new circumstances.At the end of the telephone 12 ,the adviser asks

him for his e-mail.When the man replies he has no e-mail,the adviser is 13 ,“What?You don’t even have e-mail?How on earth have you 14

managed to amass( 积 聚 )such wealth without the Internet?Just

where you would have been by now if you had owned e ? mail!”? After a moment,s ? Microsoft!”? 1.A.understood C.invited 2.A.make C.describe 3.A.computer C.pen 4.A.finally C.hardly 5.A.Satisfied C.Worried 6.A.buy C.carry 7.A.Changing C.Repeating 8.A.suggests C.admits 9.A.tomatoes C.efforts 10.A.transport B.disturbed ? D.employed B.complete ? D.learn B.job ? D.form B.nearly ? D.luckily B.Encouraged ? D.Disappointed B.sell ? D.stay B.Breaking ? D.Explaining B.hears ? D.realizes B.profits ? D.desires B.plant ? 15 ,the millionaire replies, “ A cleaner at

C.store 11.A.Introducing C.Refusing 12.A.line C.conversation 13.A.annoyed C.pleased 14.A.imagine C.announce 15.A.discussion C.breath 三、阅读理解? 阅读理解

D.protect B.Calling ? D.Helping B.message ? D.test B.surprised ? D.ashamed B.remember ? D.foretell B.chat ? D.silence

专题训练( 专题训练(十)

信息匹配 ?

下面是一篇应用文及其应用场合的信息, 请阅读下列应用文和相关信 息,并按照要求匹配信息。? 首先,请阅读下面的应用文:? A.City unit sale: A 2 large bedroom unit (Top floor & 60 sqm) along Lonsdale St with a good city view,fully furnished (配备) rooms,with 1 min walking distance to Parliament Station & free city circle trams.Close to Melbourne Central , Chinatown , Safeway , shops , parks and cinemas.Current rent:$395 per week.Price:$265, 000.Contact: Tan ++ 3 96395362 / 0401 542 361 ?

B.Rooms $130 + pw: Elsternwick 2 bedroom home — Person wanted to share in spacious and comfortable home near Ripponlea Station, St.Kilda Rd Elsternwick.Rear of block 3 with a courtyard garden and carport with a huge BBQ.Bedroom can be furnished or unfurnished; rent: $130 per week,plus electricity.I work 6 day shifts and want someone who is able to put up with my lifestyle as my housemate.? C.Town & County VIC new: Fully furnished room to share in a 2 bedroom house from July at one of the best locations of Hawthorn,close to city, transport and Swinburne Uni.Accommodation is available at 100 / w.House is having almost every facility.Best suitable for students.? D.Property for lease: Available: Beautiful light-filled 2 bedroom apartment with a large balcony (阳台) overlooking one of St Kilda ? s most sought-after streets.$230 per week. Very quiet area,with no adjoining (毗邻的) apartments. 2 separate bedrooms,a bathroom with bath and a large living-room.Modern interior with gas cooking,stainless steel kitchen,polished floorboards & parking.? E.Rooms $100-$113pw: Available is a medium-sized room in a fully $ furnished house,massive garage,big backyard,5 min walking distance to shops,train and bus.M/F 18-30 to share with one guy (24) and a cat.Use of washing machine & dryer.$100pw + bills 0406793626 ? F.Rooms wanted: An easy-going couple is looking for a room in an inner city suburb , Kensington , north Melbourne , Carlton Fitzroy

Richmond Clifton hill etc.We have just come over to work for a year.We are friendly and easy-going.? 请阅读以下个人信息,然后匹配人名和出租 / 求租信息。? Ray and his wife are very friendly.They have just moved to the city.And they are planning to work here.They want to rent a room to live in for a period of time.? Phil has a unit about sixty square meters.It is near China-town and you can go shopping on foot.You can rent it or buy it as you like.? Mike has a wonderful apartment to rent which faces the streets.It is fully furnished with kitchen,bathroom and so on.? Robert has rent a room which has a large backyard.The room is close to the station.He has raised a lovely cat.He wants to find someone ranging from 18 to 30 to live with him.? Clare is a student in a university in Hawthorn.She is going to rent a room with one of her classmates in a place where transport is convenient. 人名 1.Ray and his wife 2.Phil 3.Mike 4.Robert 5.Clare 出租 / 求租信息? A.City unit sale ? B.Rooms $130+pw ? C.Town & County VIC new ? D.Property for lease ? E.Rooms $100-$113pw ? F.Rooms wanted ?

一、? 1.解析:what.what 引导宾语从句,并在从句中作宾语。? 答案:what 2.by ? 3.解析:a 冠词 a 在此意为 “另一个” 。? 答案:a 4.解析:more.后有 than,这里用 more。? 答案:more 5.解析:had been invited.这里要用过去完成时的被动语态。? 答案:had been invited 6.解析:If 引导虚拟条件从句。? 答案:If 7.解析:Picking.分词短语作状语。? 答案:Picking 8.解析:but.在此表示转折, “虽然没说什么,但是他却模仿客人的动 作” 。? 答案:but 9.解析:action.冠词后用名词形式 action。? 答案:action 10.this

二、? 分析: 一个失业工人因没有电子邮箱地址而未能被聘为微软公司的清 洁工,而恰恰是未被聘用才成就了他一生的事业。? 1.解析:根据下文 and advise you where to work on your first day 可推 知,面试之后,经理决定录用(employed)他。? 答案:D 2.解析:从前面的 a form 可知选 complete,意为填表格。? 答案:B 3.解析:与本空后 e ? mail 构成并列:他说没有电脑(computer) , 也没有电子邮箱。? 答案:A 4.解析:从下文他卖西红柿可知,经理是说他很难(hardly)得到这 份工作。? 答案:C 5.解析:没有被录用,这位失业的人自然会非常失望(Disappointed) 。 ? 答案:D 6.解析:与下句中 sells 构成对比:他从超市买了(buy)一箱西红柿。 答案:A 7.解析:在那天结束时,他已经拥有了 100 美元,由此判断:当天他从 超市中反复(Repeating)批发了好几次西红柿去卖。? 答案:C

8.解析:句意为:他意识到(realizes)他可以卖西红柿谋生。? 答案:D 9.解析:从下文可知,他购置了货车,并雇用了几百名员工。由此可 推知此处是说他的销售利润(profits)翻了几番。? 答案:B 10.解析:由本空前的 cart 和 truck 可推知,他很快买了货车来运输 (transport)西红柿。? 答案:A 11.解析: 根据下文第 12 空前的 telephone 一词可知, 他打电话 (Calling) 给一位保险业务员寻求建议。? 答案:B 12.解析:他要向业务员寻求建议,故他们需要交谈(conversation) 。 答案:C 13.解析:听到这位百万富翁说自己竟然没有电子邮箱,这位业务员 非常吃惊(surprised) 。? 答案:B 14.解析:本句中的情况是一种假设:如果你要是有电子邮箱的话, 设想一下(imagine)你现在会怎么样?? 答案:A 15.解析:这样一个问题又把他带回去微软应聘清洁工时的记忆,故 他沉默了(silence)片刻才作答。?

答案:D 三、? 1~5 FADEC ?



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