2011届高考英语一轮复习单元专题配套精练:必修5 Unit 1

必修 5
Unit 1 Great scientists 能力演练
一、语法填空 阅读下面短文,根据上下文填入适当的词语,或使用括号中的词语的 适当形式填空。? Someone says examination can help us go over our lessons in time after 1 we can find 2 we are getting on with our studies.? 3 we are are also too difficult for

always having too many examinations and 4

us to get through.In order to pass the exams,we senior middle school students are 5 (heavy)burdened with all kinds of homework.We spend

about 6.5 hours in our classroom a day.At home,it takes us 5 hours 6 (finish)our homework.So we only get 7 than 7 hours ? sleep.As a result,we 8 (hard)have any time to go in 9 sports.I think the

present system of assessment should 10 (improve).? 二、完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的四个选项(A、 B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。? Students are suffering from heavy school bags,which may cause neck and back problems,Experts say.? “It,s hard for me to get up the 1 with my bag because it ? s so

heavy,” said Rick Hammond,? 2 11 ? year ? old student in the US.

? Rick is among the students who have 3 backpacks(背包)with two straps(带子)to carry them,? rolling backpacks.? But even with rolling backpacks,? 5 up stairs and buses with them is 6 a problem for kids.Many of them have hurt their knees,backs or necks 4 a number of other students choose

because of heavy school bags.? But how much is too 7 ?Experts say students should carry 8 more than 10 to 15 percent of their own body weight.? Scott Bautch,a Wisconsin 9 doctor,said kids under 4th grade should 10 with 10 percent.But it,s also important that older kids don,t go percent,because their bones are still growing.? Bautch explained that there are other injuries caused by backpacks.“Kids are 12 their balance and falling down with these backpacks,”he said. Parents and teachers are starting to tell the kids to only take 13 11

library books they will be reading that night.Some teachers are using worksheets(作业纸)or 14 workbooks for students to take home.? 15 themselves suggested,to have

One of the best answers is,as some no homework forever!? 1.A.schools C.houses 2.A.this B.stairs ? D.homes ? B.that ?

C.a 3.A.special C.ordinary 4.A.when C.but 5.A.getting C.going 6.A.only C.even 7.A.more C.much 8.A.no C.any 9.A.children C.bag 10.A.carry C.take 11.A.about C.beyond 12.A.keeping C.losing 13.A.home

D.an ? B.unusual ? D.regular ? B.then ? D.and ? B.climbing ? D.turning ? B.still ? D.just ? B.very ? D.many ? B.not ? D.much ? B.student ? D.back ? B.stay ? D.bring ? B.under ? D.before ? B.missing ? D.making ? B.class ?

C.school 14.A.valuable C.important 15.A.reports C.parents 三、阅读理解? 阅读理解?

D.city ? B.thin ? D.interesting ? B.teachers ? D.kids ?

专题训练(四) 如何推断后续内容 专题训练( 推断文章后续内容是要求考生根据语篇结构或行文逻辑对文中没有 明说的内容进行合理推测,包括推断某一事件可能的结局、下一部分 可能涉及的内容、文中人物下一步可能要做的事情等。这类题常见的 设问方式有:? (1)The paragraph following the passage will most probably be ___________.? (2)Which of the following statement will best continue the

first/second/third paragraph?? (3)Which of the following would best complete the passage?? (4)What will the writer probably talk about in the following paragraph?? ◆技巧点拨 1.把握作者的写作思路。文章可能按照事件发展的经过描写,也可能 按因果关系、对比关系来叙述,据此可以对文章的后续内容作出比较 科学、合理的推测。? 2.把握文章的结构,注意最后一段,特别留意最后几句话。?

◆活学活用 阅读下列短文,按要求完成读写任务。? On Thursday September 6,2007,the world lost an amazing musician and person.The great tenor Luciano Pavarotti lost the battle with cancer and died at 5 am in Italy.This great loss cannot go unnoticed and shouldn ? t.Pavarotti was an incredible individual and he tried and succeeded in making a difference in the world.Instead of looking at his death with sorrow,we should look at his death as an inspiration.? Reviewing all of the contributions this man made with his life,we should try to contribute something great to the world we live in.Each person has a talent,and some,like Pavarotti,use their talents to create a better place for everyone.Many times,some young people feel as though they are lost,asking the same questions and getting no answers:What is my purpose in life?What am I meant to do?Of course we should take time to respectfully think about Pavarotti,but we shouldn,t dwell on sorrow because his death is something we can,t change.What we all can do to honour this great man is to commit to making a difference and contributing something to the world.? Even though not everyone is a musician,each person can learn something from Pavarotti,s life.The first lesson is that you do not have to become what you originally planned to be.Pavarotti was one of the greatest tenors of all time,but he did not start that way.Many people feel they are stuck

on the path they,ve chosen.This is not the case!Pavarotti taught elementary school for two years and was an insurance salesman while pursuing his interest.For six years,Pavarotti sang for nothing more than just a hobby until he won an international prize.Just four years later in New York,he made 379 performances and retired from stage opera in 2004,but continued to tour until his cancer diagnosis in 2006.? Ⅰ.以约 30 词概括文章大意。? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Ⅱ.根据所读短文,选择正确答案,说出第四题的解题思路。? 1.What does the author mean by saying “we should look at his death as an inspiration.”?? A.We should be inspired by his death.? B.We should be inspired to win the battle with cancer.? C.We should be inspired to devote ourselves to becoming a musician.? D.We should be inspired to make contributions to the world.? 2.The underlined phrase “dwell on” probably means “___________” . A.talk little about ? B.think a lot about ? C.fix one,s attention on ? D.look carefully at ?

3.In the second paragraph,the author mainly intends to tell readers about ___________.? A.reviewing all of Pavarotti ? s contributions ? B.the purpose in one,s life ? C.many young people ? s doubts ? D.how to use talents ? 4.What will the writer probably talk about in the 4-thparagraph?? A.To describe the excellence of his performances.? B.To inform readers of his cancer diagnosis.? C.To tell readers other lessons we can learn from Pavarotti.? D.To introduce his successful life as a tenor.? 5.In which section of a newspaper does the passage appear?? A.Entertainment. C.Medicine. B.Cover News.? D.Literature.?

一、? 1.解析:which 关系代词作介词 after 的宾语,引导定语从句。? 答案:which 2.解析:how 引导宾语从句,意思是了解自己学习进展情况。? 答案:how 3.解析:But 表转折。? 答案:But

4.they ? 5.解析:heavily 修饰动词 burdened。? 答案:heavily 6.to finish ? 7.less ? 8.解析:hardly 几乎没有时间从事体育活动。? 答案:hardly 9.解析:go in for 是固定搭配,意思是“从事、喜欢” 。? 答案:for 10.解析:be improved 现行的评价体系需改善,用被动语态。? 答案:be improved 二、? 1.解析:由后文的“...up stairs”可以推断出此处选 B 项。? 答案:B 2.解析:修饰可数名词单数 student,首次提到, 表泛指,其后的单词第 一个音素发元音,选 D 项。? 答案:D 3.解析: 本句意思是 Rick 是所有经常背着两个带子系着背包的学生之 一。选 D 项。? 答案:D 4.解析:此处表示其他同学与 Rick 的不同,即所填词表转折,选 C

项。? 答案:C 5.解析:由前文的“It ? s hard for me to get up the...”可知此处选 A 项。? 答案:A 6.解析:根据句意可知所填词意思是 “仍然” ,选 B 项。? 答案:B 7.解析:根据本文第一句可知此处选 C 项。? 答案:C 8.解析:no more than“仅仅,只不过” ;not more than“不超过,不多 于” ;more than“多于,超过” 。根据句意此处表确切重量,故选 A 项。? 答案:A 9.解析:根据文章的 backpack 及空后的 doctor 可知此处选 D 项。? 答案:D 10.解析:stay with“使维持下去,跟上” ,本句意思是: 一位威士康星的 腰背医生 Scott Bautch 说四年级以下的学生只能维持(背)占体重 10%的书包。选 B 项。? 答案:B

11.解析:句意: “年龄大点的(学生的书包的重量)也不能超过体重 的 15%。 ”所填词的意思是“超过” ,选 C 项。? 答案:C 12.解析:根据后文的“falling down”可知此处 构成 lose one ? s balance 短语, 意为“失去平衡” 。? 答案:C 13.解析:由后文的 take home 可知此处选 A 项。? 答案:A 14.解析:所填词修饰 workbook,用形容词。句意为: “一些老师使用 作 业纸或薄的练习册让学生带回家(做作业)”选 B 项。? 。 答案:B 15.解析:根据全文大意可以推断出此处选 D 项,意思是:孩子,即 学生。? 答案:D 三、? Ⅰ.? Luciano Pavarotti died,but we should look at his death as an inspiration,that is,we must do our bit to make a difference and contribute somehting to the world.(30 words)? Ⅱ.?

1.解析:从第二段最后一句可知答案。? 答案:D 2.B ? 3.B ? 4.解析:此题要求推断文章后续内容。 第三段全文讲述的是 The first lesson,所以从文章结构来说,下一段应该是关于这位伟大的歌唱家 带给我们的第二个启示。? 答案:C 5.解析:此题要求推断文章出处,考生应该很容易判断此文摘自报纸 的娱乐版。? 答案:A



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