2011届高考英语一轮复习单元专题配套精练:必修2 Unit 1

必修 2
Unit 1 Cultural relics 能力演练
一、语法填空? 专题训练( 专题训练(二) 动词变化

动词是语法填空题的必考内容, 动词的主要考点有时态、 语态、 语气、 非谓语动词、主谓一致等。非谓语动词更是考查热点。在本专题中, 我们介绍几个应试技巧,让你在考场上稳操胜券。? ◆技巧点拨 only 后接现在分词或不定式都可表示结果, only doing 是一般用语, 但 only to do 则表示意想不到的结果。动词、介词后面要求接名词或动 名词做宾语,如果所给动词后有宾语,则将所给动词变为动名词,如 果所给动词后无宾语,则将所给动词变为名词。? (1)Jack went swimming in the lake,only _______________(have)great fun with his fellows.? (2)Jack hurried to Tom ? s home,only _______________(find)Tom was out and the door was locked.? (3)He was good at _______________(persuade)others to give up their ideas.? (4)They just stood there and stared at the stranger in _______________ (amaze).? 句(1)单纯表示结果,用 having。句(2)的结果是 Jack 意想不到

的,用 to find。句(3)的 persuade 前有介词,后有宾语 others,应填 入动名词 persuading。句(4)前有介词,后无宾语,应填入名词 amazement。? ◆活学活用? (一)用所给动词的适当形式填空。? 1.She turned up the driveway,only _______________(find)her way blocked.? 2.Computers are widely used for _______________(explore),including for _______________(explore)space.? 3.Her husband died,only_______________(leave)her debts.? 4.The boy grew up day by day,only _______________(become)stronger and healthier.? 5.Mike went swimming with his classmates,only _______________ (drown). ? (二)语法填空。? (2008 年东莞一模改编)阅读下面短文,按照句子结构的语法性和 上下文连贯的要求, 在空格处填入一个适当的词或使用括号中词语的 正确形式填空。? Once there lived a rich man 1 (want)to do something for the people

of his town.But first he wanted to find out whether they deserved his help. ? In the centre of the main road into the town,he placed a very large

stone.Then he

2 (hide)behind a tree and waited, 3 (watch)what

people would do with the stone.Soon an old man came along with his cow. “Who put this stone in the centre of the road?”said the old man without 4 (try)to remove the stone.Instead,with some difficulty he passed 5 (continue)on his way.Another man came

around the stone and

along and did the same thing; then another came,and another.All of them complained about the stone but not tried to remove it.Full of (disappoint),the rich man was to go away and give up his idea (help).Just then,a young man came along.He saw the stone, 8 himself: The night “ 6 7


9 (be)very dark.Some neighbors will come along

later in the dark and will fall against the stone.”? Then he began to move the stone.He pushed and pulled with all his strength to move it,only 10 (find)a bag of money under the

stone.Imagine how surprised he was!? 二、 完形填空 A woman in her sixties lived alone in her little cottage with a pear tree at her door.She spent all her time taking care of the tree.But the children nearby drove her 1 by making fun of her.They would climb her tree and then run away with pears,? 2 “Aunty Misery” at her.? One evening,a passer ? by asked to 3 for the night.Seeing that he had an 4 face,she let him in and gave him a nice 5 .The next morning

the stranger,actually a sorcerer(巫师),thanked her by granting(允准)

her 6 that anyone who climbed up her tree 7 not be able to come back down until she 8 it.? 9 ,she had them stuck on the

When the children came back to steal her

tree.They had to beg her long 10 she gave the tree permission to let 11 go.Aunty Misery was free from the 12 at last.? One day another man 13 her door.This one did not look trustworthy to

“I her,? 14 she asked who he was. am Death.I ? ve come to take you 15 me,”said he.The woman thought fast and then said to the man, “Could you do me a favor to pick the golden pear on the tree?”Then man was so happy to “help” her and thus was immediately stuck to the tree.? 1.A.hopeless C.dull 2.A.calling C.announcing 3.A.stay C.hide 4.A.interesting C.anxious 5.A.gift C.treat ? B.painful ? D.crazy B.shouting ? D.whispering B.live ? D.lie B.honest ? D.angry B.kiss ? D.smile

6.A.suggestion C.permission 7.A.could C.might 8.A.permitted C.answered 9.A.branch C.tree 10.A.after C.since 11.A.it C.him 12.A.trick C.trouble 13.A.stepped into C.stopped at 14.A.so C.although 15.A.with C.upon 三、阅读理解? 阅读理解?

B.demand ? D.wish B.should ? D.must B.promised ? D.declared B.food ? D.fruit B.while ? D.before B.them ? D.her B.question ? D.difficulty B.left for ? D.walked around B.but ? D.because B.off ? D.for

专题训练(二) 阅读中的猜词技巧(6) 专题训练( 阅读中的猜词技巧( )

根据文章的综合信息推测词义 ◆技巧点拨 根据文章的内在逻辑关系推测词义是指运用语言知识来分析和判断 相关信息之间存在的逻辑关系,然后结合上下文,根据逻辑关系推断 生词词义或大致意思。在解题时,我们可以利用上下文的线索、暗示 信息或单词的作用和关系准确推测词义。如:? (1)“My son has been in school for twelve years and he cannot write a sentence,” Tom shouted to the headmaster.“You ? ve made him an illiterate”? 解析:依据信息“上学 12 年” 、还“不会写一个句子”“大喊大叫” 、 , 可知家长在指责校方,也就不难猜出 illiterate 意为“文盲” 。? (2)One mistaken idea about business is that it can be treated as a game of perfect information.Quite the reverse,business,politics,life itself are games which we must normally play with imperfect information. 解析:前句说“关于商业的一个错误观点是商业可以看做完美的信息 游戏” 而后句说 , “商业、 政治、 生活本身是非常不完美的信息游戏” , 由此推之 quite the reverse 的意思是“正好相反” 。? 特别提醒:我们分 6 个单元介绍了阅读中猜测词义的常用方法。但是 必须牢记, 各种方法都是互相联系的, 都离不开对上下文的正确理解, 所谓词不离句、句不离篇讲的就是这个道理。在解题时,同学们应该 综合运用各种方法,根据对语篇的理解,结合上下文,对生词或短语 或句子的含义作出准确的、合乎逻辑的猜测。?

◆活学活用? (一)猜出下列句中划线单词的意思。? 1.Doctors believe that smoking cigarettes is detrimental to health.They also regard drinking as harmful ??? 2.The hot ? air ballon took off.It was buoyant in the air as a rose leaf in water.??? 3.The consequences of epochal events such as wars and great scientific discoveries are not confined to a small geographical area as they were in the past.??? 4.The child is as fragile as glass.??? 5.He fell into a ditch and lay there,semiconscious,for a few minutes.?? ? (二)阅读理解 ? (2009 年全国卷Ⅰ)It is not easy being a teenager(13—19 岁青少年)— nor it is easy being the parent of a teenager.You can make your child feel angry,hurt,or misunderstood by what you say without realizing it yourself.It is important to give your child the space he needs to grow while gently letting him know that you,ll still be there when he needs you. Expect a lot from your child,just not everything.Except for health and safety problems,such as drug use or careless driving,consider everything else open to discussion.If your child is unwilling to discuss

something,don ? t insist he tell you what ? s on his mind.The more you insist,the more likely that he,ll clam up.Instead,let him attempt to solve things by himself.At the same time,remind him that you are always there for him should he seek advice or help.Show respect for your teenager,s privacy.Never read his mail or listen in on personal conversations.? Teach your teenager that the family phone is for the whole family.If your child talks on the family,s phone for too long,tell him he can talk for 15 minutes,but then he must stay off the phone for at least an equal period of time.This not only frees up the line so that other family members can make and receive calls,but teaches your child moderation(节制).Or if you are open to the idea,allow your teenager his own phone that he pays for with his own pocket money or a part-time job.? Ⅰ.根据短文写一篇 30 词左右的摘要。? ___________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Ⅱ.根据所读短文,选择最佳答案。? 1.The main purpose of the text is to tell parents _______________.? A.how to get along with a teenager ? B.how to respect a teenager ? C.how to understand a teenager ? D.how to help a teenager grow up ?

2.What does the phrase “clam up” mean?? A.become excited C.refuse to talk B.show respect ? D.seek help ?

3.The last paragraph is about how to teach a teenager _______________. A.to use the phone in a sensible way ? B.to pay for his own phone ? C.to share the phone with friends ? D.to answer the phone quickly ? 4.What should parents do in raising a teenager according to the passage? A.Not allow him to learn driving or take drugs ? B.Give him advice only when necessary ? C.Let him have his own telephone ? D.Not talk about personal things with him ?

一、? (一)? 1.to find ? 2.exploration,exploring ? 3.leaving ? 4.becoming ? 5.to be drowned ?

(二)? 1.解析:现在分词做定语。? 答案: wanting 2.解析:与后面的 waited 一起充当并列谓语。? 答案:hid 3.解析:现在分词作伴随状语。? 答案:watching 4.解析: 前有介词 without,后有宾语 to remove,应填入动名词。? 答案:trying 5.continued ? 6.解析:前有介词 of,后无宾语,应填入名词。? 答案: disappointment 7.to help 8.saying 9.will be ?

10.解析:only 接不定式表示意想不到的结果,年轻人没想到巨石底下 有一袋钱。? 答案:to find 二、? 1.解析:根据语境, 孩子们是通过取笑、 捉弄并偷梨等行为而使她抓狂, 故 D 对。? 答案:D 2.解析:shout sth.at sb.对某人喊叫, 其余几个词均无此搭配, B 项正 故 确。?

答案:B 3.解析:由句意可知过路人是暂住一晚,故用 stay。? 答案:A 4.解析:由句意可知此人有一副 “诚实的” 脸, 与下文的 “...did not look trustworthy to her”形成反衬,其余各词均不符合语境。? 答案:B 5.解析:根据上下文可知,老太太是很好地款待了过路人,故选 C。? 答案:C 6.解析:由下文可知“任何爬上梨树的人都不可以下来”是老太太的愿 望,而不是“建议(suggestion) , ” “要求(demand) ”或“允许 (permission),故选 D。? ” 答案:D 7.解析:should 与第二、三人称连用,表示说话者的意愿,意为“就, 该” 。could,might 表“可能” ,must 表“必须” 。? 答案:B 8.解析:根据下文“...she gave the tree permission...”可知,此句句意为 “……直到她允许,爬上树的人才可以下来” ,故选 A。? 答案:A 9.解析:上下文信息题。上文提到孩子们经常“run away with pears” , 由此可知此处是指偷她的梨,故 D 项正确。? 答案:D

10.解析:根据行文逻辑,应是孩子们苦苦乞求好久后她才放行,故用 before(过……才……) 。? 答案:D 11.解析:上下文人称一致,句意为:让孩子们下树,故选 B。? 答案:B 12.解析:根据上文,Aunty Misery 经常被孩子们捉弄,梨也经常被偷, 现在有了这个“魔愿” ,终于摆脱了那种“烦恼” ,故选 C。? 答案:C 13.解析:step into 进入、步入;leave for 动身前往;stop at 在……逗 留;walk around 散步。根据情景,另一个人在她的门口逗留,而不 是其他意思,故选 C。? 答案:C 14.解析:根据行文逻辑,上句提到这人看起来不可信与下半句她问他 是谁之间构成因果关系,故 A 项正确。? 答案:A 15.解析:take sb.with sb.带某人走;take sb.for sb.把某人误认为……; 其余两项无此用法。根据情景,死神是来夺取 Aunty Misery 性命的, 故选 A。? 答案:A 三、? (一)? 1.解析:从 also 推知 harmful 与 detrimental 同义,意思是“不利的,

有害的” 。? 答案:有害的,不利的 2.解析:从 as a rose leaf in water(水中的玫瑰花瓣)可知 buoyant 是 形容词,意为“漂浮的” 。? 答案:漂浮的 3.解析:从 wars and great scientific discoveries 可知 epochal 的意思是 “重要的” 。 答案: 重要的 4.解析:常识告诉我们“玻璃易碎” ,此处用以描绘人,意思是“脆 弱的” 。? 答案:脆弱的 5.解析:他掉进沟里,躺在那几分钟,划线单词的意思是“半清醒的、 半昏迷的” 。? 答案:半昏迷的 (二)? Ⅰ. The author gives us some advice on how to help a teenager grow up,including giving him space to grow,letting him solve the problems himself,respecting his privacy and being ready to help him.? Ⅱ.? 1.解析:主旨大意题。第一段最后一句已经点明主旨,通读全文也知 本文的目的是帮助青少年成长。?

答案:D 2.解析:从 If your child is unwilling to discuss something,don ? t insist he tell you what ? s on his mind 推知 clam up 意为 refuse to talk。? 答案:C 3.解析:A 总结了段落大意,其余三项都太片面。? 答案:A 4.解析:从第二段可知答案。? 答案:B



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