2011届高考英语一轮复习单元专题配套精练:选修10 unit1-3

选修 10
Units 1~3 能力演练
一、语法填空 ? The world 1 (run) out of oil and energy experts believe that there

could be serious shortages in ten years time.Not only is each individual using more oil than ever before,as the standard of living in industrialized countries rises,but the population 2 3 ? (explode) means that each year

more people will be using oil in some form 4 other.Until recently we took oil for 5 (grant) : it seemed it

would never stop flowing.It was so cheap and plentiful that the whole world came to depend on it.Government neglected other sources of energy: electricity was generated 6 oil and power stations were fired by it.It found its way into many of the products of light industry.Many people are surprised contain oil. The increase in the price of oil has brought the world to its senses.Governments are searching for a suitable alternative,? 8 so 7 they learn how many items in their homes

far in vain.They are considering 9 they can make better use of the two other major fuels,coal and natural gas,but they have found that 10 can take the place of oil in their economies.? 二、完形填空

阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的四个选项(A、 B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。? One winter during college in New York,I took an 8 AM history class to fulfill a requirement.It was hard to get up for that class,but every morning I would 1 the cold winds and went to the lecture.? The professor for the class would step 2 into the room.He was terribly nervous about the class and always fixed his eyes on his book,never 3 us.? I felt that I needed to do something to 4 the boredom,so I tried to find something in his lecture to ask him,forcing me to pay attention rather than letting my eyes close.The first time I raised my hand,he was surprised but was obviously 5 always 6 .? to have a question to answer.In fact,his answers were

I continued to do this every day.The professor seemed to become a bit more ? 7 and some students even joined in.In this way,I learned quite

a lot and realized the professor was indeed a(n) 8 in his field.? On the last day of class we gathered our books and headed out.The professor stepped directly in front of me,with obvious 9 ,putting out his hand.He said,“ 10 you for making my class so interesting,” 11 .To me,it had been a

shaking my hand and smiling.I was so

pleasant way to 12 the time in his lesson.I had no idea that my 13 had any effect on him or the others at all.?

That 14 has stayed with me for 30 years.I don,t recall the facts I learned in his class,but I,ll never forget the professor who taught me a lesson about the 15 of acts of kindness,intended or not.? 1.A.slow C.lower 2.A.shyly C.proudly 3.A.looking down at C.getting along with 4.A.ignore C.stop 5.A.impatient C.shocked 6.A.boring C.puzzling 7.A.relaxed C.tired 8.A.farmer C.expert 9.A.pity C.humor 10.A.Thank B.brave ? D.warm B.happily ? D.hurriedly B.looking up at ? D.getting in touch with B.delay ? D.understand B.sorry ? D.pleased B.interesting ? D.worrying B.annoyed ? D.determined B.fool D.actor B.effort ? D.guilt B.Forgive ?

C.Blame 11.A.honest C.surprised 12.A.save C.spare 13.A.stories C.appearance 14.A.moment C.suggestion 15.A.concept C.price 三、阅读理解? 阅读理解?

D.Praise B.nervous ? D.disappointed B.forget ? D.pass B.questions ? D.care B.opinion ? D.wish B.reward ? D.power

专题训练( 专题训练(十)


(2008 年深圳一模)2008 年北京奥运会引起了世界各国人民的高度 重视,他们踊跃要求做志愿者,故中国奥组委在网上公布了招聘志愿 者的相关信息:? A.OPPORTUNITIES More than 20,000 volunteers of all ages to support the 8,400 athletes that are participating in our year-round sports training and competition programs.To keep their dream alive, your help is needed.Here are some of the tips which you and/or your group need,just read the application guides or call at Beijing Olympics Volunteer hotline +86-10-12308

Olympic Jobs - Beijing 2008.? B.SPORTS Become a Special Olympics Coach in your favorite sport.Help get quality athletic uniforms and equipment for athletes.Set up Training Schools for volunteers in China.Duties include timers,scorekeepers,officials, announcers,award presenters.? C.SCHOOLS Athletes form teams that compete in a variety of sports.Adopt the Olympics Sports Skill Programs as part of your adaptive physical education and after-school program.Organize a student fund-raiser to collect money for 2008 Beijing Olympics teams.? D.FUNDRAISING Encourage your business or place of work to make money or in-kind contribution to the Olympics.Organize a special event to raise money for the Olympics programs.Remember Olympics in your mind,or as a long-range planned gift.? E.ADMINISTRATIVE Put your typing,filing,telephone,and computer skills to work as a volunteer in an Olympics office.Assist with large mailings,distribute fliers,and posters for our events.? F.PUBLIC RELATIONS Work in a Media Center for state competitions and special

events.Volunteer your time to help out in the state ? s public relations department.Collecting photographs and press clippings,preparing press kits,etc.(no previous experience required).Write athlete feature articles on athletes,families,coaches and the Olympics.? 现在,请阅读下面志愿者网上发来的个人信息,了解他们的意愿及特 长,然后进行信息匹配。? 1. Ave 6 1002 Perth,Australia ? , January 1,2007 , Hi,sir,? I was born in Beijing, currently living in Perth, Australia and I ? d like to sign up as a volunteer for Beijing Olympics.I ? m willing to set up schools to train volunteers in China mainly to learn some English and skills to be timers, award presenters, please consider me as one of your so needed volunteers! Many thanks! ? Harry ? 2. 6 Villa Maurice,9320 Antony,France ? , , May 2,2007 , Dear sir or madam,? I would like to take part in the volunteer program for the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing,because it,s my dream to become a part of this great world event—Olympic Games,and I am very good at sports,but I ? m old,can I still apply and how can I apply for it? ?

Sincerely,? Jesse ? 3. Marlborough 27,MA,USA ? , , April 20,2007 ? , Hello sir or madam,? I will be a Johnson & Wales Graduate.Though I am not very experienced, I would be very interested in volunteering myself for the yet summer Olympics.I would like a job as a news reporter, if you would and get back to me,I would gratefully thank you.? Collins ? 4. Postbox 296 Oxford University,England ? , August 8,2007 ? , Hello,gentlemen,? I am interested in a volunteer at Beijing Olympics.I was a basketball coach,working at Oxford University.I am eager to take on challenge to help athletes know how to form teams to compete.Also I will set up an organization to raise money for the Games.Please consider me.? Jack ? 5. 1889 Baxter Road ,Loveland Ohio ? March 4,2008 ? , Dear Sir or Madam,? So excited about the Beijing Olympics, it ? s great to see so many and

people interested in volunteering.I would also like to be a part of this event! I am a secretary in a sports center in USA.I am good at computers and I can help with mails,posters and so on.? Thanks and good luck to all of you!? Tony ? 1.__________ 2.__________ 4.__________ 5.__________? 3.__________?

一、? 1.解析:is running.这里用进行时表示将来。? 答案:is running 2.解析:population explosion.人口爆炸。? 答案:explosion 3.解析:many people 是可数名词,用 many。? 答案:many 4.解析:or.in some form or other 以这样或那样的形式。? 答案:or 5.解析: granted. take sth.for granted 是习惯用语, 意思是 “认为…… 是理所当然的事情” 。? 答案:granted 6.解析:from. generate from 是固定词组,意思是“由……产生”,


答案:from 7.when ? 8.解析:but.这里表示转折,但是迄今为止没有成效。? 答案:but 9.how ? 10.neither ? 二、? 分析: 不是老师所教授的知识, 而是老师在课后突然向我道谢的意外之举使 我明白了小小的善举所蕴含的巨大力量。? 1.解析: but 及后半句话 and went to the lecture 可推知, 从 我克服了早 晨要顶着刺骨的寒风去上课的困难。brave 在此作动词,意思是勇敢 面对危险、 困难等。 其他选项的词作动词时, 意思分别是: slow 减慢; lower 降低,减少;warm 使暖和,加热。? 答案:B 2.解析:从下句他上课时非常紧张的情况可以推断,每次他都是很腼 腆地(shyly)走进教室。? 答案:A 3.解析:从上文 fixed his eyes on his book 可推知,老师因为紧张,所 以在上课期间只顾自己讲,从不抬头看(looking up at)学生。? 答案:B 4.解析:一个老师以这样一种不与学生交流的方式来上课,那么肯定 会让人觉得索然无味,所以我在他的课上要消除(stop)这种无聊。

? 答案:C 5.解析:but 前后两部分构成了转折:他很惊奇但很高兴(pleased) 有人问他问题。? 答案:D 6.解析:从下文所述,作者继续问问题,其他同学也一起提问,作者 通过这种方式学到很多可推知,他解答问题还是非常有趣的 (interesting) 。? 答案:B 7.解析:从下文教授对我的提问表示感激可推知,教授因为能解答学 生的问题而逐渐不再紧张,变得比较放松了(relaxed) 。? 答案:A 8.解析:从前半句话 I learned quite a lot 可推知,我认为这位教授确实 是这个领域的专家(expert) 。? 答案:C 9.解析:从这位教授腼腆的性格可推知,他在表达自己的情感时,也 是很难为情的,也不是那么轻松,故选 effort。? 答案:B 10.解析:正是由于有了作者这样一位学生在课堂上与教授配合,才 让教授把课讲得如此生动,所以他要感谢(Thank)作者。? 答案:A 11.解析: 突然之间, 教授要感谢我, 我一时感到非常吃惊 (surprised) 。

? 答案:C 12.解析:本来我在课堂上问他问题的目的是为了消磨(pass)时光, 打发无聊。? 答案:D 13.解析:句意为:我从来没有意识到我所问的这些问题(questions) 对他以及别人会有什么影响。? 答案:B 14.解析:句意为: (他真心地感谢我的)那一时刻(moment)让我三 十年都没忘记。? 答案:A 15.解析:文中所讲述的故事揭示了这样一个道理:一次不经意的善 举不仅会对我们自己而且会对别人产生巨大的影响。 这一点是作者以 前所没意识到的,但是老师的道谢让他明白了这种善举的巨大力量 (power) ,这是老师教给他的难以忘记的一课。? 答案:D 三、? 1~5 CAFBE ?



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