2011届高考英语一轮复习单元专题配套精练:选修9 unit1

选修 9
Unit 1 Breaking records 能力演练
一、语法填空? 语法填空 (2008 年深圳一模)One day about ten years ago,while working at the cash register in the gift shop at my Universiby, Museum of Natural History,I saw 1 elderly couple come in with a little girl in a wheelchair.As I looked 2 (close)at this girl,I found that she was fixed on her chair.I then realized she had no arms or legs,just a head,a neck and upper body,? 3 (dress)in a little white skirt.As the

couple wheeled her up to me,I turned my head toward the girl.When I took the money from her grandparents,I looked back 4 the girl,who was giving me the most optimistic,largest smile I had ever seen.All of a sudden,her handicap was gone and all I saw was this beautiful girl,? 5 smile just melted me 6 almost instantly gave me a completely new

sense of 7 life is all about.She took me from a poor,unhappy college student and 8 (bring)me into her world:a world of smiles,love and 9

(warm).I ? m a successful business man now and whenever I think about the troubles of the world,I think about that little girl and the remarkable lesson about life that she taught 10 .? 二、完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的四个选项(A、

B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。? On Monday at 2 ∶ 35 p.m.,a bus full of passengers was going to Bungalow.It was so 1 that you had to struggle even to get room to stand-forget about a seat.? At one stop,an old lady 2 the bus.She looked tired and I thought she was not 3 also.After a few minutes,her legs were shaking slightly.She 4 .She asked a few guys to let her sit 5

was looking around to find a

because she had a problem of arthritis( 关 节 炎 )in her knees. responded to her request positively,so she was feeling helpless.? I noticed she was facing a lot of 6

and she was trying to hide it but did

not succeed.I was thinking of giving her my seat,but was 7 in my mind about why I should give her my seat.I 8 it myself:Because she is old and it,s my duty to help her.But I 9 that this is Mumbai(孟

买),where to help anybody may be dangerous.I was hesitating(犹豫)about it.? Before I asked the lady to take my seat,an old man stood and 10 her his seat.The man,who traveled his rest journey 11 ,had only one leg. I found myself in an ocean of 12 and guilt-why didn,t I help her?My journey ended but I still 13 that I wasted my time in thinking when it was the right thing to do.? Now I 14 travel by bus and have decided to never waste time in

thinking to help anybody whatever it results in.I will help although it is ?

15 to actually do.? 1.A.broken C.small 2.A.got off C.got on 3.A.clever C.selfish 4.A.stick C.support 5.A.Nobody C.All 6.A.damage C.pain 7.A.caring C.complaining 8.A.answered C.refused 9.A.introduced C.feared 10.A.passed C.showed 11.A.standing B.crowded ? D.slow B.broke into ? D.looked for B.pretty ? D.well B.ticket ? D.place B.Somebody ? D.Neither B.pressure ? D.anger B.fighting ? D.chatting B.asked ? D.suggested B.noticed ? D.heard B.offered ? D.found B.singing ?

C.lying 12.A.hope C.shame 13.A.explained C.decided 14.A.even C.never 15.A.more beneficial C.harder 三、阅读理解

D.sleeping B.fear ? D.sadness B.proved ? D.regretted B.still ? D.ever B.more dangerous ? D.easier

专题训练( 专题训练(十) ◆技巧点拨

信息匹配? 信息匹配

1.快速阅读(skimming) :通过快速浏览各段首句、尾句和关键词语 来了解材料大意,明确题目要求。? 2.查读(scanning):依照题项信息,寻找匹配信息。先读懂题项,然 后带着从题项中获取的关键信息, 有针对性地寻找所需要的相关的匹 配信息,而不必句句都读。注意:读一段话,做一道题,每确定一道 题的答案后,将该选项从列表中划去,以免干扰视线,同时也将相应 的短文划去,减少之后的阅读量。? ◆活学活用 下面是一篇关于 BBC 广播电台中 BBC Kids Pre ? school 这个栏目下 的一些具体小节目的介绍,请阅读下列应用文和相关信息,并按照要

求匹配信息。? 首先请阅读下列应用文:? BBC Kids Pre-school ? Pre ? School programs air Monday ? Friday from 6∶00 a.m.to 12 p.m. A.Theodore Tugboat Theodore Tugboat is a cheery tugboat featured in this award ? winning animated maritime series.Living in the magical Big

Harbor,Theodore(“the friendliest tugboat in the world”)works for the Great Ocean and Salvage Company fleet with his friends.? B.Postman Pat Everyone,s favorite postman,Postman Pat and his faithful companion,Jess the Cat,are back in a completely new series packed full of humor,excitement and adventure.These all new adventures see the nation ? s favorite postman doing much more than just delivering post!From snowboarding to managing a pop band and even making his very own Hollywood movie,Pat is a 21st century hero indeed!? C.Pingu Pingu is a charming young penguin who spends his time playing with friends and family-always up to playing tricks and getting himself into funny situations in his own sub zero world.? D.Tweenies Tweenies is an entertaining and informative pre ? school series in which

the characters experience all the joys and challenges of three to five year olds.Through songs,rhymes,games,stories,puzzles and creative play,the Tweenies encourage young children to wonder,explore,enjoy and develop a range of life skills that will promote confidence before they start school. E.Fimbles ? This U.K.pre school hit follows three curious creatures as they start a never ? ending path of discovery,exploration and

entertainment.Revolving around three special creatures living in a magical valley,Fimbles is full of the surprise,wonder and stimulation that children experience when discovering new things.Each new “find” is a drive for play,invention and storytelling within the program.? F.Teletubbies The four colorful Teletubbies play in Teletubbyland.They take part in fun,infant ? pleasing activities such as rolling on the

ground,laughing,running about,and watching real children on the televisions on their bellies.This children ? s program,starring Tinky Winky,Dipsy,Laa ? Laa and Po is now watched by young children in 113 countries and is translated into 45 languages.? 请阅读下面五个小孩的相关信息, 然后为他们选择适合个人口味的少 儿栏目。? 1.Mike,aged four,is a naughty boy,which is known to all.But sometimes he will also keep silent,especially when it,s time for Laa Laa and Po

because he has considered the two characters as his idols.? 2 . Joseph is only five years old but he has known a lot about Antarctic.His father is a scientist who has been to Antarctic for several times.Each time he returns,his father will tell Joseph something there.So he is very interested in a special seabird there.? 3. Anna,aged four,dreams of becoming a hero,because of which she likes any kind of hero.But as for heroes,she has her own standards,that is,humorousness and adventurousness.? 4.Ian,aged 4,likes ocean life very much and dreams of travelling around the world by boat.Therefore,any life connected with ocean or boats will always attract him a lot.? 5.Susan,aged 5,likes reading stories,singing songs and reading poems.In her class,she is known as a star in every way.In her daily life,she likes any program that can help her develop some skills.? 五个小孩 1.Mike 2.Joseph 3.Anna 4.Ian 5.Susan 少儿栏目? A.Theodore Tugboat ? B.Postman Pat ? C.Pingu ? D.Tweenies ? E.Fimbles ? F.Teletubbies ?


一、? 1.解析:an elderly couple 的意思是 “一对老年夫妻”,elderly 以元音 开头,前面用冠词 an。? 答案:an 2.解析:look 是动词,修饰动词的应该是副词,所以此处用 closely。? 答案:closely 3.解析:在这里,dressed in a little white skirt=she was dressed in a little white skirt,表示状态。? 答案:dressed 4.解析:look at 是固定词组。? 答案:at 5.解析:关系代词 whose 引导定语从句。? 答案:whose 6.解析:连词 and 连接并列谓语 melted 和 gave。? 答案:and 7.解析:what life is all about brought 作介词 of 的宾语从句。? 答案:what 8.解析:brought 与前面的 took 构成并列谓语。? 答案:brought 9.解析:介词 of 后带三个名词作宾语:smiles,love and warmth。?

答案:warmth ? 10.解析:teach sb.a lesson 是固定搭配。? 答案:me 二、? 分析: 面对一位患有腿疾的老人,作者为是否给她让座而犹豫不决,结果错 过了提供帮助的机会。这让他至今懊悔不已。? 1.解析:上句提到车内挤满了乘客,由此推知,此处意思是车内非常 拥挤(crowded) ,以至于很难找到立足之地。? 答案:B 2.解析:句意为:公交车停了,上来(came on)一位老太太。? 答案:C 3.解析:从她看上去很疲惫及下文提到的 arthritis 可推知,她身体也 不好(well) 。? 答案:D 4.解析:她环顾了一下四周想找个地方(place)坐。? 答案:D 5.解析:由本句末 helpless 可推知,对于她的求助无人(Nobody)作 出积极的回应。? 答案:A 6.解析: 既然她有关节炎, 那么站立的时间长了, 她肯定很疼痛 (pain) 。 答案:C

7.解析:从下文可知,在是否为她让座的问题上, “我”的脑子中展 开了激烈的思想斗争,故选 fighting。? 答案:B 8.解析: 从上文 why I should give her my seat 和下文 Because 后的内容 可推知,此处选 answered。? 答案:A 9.解析:从作者想提供帮助但又犹豫不决的态度可推知,他担心这样 做会带来什么后果。故 feared 符合语境。? 答案:C 10.解析:句意为:我还没来得及(Before)给她让座,一位老者站起 来把自己的座位让给了(offered)她。? 答案:B 11.解析:把座位让给了别人,那么这位独腿老人只能一路上站着 (standing) 。? 答案:A 12.解析:与本空后的 guilt 构成了并列,此时, “我”感到非常地羞愧 (shame)难当。? 答案:C 13.解析:句意为:直到现在,我仍然后悔(regretted)当时瞻前顾后 而没有帮助那位老人。? 答案:D

14.解析:文章讲述的故事发生在乘公交车时,再结合后半句话中 and 一词可推知,此处 still 符合语境。? 答案:B 15.解析:从文章所讲述的故事可看出,一个人在想要为处于困境中 的人伸出援助之手时, 有时也不容易。 本文作者在经历这件事情之后, 尽管意识到这实际上有点难(harder) ,但还是计划多帮助别人。? 答案:C 三、? 1~5 FCBAD ?



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