2011届高考英语一轮复习单元专题配套精练:选修9 unit5

选修 9
Unit 5 Inside advertising 能力演练
一、语法填空 At one point along an open highway,I came to a crossroads with a traffic light.I was alone on the road by now,but 1 I drove up to the light,it

turned red,and I braked to a halt.I looked left,right,and behind me.Nothing. 2 a car,no suggestion of headlights,but there I sat, 3

(wait)the light to change,the only human being for at least a mile in any direction.? I started wondering 4 I refused to run the light.I was not afraid of 5

(catch)by the police,because there was obviously no cop anywhere around and 6 certainly would have been no danger in going 7 it.? Much later that night,the 8 question of why I,d stopped for that light came back to me.I think I stopped because it,s part of a contract(合同)we all have with each other.It ? s not only the law,but it,s an agreement we have,and we trust each other to honor 9 :We don ? t go through red lights.Like most of us,I,m more ready to be stopped from doing something bad by the social agreement that disapproves of it 10 by any law against it.? 二、 完形填空 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 1~15 各题所给的四个选项(A、

B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。? Once a beautiful diamond necklace of a king was lost.The king then offered a 1 for $50,000 for anybody who found it.? One day a clerk was walking along a 2 next to an industrial

area,which was completely polluted and smelly.Suddenly,he saw something 3 in the river and when he looked carefully,he saw the diamond necklace.He decided to try and catch it so that he could get the 4 .He put his hand in the dirty river and grabbed at the necklace,but

somehow 5 it.He then walked in the water and put his whole arm in.But 6 ,he still missed it!He came out,feeling depressed.?

Then again he saw the necklace, 7 there.This time he dived into the river.He searched everywhere and yet he 8 Just then an old man who was 9 .?

,saw him,and asked him what was the

matter.The clerk didn,t want to 10 the secret with him,so he refused to tell him anything.But the old man could see the clerk was 11 and

promised he would not tell anyone about it.The clerk then decided to put some 12 in the old man.He talked about the necklace and 13 he

tried to catch it,but kept failing.The old man suggested that perhaps he should try 14 upward,toward the branches of the tree,instead of in the river.The clerk looked up,and true enough,the necklace was hanging on a 15 .He had been trying to get a reflection(倒影)of the real necklace all the time.?

Material happiness is just like the polluted river,because it is a reflection of the true happiness in the spiritual world.? 1.A.competition C.reward 2.A.playground C.street 3.A.waving C.shining 4.A.money C.treasure 5.A.missed C.touched 6.A.jokingly C.strangely 7.A.up C.over 8.A.waited C.started 9.A.coming back C.getting up 10.A.share C.hide B.notice ? D.gift B.beach ? D.river B.swimming ? D.moving B.power ? D.pleasure B.followed ? D.caught B.naturally ? D.gradually B.right ? D.out B.left ? D.failed B.passing by ? D.sitting down B.report ? D.announce

11.A.interested C.scared 12.A.happiness C.luck 13.A.how C.when 14.A.stepping C.climbing 15.A.branch C.stick 三、阅读理解? 阅读理解?

B.surprised ? D.troubled B.faith ? D.courage B.where ? D.whether B.jumping ? D.looking B.house ? D.wire

专题训练(十) 专题训练 十


下面是一篇应用文及其应用场合的信息, 请阅读下列应用文和相关信 息,并按照要求匹配信息。? Mr Black,Viv,Peng Li,David 和 Jack 正打算选一本书来读。阅读下面 六则关于不同种类书籍的介绍(选项 A、B、C、D、E 和 F) ,选出 符合各人需求的最佳选项。选项中有一项是多余选项。? 1.Mr.Black has worked in a computer company for long.He has to work from Monday to Friday and stay in the office for nine hours each day.He hates modern machines to make his life fast and uninteresting.But he doesn,t know how to get rid of it.? 2.Viv,s father is a famous expert in outer space,but she isn,t fond of her

father,s field.She prefers tales to anything else.Of all the tales,she is interested in something about the eruption of the volcano most.? 3.As is known to us all,Yang Liwei is China,s first astronaut.Peng Li admires him very much,so she wants to learn about anything about space.Her wish is to become a woman astronaut when she grows up.? 4.David is only ten years old and enjoys reading very much.He is especially interested in the stories about the policemen catching the thieves.He wants to be a policeman and catches the thief himself.? 5.Jack is crazy about the books about exploring science in a new and strange way.Of course,these books are not about true stories,but Jack says those strange and imaginary stories might help us to solve some puzzles in our life and give us new ideas.? A. The main characters,Jack and Annie,travel through time and space to a land in a faraway place called Pompeii,a famous city in the ancient Roman Empire.Unfortunately,it ? s the very day the town is destroyed by a mighty volcanic eruption.Will they be covered with burning ash?Can they get home safely?? B. Our hero Andrew,his cousin Judy,and a super robot Thud have adventures that you,ve never imagined.Andrew once made all three of them too small to see!They were washed off and got lost in the bathroom!Well,this

time,Andrew and his friends drive their underwater vehicle,the Water Bug,right down a whale ? s throat!From the Great Barrier Reef to the Mariana Trench,they try to find their way home.? C. This novel is about three friends exciting adventures.A boy named Lucky becomes a millionaire overnight.The lottery ticket his grandpa gives him for Christmas turns out to be the first prize!But before Lucky can get his money,someone gets into his house and steals it.Lucky turns to Dink and Josh to track down the thief.Once again,the three work well together to solve the mystery.? D. How did the universe begin?How hot is the sun?What on earth does an astronaut wear and eat when on a trip to outer space?What would life be like if we could live on another planet?Jack and Annie are your guides this time to discover the secrets of the universe.Join them and become an astronomy expert during the trip.? E The 20th century has been a great time for inventions.New technologies are developing faster than ever before.Did you know that the idea for mobile phones was first thought up in 1947? Please read Amazing Ideas in the Last Century.? F

Our lives would be very difficult without inventions.But sometimes,they can also make us feel tired.What are the bad things always being available by mobile phones ? If you sometimes feel stressed or worried,here are a few tips to smooth the way.? 1.__________ 4.__________ 2.__________ 5.__________? 3.__________?

一、? 1.解析:引导时间状语从句, “当我驶近红绿灯的时候” 。? 答案:as/when 2.Not ? 3.解析:现在分词作伴随状语。? 答案:waiting 4.解析:为什么我不愿闯红灯。? 答案:why 5.解析:介词后用动名词,这里指“害怕被抓”,用被动语态。? 答案:being caught 6.解析:there 引导存在句。? 答案:there 7.through ? 8.解析:同样的问题,即“为什么我不愿闯红灯” 。? 答案:same

9.解析:指前面提到的 contract。? 答案:it 10.解析:more...than 是固定句型。? 答案:than 二、? 分析: 本文是一篇记叙文。 通过一位办事员在一条臭气熏天的小河中捞钻石 项链的故事阐明一个道理:物质的幸福犹如一条臭水沟,因为在精神 的世界里,它只是真正幸福的一种虚幻的倒影。? 1.解析:国王的项链丢了,于是他就悬赏:任何找到这条项链的人都 会得到五万美元的奖赏(reward) 。? 答案:C 2.解析: 下文多处 river 都有提示: 这位办事员正沿着工业区附近的一 条小河(river)走。? 答案:D 3.解析:这是一条钻石项链,所以会闪闪(shining)发光。? 答案:C 4.解析:上文 reward 提示:一旦他要从河中捞出这条项链,他就可以 得到这笔钱(money) 。? 答案:A 5.解析:从下文 he still missed it 可推知,他捞不住这条项链。miss 本 意为“错过” ,在此意为“未得到,未捞到” 。?

答案:A 6.解析:他明明看到项链就在河中,奇怪(strangely)的是他就是抓 不住。? 答案:C 7.解析:right 在此作副词,意思是正好,恰好。句意为:他又一次看 见了项链,就在那里。? 答案:B 8.解析:从下文情节可推知,他并没有捞到这条项链,故选 failed。 答案:D 9.解析:一位老人经过(passing by)这里。? 答案:B 10.解析:从下文的 promised he would not tell anyone about it 可推知, 他不想与别人分享(share)这个秘密。? 答案:A 11.解析:老人看到这个人在臭水沟里摸来摸去,显然他能够看出这 位办事员有麻烦事(troubled) 。? 答案:D 12.解析: 下文提到这位办事员最终说出了实情, 说明他信任了 (faith) 这位老人。? 答案:B 13.解析:他说出了他发现项链的秘密以及他如何(how)想把它捞出 来的过程。?

答案:A 14.解析:下文 looked 以及 reflection 的提示可知,他在河里看到的是 项链的倒影,他应该向树枝上看(looking).? 答案:D 15.解析:这条项链就挂在树枝(branch)上。 答案:A 三、? 1~5 FADCB ?



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