青浦区 2014 学年第一学期期末考试试卷 高 三 英 语 I. Listening Comprehension(略) II. Grammar and Vocabulary Section A Directions: After reading the passages below, fill in the blanks to make the passages coherent and grammatically correct. For the blanks with a given word, fill in each blank with the proper form of the given word; for the other blanks, use one word that best fits each blank. (A) During the summer days my mother built her fire in the shadow of our cabin. In the early morning our simple breakfast (25) (spread) upon the grass. The morning meal was our quiet hour. At noon, several (26) chanced to be passing by stopped to rest, and to share our luncheon with us. I loved (27) (well) the evening meal, for that was the time old stories were told. I was always glad when the sun hung low in the west, for then my mother sent me to invite the neighboring old people to eat supper with us. "Yes, yes, gladly, gladly I shall come!" each replied. My mission done, I ran back, (28) (skip) and jumping with delight. At the arrival of our guests I sat close to my mother, and did not leave her side. I ate my supper in quiet, listening patiently to the talk of the old people, wishing all the time that they would begin the stories. At last, when I (29) not wait any longer, I whispered in my mother's ear, "(30) them to tell an Iktomi story, mother." Then my mother said aloud, "My little daughter is anxious to hear your stories." As each in turn began to tell a legend, I pillowed my head in my mother's lap; and lying flat upon my back, I watched (31) stars one by one. The increasing interest of the tale aroused me, and I sat up eagerly listening for every word. The old women made funny remarks, and laughed so heartily (32) I could not help joining them. (B) The 43rd U.S. president George W. Bush stepped back into the spotlight when a library and museum dedicated to him opened to the public on May 1. the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum is dedicated (33) the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. The library and museum is plentiful with exhibits on the historical events. “About 3000,000 visitors (34) (expect)”,said the library and museum spokesman. Presidential libraries are not libraries in the traditional sense. People cannot go to the George W. Bush Presidential library (35) (check) out a book. They are facilities that preserve documents and items of a president and his act of governing. (36) is preserved at a presidential library is available to the public to see and study because presidential libraries are public property (37) (belong) to the American people.
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The Presidential library system began in 1939 when President Franklin Roosevelt ,during (38) second term in office, donated his personal and presidential papers to the government. Up until that point, presidential papers were destroyed, sold for profit, ruined by poor storage conditions, (39) were simply lost to the history. Roosevelt believed that presidential documents were an important part of the nation?s heritage. He also donated a potion of his estate in Hyde PARK, New York, (40) his library and museum would be built. This began a tradition that would carry on with every president that followed. Section B Directions: Complete the following passage by using the words in the box. Each word can only be used once. Note that there is one word more than you need. A. number F. different B. recall G. exposed C. constant H. obviously D. addition I. precious E. achieve J. variety K. typically

It's the customary bedtime practice every parent would feel fearful----being asked to read the same book for many times. But while the 41 repetition might be boring for mum or dad, it is the best way for toddlers to learn new words, according to research. The findings suggest parents are wasting money by spending a fortune on huge book collections in the hope they will inspire their little ones. Instead, a small selection of favourites such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar or The Gruffalo will 42 far more. Dr Jessica Horst, of the University of Sussex?s WORD Lab devised an experiment to check how quickly three-year-olds could recognize and 43 six new words. The children were visited three times in a week. One group heard the same story three times back-to-back each time and another was read three 44 stories. All had the same amount of new words which appeared the same 45 of times. When researchers returned a week later, they found the children who heard the same story over and over had 46 learned 3.6 of the new words. While those 47 to a variety of stories remembered only 2.6.They also noted the ?repetition? group learned at a faster rate than those in the ? 48 ? group. Dr Horst said: ?We are showing that less is more, to a point. And, 49 , the more times you read to a child and the more books you have will help them. But you don?t need to go crazy and buy every single Thomas the Tank Engine book. Reading the same books over and over again helps.? Speaking of the 50 studies, we have found one in three don?t read to their children before putting them to bed. Yet 30 minutes of one-on-one literacy sessions can improve reading age by nearly two years in less than five months. III. Reading Comprehension Section A Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context.
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Seven-year-old Jordan Lisle, in Mill Valley, California, joined his family at a packed after-hours school event last month aimed at inspiring a new interest: computer programming. The event was part of a national educational ___51____ in computer coding instruction that is growing at Internet speeds. Since December, 20,000 teachers from kindergarten through 12th grade have___52_____ coding lessons, according to Code.org, a group backed by the techindustry that offers free curriculums. ___53_____, some 30 school districts have agreed to add coding classes in the fall. And policy makers innine states have begun awarding the same ___54____ f or computer science classes that they do for basic math and science courses, rather than treating them as optional courses. It is a remarkable change for computer science. Smartphones and apps are commonplace now, and engineering careers are __55____. To many parents, coding looks more like a basic life skill, one that might someday __56____ a great job or even instant riches. The spread of coding instruction, ___57____ just new, is “never known— there?s never been a move this fast in education,” said Elliot Soloway, a professor of education and computerscience at the University of Michigan. He sees it as very positive, ___58____ inspiring students to develop a new passion, perhaps the way that teaching frog dissection (解剖) may inspire future surgeons and biologists. But the exposure to early coding comes with __59__, too. It is not clear that teaching basiccom puter science in grade school will beget future jobs or encourage __60___ creativity and logical thinking. And particularly for younger children, Dr. Soloway said, the activity is more like a video game, but not likely to impart actu al programming skills. A coding curriculum, ___61___ by Code. Org., combines basic instruction with videogames involving Angry Birds and hungry zombies.The lessons do not __62____ traditional comp uter language. Rather, they use simple wordcommands — like “move forward” or “turn right” — that children can click on and move around, to ___63____ an Angry Bird to capture a pig. The movement comes with no shortage of “we?re changing the world” marketing passion from Silicon Valley.“This is strategically ___64____for the economy of the United States,” said JohnPearce, a technology businessman who has started a nonprofit, MV Gate, with Jeff Leane, to bring youth and family coding courses developed by Code.org to MillValley. Parents love the idea of giving children something to do with computers that they see as ____65___, Mr. Pearce said.“I can?t take my kid playing one more hour of video games, but if the children are exploring coding, I tell him I can live with that all night long.” 51. A. temptation B. movement C. motion D. proposition
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52. A. introduced 53. A. In addition 54. A. rewards 55. A. costly 56. A. result from 57. A. before 58. A. virtually 59. A. warnings 60. A. superior 61. A. collected 62. A. declare 63. A. forbid 64. A. sensible 65. A. efficient

B. appealed B. However B. prizes B. critical B. work out B. while B. extensively B. responsibility B. inferior B. developed B. cover B. resist B. reliable B. measurable

C. recognized C. Therefore C. credits C. insecure C. pick up C. when C. potentially C. admission C. fiercer C. mentioned C. call C. urge C. significant C. productive

D. calculated D. Thus D. funds D. hot D. lead to D. after D. annoyingly D. compliments D. broader D. sacrificed D. deepen D. direct D. common D. stable

Section B Directions: Read the following three passages. Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage you have just read. (A) POETRY BY HEART By Andrew Motion (Viking ? 16.99) For three years, a terrific national competition has encouraged pupils aged 14 to 18 to learn and recite poetry — and this fat collection is the pool of 200 poems from which they have to make their choice. This anthology makes a fine present for anyone interested in poetry, ranging from the earliest English poem through every century to current poetry with many themes and from different ethnic backgrounds. Some of the choices seem odd to me — but that?s part of the fun, as you wonder why. The notes make the book really useful. Every home should have a copy.

POEMS THAT MAKE GROWN MEN CRY Edited by Anthony and Ben Holden (Simon & Schuster ? 16.99) This is a fascinating, wide-ranging selection of poems chosen by 100 well-known men — simply because they find them deeply moving. But grown men aren?t supposed to cry, are they? Some of the poems are about loss, as you?d expect, but others are about deeply held political passions or intense observations of nature. Each is introduced by the chooser, usually with frank personal detail.

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BLACK COUNTRY by Liz Berry (Chatto ? 10) This is a writer I?m thrilled to discover — someone who takes a pride in the Midlands, where she lives. Berry uses some of the dialect words she heard as a child, turning ordinariness into something direct, tender and beautiful. The disagreeable Brummie accent becomes music in the hands of this fine young poet. LEARNING TO MAKE AN OUD IN NAZARETH by Ruth Padel (Chatto ? 10) Padel is one of our most talented writers. Poet, naturalist, musician and travel writer, she turns her multi-layered poetic attention to the Middle East, seeking peace and harmony through sensitive and moving poems that offer hope even as they reflect upon struggle. Her prolific and passionate creativity is proof that ?making is our defence against the dark?.

66. Of the four books mentioned above, who are the creators of the poems? A. Andrew Motion and Liz Berry B. Liz Berry and Ruth Padel C. Anthony and Ben Holden D. Ruth Padel and Ben Holden 67. Which of the following statements is true? A. Students aged 14 to 18 can choose a poem from Black Country to take part in a competition. B. Liz Berry can change the unpleasant Brummie accent into a beautiful song. C. Men will cry after they read the poems written by 100 distinguished persons. D. You will read personal perspectives in Poems That Make Grown Men Cry. 68. My cousin is obsessed with poetry of different kinds, so my first choice as a gift for him would be ______. A. Learning to Make an Oud in Nazareth B. Black Country C. Poetry by Heart D. Poems that Make Grown Men Cry 69. Which of the four books may probably give the people living in psychological suffering comfort and relief? A. Poems that Make Grown Men Cry B. Poetry by Heart C. Black Country D. Learning to Make an Oud in Nazareth (B) Emergency rooms (ER) are supposed to cure people but Dr. John Stemgold wonders if working in an ER in Willits made him sick. The ER was downwind of the Remco chrome plant. “I used to sit facing that window and kind of daydream out the window, looking at Remco, looking at the fog coming out of there. Then I would cough and cough.” Stemgold said. What Dr.Stemgold didn?t know was that Remco was flowing out Chromium VI into the air--- a chemical known to cause cancer and breathing problems in humans. A recent state health department study found that people who were in Willits when Remco was in operation from 1964 to 1995 are at higher risk for cancer because of Chromium VI exposure. Today Dr.Stemgold has lots of time to play his guitar. It turns out he has a form of breathing
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difficulty. Hospital chemicals cause coughing so violently that he?s broken bones and it?s cost him his career. Others in this town believe the Chromium has made them sick, too, and their families. Actually, Chromium VI was classified as a carcinogen , a cancer-causing substance, thirty years ago, Twenty years ago, a group of state scientific specialists found no exposure level below which carcinogen effects would not have some probability of occurring. Still, Remco was allowed to flow out Chromium VI into the air. In the battle to balance public health and a healthy economy, laws often favor business, Alan Ramo is a professor of law at Golden Gate University. “There is a real drive to make money, to have employment. When there?s a real job that?s available and a theoretical risk of a chemical, jobs win out, business wins out.” And chemicals are allowed to flood the marketplace and the government requires strict testing before any drugs can be sold. But the vast majority of industrial chemicals are put into use little testing of any kind Chemicals that people like us, you and me might be exposed to. Marilyn Underwood is with California state health department. “ You need to have the convincing evidence that something is bad to then start regulating it.” However, in most cases, chemicals are not tested until someone reports the abnormal, unnatural condition of the environment in general. “I think that if people really knew what really goes on with environmental protection I think they would be shocked and they should be.” Says Professor Ramo. “It might be valuable for other people to know what has happened to me, not for me but for them.” He said “because they might be in a similar situation because of where they work.” 70. What happened to the people who lived in Willits from 1964-1995? A. most of them were forced to move away. B. They earn a lot of fortune from the factory or the profit it brought about. C. employees from local area all got sick and lost their jobs at the plant. D. They have a greater chance of having severe disease. 71. What can we infer from the scientists? finding twenty years ago? A. Chromium VI surroundings help surgeons have more casual life. B. More skillful and capable doctors were needed. C. There is no safe level of Chromium VI exposure. D. A group of scientists were trying proper ways to solve the problems. 72. When are new chemicals for industry tested? A. When they make smog-forming gases. B. When some problem is noticed. C. Ten years after they are first used. D. When the plant faces collapse. 73. One of the important issues in the story is______. A. The dangers of emergency rooms that create health problem downwind. B. Doctors prescribing too many drugs. C. The battle to balance public health and a healthy economy D. Why scientists restricted chemical, like Chromium VI (C) The vast majority of fitness trackers count your steps and are worn around the wrist, but now
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there?s a device that?s designed to be worn like a necklace and monitors tiny movements to improve your posture. The Fineck device aims to address neck pain by tracking tiny movement, spotting bad habits and suggesting exercises via an accompanying app. Made from silicone( 硅 )and titanium( 钛 ), Fineck monitors a wearer?s movement, balance, posture and movement thanks to sensors inside. The Mountain View California-based firm says that a high percentage of people suffer from neck pain and associated problems, probably caused by more individuals doing office jobs, which generally involve leaning over computer keyboard. The device contains sensors, several different types of instruments to monitor movement, plus a monitor to shake. It connects to an iOS app via Bluetooth so that wearers can see their bad habits and play “neck training” games. The app warns of health risks and records a user?s activity to build up a customer personal health description. The necklace shakes to give smart advice, such as reminding wearers to sit up straight. The app also allows users to set goals, like many other wearables do. “Fineck is the first wearable device for your neck that tracks your neck activity and warn you when you are in a bad posture for too long. You can also exercise your neck with Fineck?s interactive games.” The company writes on Kickstarter. “No matter where you are and what you are doing at office, on the go, or simply just feeling bored, Fineck will bring you enriched exercise experience through motion sensing games and therapies.” It also claims that it is “the world?s first titanium wearable device”. The metal is widely used in fashion stuff that you can wear or carry to match your clothes because it is lightweight, durable and does not tend to cause allergic(过敏的)reactions. It also offers additional features such as shaking to indicate alerts on a user?s smartphone, but it is not currently clear whether it can also be used like bands, to count steps, and so on. The Fineck has a battery life of around seven days and takes one hour to charge. It is available to pre-order via Kickstarter from $69(£44)and is due to ship in March next year. 74. What helps the Fineck device to deal with neck pain? A. An accompanying app. B. A necklace C. Computer keyboard. D. A remote control 75. Besides allowiong people to set goals, the iOS app also_____. A. improves your posture and suggests exercises B. exercise your neck and does office jobs C. alerts you to health risk and records your activity D. counts your steps and addresses neck pain 76. Which of the following statements is true? A. The Fineck takes an hour to charge and is available at any time. B. Movie stars like to wear necklace made of silicone to match their clothes. C. The device count the steps to help wearers to see their bad habits. D. Neck-ache is something caused by using computers too much. 77. We can infer from the passage that the Fineck device will_____. A. actually not cause allergic reactions. B. enrich your life by providing “neck training” games C. monitor a wearer?s movement due to the material it is made of D. help to correct your improper postures
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Section C Directions: Read the passage carefully. Then answer the questions or complete the statements in the fewest possible words. The one place you really don?t want to be on weekend is in hospital. Last week, it was revealed in the research by Guy?s and St Thomas? hospital in London, that stroke patients admitted on a Saturday or Sunday are up to 16 percent more likely to die . Meanwhile , a report earlier this year from NHS England found that all patients are 12 percent more likely to die if admitted to hospital at the weekend ------this was because fewer senior staff were available and there was a lack of access to key physical examination tests, such as scans. But even if you?re not in hospital, weekends can be a health danger. You might have thought it was your chance to recover after a hard week ,but as we reveal, while they won?t kill you, weekends may be bad for your health. Headaches can occur more often at the weekend--------especially on a Saturday-------because of a chance in our routine, suggests Dr Andy Dowson, director of headache services at King?s College Hospital, London. He says:” if you are used to eating at a certain time of day or getting up and falling asleep at the same time, not continuing in the normal way at the weekend can cause headaches as your body and brain try to adjust to irregular meals or having a lie-in.” one theory is that the hypothalamus is very sensitive to any change in the body?s routine. Caffeine withdrawal may be another factor, if you usually drink three or four cups of tea or coffee on week days to help you concentrate at work, but don?t at the weekend, your body can go into withdrawal . it?s thought caffeine also influences the chemical messenger that widens blood vessels in the brain----without it, these vessels narrow again, triggering a headache. Lying on the sofa in front of TV for hours watching your favorites after a week of running around can make heartburn worse----or even cause it to happen, as sitting with the head and shoulders bent forward puts pressure on the stomach, forcing acid up the gullet, the tube through which food passes from the mouth to the stomach, say Steven Mann, a gastroenterologist at the Royal Free London Trust. Acid reflux can also become a problem at the weekend you cannot bear because of less regular meal times as a result of late nights and lie-ins, explains Dr Mann. And having a take away could be the final straw. “ Oily, fatty food stimulates acid production, which can also cause problems such as heartburn and overflowing with the food.”Dr Mann adds. (note: Answer the question or complete the statements in NOT MORE THAN TWELVE WORDS) 78. besides fewer staff available, why are weekend patients admitted to hospitals more likely to die? 79. what are the two factors which may cause headaches? 80. A headache sometimes occurs when ___________________________________________ 81. we can infer from the passage that means___________________________________. blood vessels narrow for lack of







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第Ⅱ 卷 (共 47 分) I. Translation Directions: Translate the following sentences into English, using the words given in the brackets. 1. 这项慈善基金的设立旨在中国推广青山年足球。(promote) 2. 要不了多久我的同学们定能学会抵制网络游戏的诱惑。(It) 3. 期望尽可能多的学生参与到“个人职业生涯规划”的主题活动中来。(participate) 4. 如果压力过大影响了睡眠,最好还是咨询心理老师;不然的话,你可能会有麻烦。 (consult) 5. 随着电影《星际穿越》(interstellar)的发行, 人们越来越意识到地球所面临的环境危机, 从而开始一起行动起来去拯救地球。(With) II. Guided Writing Directions: Write an English composition in 120-150 words according to the instructions given below in Chinese.

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YES, WE CAN! 参考答案及评分标准 第I卷 II. Grammar and Vocabulary(共 26 分。每小题 1 分。) 25. was spread 26. who 27. best 28. skipping 29. could 30. Ask 31. the 32.that 33.on/in 34. are expected 35.to check 36. belonging 37. whatever 38. his/the 39. or 40.where 41.-50. CEBFAKGJHI


III. Reading Comprehension(共 47 分。第 51 至 65 小题,每题 1 分;第 66 至 77 小题,每题 2 分;第 78 至 81 小 题,每题 2 分。) 51.-65. 51.-65. BAACD 66.-69 BDCD 70-73 DCBC 74-77 ACDD 78.. because there is a lack of access to key physical examination tests. 79. a change in one?s routine and caffeine withdrawal. 80. a chemical messenger 81. the last factor /thing/ hazard that leads you to be a weekend patient. 第 II 卷 DBCAD BBDCC


Translation(共 22 分) 参考答案: 1. The charitable fund is/was conducted to promote youth soccer in china. The charitable fund aims/aimed to promote youth soccer in china. The charitable fund is /was committed to promoting youth soccer in china. Youth soccer=adolescent football=teenager football 2. It won?t be long before my classmates (fellow students) can learn to resist the temptation of (playing) online games. 3. As many students as possible are expected to participate in the theme activities of “personal career planning”. 4. If too much pressure has influenced your sleep, you had better consult the psychology teacher, otherwise/or, you are likely to get into trouble . 5. With the release of the film interstellar, people are more and more aware of the environmental crisis that/which the Earth is facing and thus begin to take action together to save the Earth.