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Unit 1 Women of achievement I will describe some people to you, please guess who they are according to my description. She was the only female monarch(君主) of China, and remains the most remarkable(非凡的), influential(有影响的) and mysterious(神秘的) woman in Chinese history. Empress(女皇) Wu Zetian (624 - 705) in Tang Dynasty Her nickname was “The iron lady”.She was the United Kingdom’s first women prime minister. She came to Office in May 1979 and remained until her resignation in November 1990, making her the longest serving prime minister in 150 years. Margaret Thatcher She was an inventor and a scientist from Poland. She is the only woman scientist who was awarded two Nobel Prizes. On July 4,1934, she died in Paris, Marie Curie (1867-1934) killed by her own experiments. She died of radiation poisoning(放 射物中毒). ACinderella wedding Princess Diana to Prince Charles She was a much beloved actress. She became very popular with her role in Roman Holiday in 1953. This film turned out to be a smashing success as she won an Oscar as Best Actress. One of her most radiant roles was My Fair Lady in 1964. Audrey Hepburn What do they have in common ? They are women of achievement. Guess: Who was she? She was an Britain and a Quaker. She helped improve prison conditions and gave prisoners work and education. Her work helped the Quakers get the Nobel Peace Prize in l947. Elizabeth Fry (1780 --l845), Britain Guess: Who was she? She was Dr Sun Yatsen's wife, was one of the top leaders in modern Chinese history. She concerned herself with welfare projects, leading China Welfare Institute especially for women and children. Song Qingling (l893 --l98l ), China Guess: Who is she? She is Britain . As a young girl, she always wanted to study animals. She went to Africa and studied chimps. Her research showed the connections between chimps and human beings. She works to protect chimps everywhere. Jane Goodall (l934-- ), Britain Guess: Who is she? She is an American. She helped found an international campaign to stop the use of landmines. She worked hard to make as many countries as possible agree not to use them. She and her organization were given the Nobel Peace Prize in l997. Jody Williams (l950 -- ), USA Guess: Who was she? She was born in France, a girl from the countryside who dressed as a man and went to fight for the French and to drive the English out of France. She was caught and put to death by the English. Joan of Arc (l412--l43l), France


Unit 1 Reading A Student of African Wildlife
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必修4 unit1 Reading a student of African wildlife
A student of african wildlife
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