5. 2014金山一模英语试卷

金山区 2013-2014 学年度第一学期期末质量抽查 初三英语试卷
(满分 150 分,完卷时间 100 分钟) 2014.01 考生注意:本卷有 7 大题,共 94 小题。试题均采用连续编号,所有答案务必按照规定在答 题卡上完成,做在试卷上不给分。

Part 1 Listening (第一部分 听力)
I. Listening comprehension (听力理解) (共 30 分)

B. Listen to the dialogue and choose the best answer to the question you hear (根据你听到的 对话和问题,选出最恰当的答案):(8 分) 7. A) Because they’re nice. B) Because she likes the frame. C) Because they fit her. D) Because they are light. 8. A) 20 cents. B) 40 cents. C) 60 cents. D) 80 cents. 9. A) A hamburger and ice-cream B) Tea and potatoes. C) A hamburger and water. D) Iced water and potatoes. 10. A) On the bridge. B) Near a hospital. C) On the right. D) On Bridge Street. 11. A) It's a woolen bag. B) It's a plastic bag. C) It's a black paper bag. D) It's a cloth bag. 12. A) Tom is younger than Tim. B) Tim is stronger than Tom. C) Tom is thinner than Tim. D) Tom is shorter than Tim. 13. A) The environment on the island. B) Searching an island. C) A brave hero and his family. D) An exciting escape. 14. A) Excited. B) Pleased. C) Calm. D) Surprised. C. Listen to the passage and tell whether the following statements are true or false (判断


下列句子是否符合你听到的短文内容,符合的用“T”表示,不符合的用“F”表示): (6 分) 15. The love for dogs makes Gail Mirabella become a dog trainer in a circus. 16. Gail did hqr first dog show when she was 14 years old. 17. Her dogs started performing in the small shows when they were eight months old. 18. In order to train dogs better, Gail tried to make friends with her dogs in the circus. 19. How long it takes Gail to train a dog well depends on the dog and herself. 20. Gail thinks her life in the circus is wonderful because she can stay with her dogs. D. Listen to the passage and fill in the blanks (听短文填空,完成下列内容。每空格限填一 词):(10 分) 21. A team of professionals help make the table safe______the_______. 22. It has been operated in more than______ _______ . 23. If you have an open ground of 500 m2, _______ _______to take action. 24. Dinner in the Sky is a completely safe way to _______ _______ 25. That is probably the reason why it______still______in the sky.

Part 2 Phonetics, Vocabulary and Grammar
II. Choose the best answer. (选择最恰当的答案。) (共 20 分) 26. Jenny studies English hard and she can usually get good marks. Which of the following is correct for the underlined word in the sentence? A /3:/ B/a:/ C) /ei/ D) /ai/ 27.Which of the following underlined parts is different in pronunciation from others? A) We are trying to build a base on the moon. B) What do you think of the case? C) These old people often dance in the square. D) Shall we have a race now? 28. A comic strip is usually about _____ interesting story with an unforgettable end. A) / B) an C) the D) a 29. _____ May 19, 2013, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited India, which was his first official visit since he took office. A) Since B) At C) On D) In 30. The most important thing for a good detective to do is ______the innocent. A) to protect B) protects C) protected D) protect 31. The air in the room is not fresh enough. Please keep the window_____ . A) open B) opening C) to open D) opens 32.0ur class teacher is hurrying to our classroom. She has ____ to tell us. A) anything important B) nothing important C) important thing D) something important 33. _____ it is midnight, Wendy is still working on her study. A) Since B)Although C) Unless D) Until 34. To save time is as ______ as to save life. A) more important B) most important C) very important D) important | 35. Some people think keeping pets is good, but _____ don’t. A) another B) other C) the other D) others 36. Don’t be angry ______ her. She did try, but failed. A) from B) to C) with D) at


37. You’d better ______ the homework today, as tomorrow we will not have time. A) finishing B) finishes C) to finish D) finish 38.Gary Locke ______ the U.S. ambassador(大使)to China for years. A) was B) has been C) will be D) had been 39. Alice Munro ______ the Nobel Prize in literature two months ago. A) gets B) has got C) will get D) got 40.The 22nd Winter Olympics will ______ in Sochi early this year. A) be held B) held C) hold D) being held 41 ______ knowledge can be found in an encyclopedia. A) Many B) A number of C) Quite many D) Huge amounts of 42. The river is very deep. We ______ very careful when crossing it. A) must be B) can be C) may be D) need be 43. ______ of the twins is interested in that Japanese company. A) Both B) Neither C) All D) Some 44. -- Preparing for a test is hard work, isn’t it? -- ______. A) Yes, I agree. B) I am sorry. C) Let’s go to ask the teacher. D) You don’t know. 45. --We are going to have a picnic in the winter holidays. Would you like to join us? -- ______. A) I know. B) I am going to have a picnic, too. C) Oh, please don’t do it. D) Sure,what’s the time? II. Complete the following passages with the words or phrases in the box. Each word or phrase can only be used once (将下列单词或词组填入空格每空格限填一词,每词或词组只能填一 次):(共 8 分) A. amazing B. raise money C. boring D. pilot E. become Flying into the sky at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour, a pair of nine-year-old British girls broke a record to 46 the world’s youngest wing walkers(机翼行走者)'! The two girls, Rose and Flame, are cousins. They took to the sky on two bipZanes(双翼飞 机), and the 47 of one of the planes was their grandfather. They completed a wing walk as the two planes flew just meters apart. After getting down from the planes,they said, “That was 48 ! It was so cool looking down and seeing all the small houses! ” Not every nine-year-old girl can take on an adventure like this. Rose and Flame are braver than other girls of their age. Besides,they come from a family of wing walkers. They are deeply affected by what they see and hear. This time, the two brave girls took on the adventure, not just to break the record but also to for 49 the poor. They try to do something for the society. 46._________ 47.____________ 48.____________ 49.___________ F. expensive G. comfortable H. depends I. owns J. by himself When most teenagers are learning how to work out maths problems, Kelvin Doe is teaching himself to make batteries and generators (发电机)for his neighborhood in Africa. Kelvin is only 15 years old, but he has already created batteries and generators 50 .He used the things he picked up around the house or from litter bins to create them.


“In my hometown, we don’ t have much electricity and batteries are 51 ,”Kelvin said. So he decided to make batteries to light up people’s homes. Kelvin also 52 a radio station. He broadcasts news and plays music for the local people. The station gets its electricity from a generator also made by him. His next project will be a windmill (风车)for electricity supply. He wants to help more families in his hometown live a happy and 53 life. 50._________ 51._________ 52.___________ 53. __________ III. Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms (用括号中所给单词 的适当形式完成下列句子,每空格限填一词)(共 8 分) 54.________ like having sports in their spare time. (boy) 55. City Beach is a beautiful place, but I have only been there ________ . (one) 56. Young parents seldom say no to their children ________ because they love them too much. (main) 57. The teacher at the comer teaches ________ English. (we) 58. The ________ of that cross-sea bridge is about 6.28 miles. (long) 59. When having a chance to go outing, children usually feel ________.(excitement) 60. People have found ________ that the world’s most popular number is 7. (recent) 61. Guide dogs are quite ________ and helpful to the blind. (friend) IV. Rewrite the following sentences as required (根据所给要求,改写下列句子。62-67 题, 每空格限填一词。68 题注意句首大写)(共 14 分) 62. Sam worked in the university for fifteen years when he was young.(改为一般疑问句) __________Sam _______in the university for fifteen years when he was young? 63. There is little milk in the bottle in the fridge.(改为反意疑问句) There is little milk in the bottle in the fridge, __________ __________ ? 64. The football game between Hengda and AHL will be over in three minutes. (对划线部分提 问) __________ _________ will the football game between Hengda and AHL be over? 64. We still know little about what we can do to protect ourselves from cancer.(改为简单句) We still know little about what__________ __________ to protect ourselves from cancer. 65. Shanghai Basketball Team plays well enough to attract more and more people to watch basketball games.(保持句意基本不变) Shanghai Basketball Team plays _________ well _________ more and more people are attracted to watch basketball games. 66. The Bund in Shanghai looks extremely beautiful with the flowers around.(改为感叹句) __________ _________ Bund in Shanghai looks with the flowers around! 67. him, his father, the day before yesterday, anew bike, bought (连词成句) _______________________________________________________________.

Part 3 Reading and Writing (第三部分
V. A.


Reading comprehension (阅读理解)(共 50 分) Choose the best answer (根据短文内容,选择最恰当的答案)(12 分) As more Americans try to have healthy lifestyles and protect the environment, the idea of


growing their own food has become popular among city people. Not long ago,a city gardening meeting, Rooting DC, took place in Washington, D.C. Many organizations and people got together to support the food movement. Katie, one of the main organizers of Rooting DC, says people can get free seeds(种子) if they take part in the one-day gardening meeting. According to Katie, the aim of Rooting D.C. is to teach people gardening and develop more gardens all across the city, Katie says,“People realize that gardening is a way to bring healthy foods into their lives. They become interested in gardening because of that. Growing worry about the environment has also worked. We not only grow food, but protect the environment through gardening.” Several organizations that encourage school children to grow fruits and vegetables in healthy ways also ran classes at Rooting DC. Scott, a college student, who came with his friends, says, “I am really interested in gardening. Certainly I know how to find local food, but I want to grow the food on my own and encourage others to do so.” Ann came to get information for her daughter. “We started a garden together at her school. I need to find out more resources to support school gardens.” Brian, a computer teacher, says gardening is a hobby that he can enjoy with his friends. “I am looking forward to getting some seeds since I need new seeds to exchange with my friends. We’d like to see different plants grow in our gardens.” The organizers hope that city gardening can become more and more popular not only in their area but also around the country and even across the world. 69. Not long ago, a city gardening meeting took place in ________. A) America B) the garden C) Rooting DC D) Washington,D.C. 70. _______ is one of the main organizers of Rooting DC. A) Katie B) Ann C) Brian D) Scott 71. Katie says the aim of Rooting D.C. is to teach people_____ all across the city. A) meeting B) to get free seeds C) gardening D) to eat food 72. People become interested in gardening because they can get____ into their lives A) free seeds B) healthy foods C) fruits D) vegetables 73. Several organizations encourage school children _______. A) to grow their own food B) to run classes C) to organize meetings D) to encourage others to sell these seeds 74. Brian is looking forward to getting some seeds because he wants_____. A) to plant these seeds in his garden B) to get new. fruits and vegetables C) to exchange them with his friends D) to encourage others to sell these seeds B.Choose the words or expressions and complete the passage (选择最恰当的单词或词语完 成短文)(12 分) Imagine the situation. You are driving along a desert or on a mountain. You 75 where you are. You passed the last house two hours ago. Then your car breaks down. It is night and it is cold. You have no mobile phone. What do you do? Well, next time take a GPS with you. This invention may be able to help you. It is a device(设备)which uses satellites to find the user’s position(位置).It can find your position to within 20 metres. A GPS cannot start your car, but 76 you will know where you are. GPS, which means Global Positioning System, is a small radio receiver. It 77 a mobile phone. You can hold it in your hand, or put in your pocket. It is sometimes put into a watch or a


telephone. We 78 find GPS devices in cars , planes, or boats. Some of these devices have electronic maps, so you know where you are. For example, in a city they can tell you the name of the street. There are 79 parts to the Global Positioning System. The first part is the receiver. You can hold it in your hand, or have it fixed into your car, plane, etc. The second part is a group of satellites turning around the Earth. The receiver contacts more than four of the satellites and calculates its position. The third part of the system is a network of ground stations. They are all over the world. They control the satellites and make sure they are working well. Some people think that in the future the GPS will be as common as the mobile..They are becoming cheaper and more and more accurate. There are also new uses for the GPS. 80 they will become like watches. Everyone will have one and you will never be lost again. 75. A) are sure B) can tell C) don’t know D) want to know 76. A) at least B) at first C) at most D) at last 77. A) works as B) depends on C) consists of D) looks like 78. A) never B) also C) again D) still 79. A) three B) four C) many D) two 80. A) But B) However C) Perhaps D) Instead C. Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words.(在短文的空格内填入适当的 词,使其内容通顺,每空格限填一词,首字母已给。) (14 分) Butterfly fairly There was once a little girl. She had no family, and no one loved her. One day, when she was walking through a field, she noticed a small butterfly c 81 in a thorn bush(荆棘丛). The more the butterfly tried to free to free itself, the deeper the thorns cut into its body. The little girl c 82 let go the butterfly. Instead of going away, the butterfly changed into a beautiful fairy. For your kindness, the butterfly fairy said to the little girl, “ I will give you any w 83 you would like to have.” The little girl thought for a moment and then replied,”I want to be h 84 .” The fairy said,” very good.” Then she got close to the girl’s ear and said something to her in a low voice. As the little girl grew up, there was no one in the village s 85 happy as she was. Everyone asked her the secret of the happiness.She would smile and only answer “The secret of my happiness is that I listened to a kind fairly when I was a little girl.” When she was very old, the neighbors all came to visit her.They were a 86 that her secret of happiness would die with her.“Tell us,please,”they begged,“tell us what the fairy said.” The old woman smiled and said, “She told me that everyone, no matter how old or young, no matter how rich or poor, n 87 me.” she said that always helping others would make my dream come true.” D. Answer the following questions.(根据短文内容回答下列问题。) ( 12 分) For this little boy, it was the coldest winter, in that winter, his father had an accident and lost a leg, the family no longer had money to live on, From then on, his father became another person. When the boy didn’t listen to him, he would be very angry. One night, the boy walked lonely on the street. He passed a lovely small shop, which was so


nice that he couldn’t turn his eyes away from it. He stared at some beautiful boxes of coffee quietly. An idea came into his mind. He knew his father loved coffee and he knew stealing was no good. But all he could think of was his father’s smile. He soon put a box of coffee into his jacket and ran back home. He gave the coffee to his father, who gave a smile that the boy had missed for so long. But, unfortunately, before his father could taste the coffee, the shopkeeper broke in and caught the boy. He was beaten by his father again. Years later,the boy became a successful businessman. One day, his mother called and said his father wanted to see him. Busy working, he refused. Weeks later, he heard the sad news that his father had passed away. When he went through the relics(遗物),he found a box. Inside it was the coffee that he had stolen from the shop. On the cover was his father’s handwriting: “The gift from my son,” There was also a letter: “Dear son. I’m a failure as a father. But I also have a dream-to own a coffee shop, where I can make cups of coffee for you. I’m sorry I didn’t make it” Sadness suddenly came in his mind. He felt so sorry not meeting his father for the last time, and decided to complete his father’s dream. He stopped his own job at once and started a coffee business. The coffee business is now a big success. And the little boy is Howard Schultz-the owner of Starbucks. 88. It was the coldest winter for this little boy only because of the weather, wasn’t it? ___________, _________________________________________________________. 89. Where did he walk lonely one night? On ___________________________________________________________________. 90. How did his father feel when he gave the coffee to him? He ___________________________________________________________________. 91. Why didn’t he want to see his father when his mother called him? _____________________________________________________________________. 92. What was inside the box? ______________________________________________________________________. 93. What do you think makes the coffee business a big success? ____________________________________________________________________. VII. Writing (作文): (共20分) 94. Complete the poster of at least 60 words on the topic “A little more fresh air, please”. (以“多一点新鲜空气”为题完成一篇不少于 60 个词的海报,标点符号不占格。) (注 意:短文中不得出现考生的姓名、校名及其他相关信息,否则不予评分。) Expressions for reference (以下短语仅供参考) plant trees, drive cars, walk more, pollute, haze (霾)


金山区 2013-2014 学年度第一学期期末质量抽查 初三英语试卷听力原文和参考答案
I. Listening A. I. Usually a quiet environment is necessary for fishing. 2. Children have to be very careful when crossing the street. 3. We often went boating in the park when we were young. 4. To fight pollution, one good way is to plant trees. 5. Having dinner together helps the old enjoy their daily life. 6. Pcople can stay healthy by having sports, such as riding a bicycle.

(H) (F) (C) (B) (D) (E)

B. 7. M: Nice glasses! I like the frame. They really fit you. W: Thanks. I really like wearing them because they're very light. Q: Why does the woman like the glasses? (D) 8. W: How much are the tomatoes? M: They're 40 cents a pound. W: I'll take two pounds, please. Q: How much should the woman pay for the tomatoes? (D) 9. M: May I take your order? W: I'd like a hamburger, please. M: Anything to drink? W: A glass of water, please. Q: What would the woman like to have? (C) 10. W: Excuse me, could you please tell me where I can get some books? M: Sure. Turn left into Bridge Street. Go straight ahead and you'll find a bookstore on your left. Q: Where is the bookstore? (D) 11. M: What can I do for you, Madam? You look very worried. W: My bag is missing. Has anybody handed one in? M: No. What kind of bag is it? W: It's a black handbag. And it is made of plastic. Q: What kind of bag is it? (B) 12. W: Hi, Tim! What a nice photo! Who is the boy on your left? M: Oh, he is my younger brother, Tom W: But Tom is much taller and stronger than you, isn't he? M: Yes, he is. Q: What can you learn from the dialogue? (A) 13. M: How was the movie you watched yesterday? W: Wonderful! It's an exciting movie about escaping from an island. The hero suffered a lot.


Q: What was the movie about? (D) 14. W: Who is that man? M: Are you kidding? You don't know him! He is our headmaster, Mr Green. Q: How does the man feel? (D) C. Gail Mirabeila is an American woman who likes dogs very much. Because of the love for dogs, she becomes a dog trainer in a circus. When she was a child, Gaff often trained her dogs to do tricks for fun. At the age of ten, she did her first dog Show. By now; she has done her job for about 14 years. For Gail, how long it takes her to train a dog well depends on the dog itself. Gail has thirteen dogs in the circus. To train them better, she tried to make friends with each one. And Gail spent lots of time on it. Now it seems that all her dogs consider Gail as their best friend: They get on well with Gail very much. "Dogs can start to perform the big tricks after they are two years old, As practice, I made my dogs perform in some small shows when they were as young as eight months old. At that time, they started to get used to performing before the people around." Gall said. "When the dogs and I travel to different places to perform, l can make friends with lots of people and see beautiful sights. However, nothing is more wonderful than the life in the circus, because I can stay with my dogs all the time," Gail also said proudly. (15. T 16. F 17:T 18. T 19. F 20. T) D. Dinner in the Sky Are you afraid of height? If yes, we are sorry to tell you that you will miss a wonderful dinner in the sky. Dinner in the sky can of course make an experience that it is hard for your friends to forget. In fact, the idea of Dinner in the Sky is developed by a Belgian company. The dinner is hosted at a table floating at a height of 50 metres. A team of professionals help make the table safe in the air. Of course, dinner is not the only choice. Breakfast in the sky, lunch in the sky, meeting in the sky. Just whatever you wafer. What's more, Dinner in the Sky can take place anywhere. It has been operated in more than 15 countries If there is an open ground of 500 m2, get ready to take action. You may wonder whether it is safe to have dinner in the sky. But don't worry about that. Dinner in the Sky is a completely safe way to enjoy life. The Belgian company provides this special service according to safety. It is designed and examined strictly according to the International Safety Standard. That is probably the reason why it is still flying in the sky. So are you getting interested? If you want to have a special memory, try Dinner in the Sky. (21. in...air 22. 15/fifteen countries 23.get ready 24. enjoy life 25. is flying) 26-30 BCBCA 31-35 ADBDD 36-40 CDBDA 41-45 DABAD 46-49 EDAB 50-53 JFIG 54. Boys 55.once 56.mainly 57.us 58.length 59.excited 60.recently 61.friendly 62. Did work 63.is there 64.How soon 65.to do 66.so that 67.How beautiful 68.His father bought him a new bike the day before yesterday.


69-74 DACBAC 75-80 CADBAC 81. caught 82.carefully 83.wish 86.afraid 87.needs 88. No, it wasn’t. 89. On the street. 90. He felt happy. 91. Because he as busy with working. 92. It was the coffee that he had stolen from the shop. 93. His father’s dream/His love for his father.





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