湖北省十堰市2014高考英语 单项选择、阅读理解回顾训练(4)

十堰市 2014 高考英语单项选择、阅读理解回顾训练(4)及答案
单项选择 第一节 单项填空(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 从每题所给的四个选项中选出最佳选项。 1.—It’s hot here! May I open the window? — . B.Well done D.Take care!

A.Go ahead! C.Come on!

2.___ other students' pocket, Roy was brought into the head teacher's office. A.Finding picking C.Finding pick B.Found pick D.Found picking

3.We should have covered the distance if it ____ so heavily last Sunday. A.didn't rain C.not rained B.hadn't rained D.wasn't raining

4.There was still some doubt ___ Jimmy really committed a foul in the match. A./ C.how B.whether D.that

5.They have some exciting news ___ many media's attention must be drawn. A.to which C.which B.that D.on which

6 . In recent months, our teachers and classmates ___ for the college entrance examination. . A.have prepared C.have been preparing D.prepared 7.The captain was hit by ___ bullet and he was wounded in ___ arm. A.a ; the C./; his 8.— ___ he go there alone on foot? —No, he needn't. B.a; / D./; / B.are preparing


A.Must C.Does

B.Can D.May

9.All the students were quiet when Peter burst ___ all of a sudden. A.into laughing C.into laughters B.out laughter D.out laughing

10.Every boy and girl in my class, studying very hard, ____ to go to university. A.to hope B.hopes C.hoping D.hope

参考答案 1—10、ADBBA


考点一 连词 在句中连接单词、短语、从句或者句子的词为连词。根据句子的结构特点,连词通常分 为并列连词和从属连词。 1 . 并 列 连 词 按 照 在 句 中 的 作 用 可 分 为 : 表 并 列 关 系 的 连 词 ( and , as well as , both...and...,not only...but also...,neither...nor...等) 、表转折关系的连词(but, yet, however, while, nevertheless 等) 表选择关系的连词 、 (or, either...or..., otherwise 等) 、表因果关系的连词(for,so,therefore 等) 。 —Why do you like staying in Guiyang? —Because the weather there is neither too hot nor too cold. 2.引导名词性从句或状语从句的主要有以下从属连词: that,whether,if,as,when,while,till,until,since,after,before,because, though,although,so...that,where 等。 I arrived after he left. 考点二 时间状语从句 1.when,while,as 都可译为“当??的时候”,但侧重点有所不同。 当主句动作是瞬时的,从句动作是延续的时,三者都可以用。 as 强调主、从句动作同时或几乎同时发生。 while 从句的谓语必须是延续的,不能是非延续性动词。 She sang as we walked.I listened carefully while she was singing,and we felt

happy when we got home. 我们一边走她一边唱,她唱的时候我认真听。到家的时候我们感觉很高兴。 2.until 和 not...until until 要与延续性动词连用; not...until 要与非延续性动词连用。 He didn't go to bed until his father came back. 3.特殊的时间状语从句的引导词 1 ) the moment , the minute , the instant , the second ; no sooner...than... ; hardly/scarcely...when... 等 以 及 表 示 瞬 间 的 directly , immediately , 表 示 “ 一 ?? 就??”,相当于 as soon as。no sooner...than...,hardly/scarcely...when...结构中 no sooner 和 hardly/scarcely 引导的句子中谓语动词通常用过去完成时,而 than 和 when 引 导的句子中谓语动词通常要用一般过去时, 此外, sooner 和 hardly/scarcely 位于句首时, no 句子应用部分倒装语序。 Tell him the news the minute you meet Tom. Hardly had I got home when it began to rain. 2)next time,the first time,last time,every time,the spring(summer,autumn, winter)等,这类短语名词直接用作连词引导时间状语从句。 Every time I see him he wears a pleasant smile. 4.by the time 也可以引导时间状语从句,意为“到??时为止”,主句一般用完成时 态。 By the time he was fourteen,Einstein had learned advanced mathematics all by himself.(从句为一般过去时,主句要用过去完成时) 5.几组固定形式 1)It will be+一段时间+before...多久之后才?? 2)It is+一段时间+since...自从??以来已有多长时间了。 3)be about to do...when...;be doing...when...;on the point of doing...when... It will be two days before he returns. It is three years since I came here. I was doing my homework when my cousin came. 考点三 结果状语从句 其常用句型: so+形容词/副词+that 从句 so+形容词+a/an+单数可数名词+that 从句 so+many/much/little(少)/few+名词+that 从句 such +a/an+形容词+单数可数名词+that 从句

such +形容词+复数可数名词/不可数名词+that 从句 He is so young that he can not go to school. It is such fine weather that we all want to go out for a walk. 考点四 because,since,as 和 now that 1.because 为常用词,且说明的是直接原因,并可回答 why 引导的问句。 2.as,since 和 now that 语气较弱,常用来表示一些显而易见或对方知道的原因。since 译为“既然,鉴于”时不可用 as 替换。 I didn't come to school yesterday because I was ill. —Why are you late today? —Because I didn't catch the bus. As it's raining,you'd better take a taxi. Since everybody is here,let's begin. 考点五 让步状语从句 引导让步状语从句的连词有:though,although,even if/ though,however,no matter how,no matter what,no matter who 等。 1.though,although 引导让步状语从句时都不能和 but 连用,但可以同 yet(still) 连用。 Although he is rich,yet he is not happy. 2.as/though 引导的让步从句时,从句要采用倒装语序。 Child as /though he was,he knew what was the right thing to do. Try hard as he will,he never seems to do the work well. Young as/though he is,he is expert in this field. 3.whether...or not 意为“无论(是否)”。 Whether you believe it or not,it is true. 4 . however+ 形容 词 /副词 = no matter how+形 容 词/ 副词 ?? ,意为 “ 无论 多 么??”。 No matter how cold it is,he still works outdoors. 5.wh?ever 等一系列连词既可引导让步状语从句相当于 no matter wh?,也可引导名词 性从句。而 no matter wh?只能引导让步状语从句,不能引导名词性从句。 No matter what happened,he would not mind.=Whatever happened,he would not mind. 考点六 条件状语从句 条件状语从句通常分为两大类:真实条件句和虚拟条件句。引导条件状语从句的连词有: if,unless/ if...not,as long as/ so long as,as far as/so far as,provided/providing (that) ,on condition that 等。

1.条件状语从句中如果主句是将来时,条件状语从句用一般现在时。如果条件状语从句 中出现过去式,则为虚拟条件句,那么主句要用相应的虚拟语气形式。 If he is not at home,I will come again. If he had listened carefully,he would have done it better. 2.unless 相当于 if...not,在虚拟条件句中可用 if...not,但不能用 unless。 You will fail unless you study hard. If she were not too silly,she would understand it. 考点七 目的状语从句 目的状语从句常用的连词(短语)有 so that(以便) ,in order that(以便) ,lest, in case,for fear that...等。 1. that / in order that 引导的目的状语从句中常用情态动词 can, so could 等。 order in that 引导的目的状语从句可以放在主句之前或之后,而 so that 引导的目的状语从句只能放 在主句之后。 He spoke loudly so that / in order that all the people could hear him clearly. 2.lest,in case,for fear that 所引导的状语从句中,谓语动词可以用虚拟语气,形 式为“should+动词原形”,也可不用虚拟语气。 He wrote the name down for fear that he should forget it. You may leave the key at home in case one of us should think of/thinks of coming back.

动词训练(2) 26. The old woman could not _____ the terrible noise, and she had to close the door and windows. A. bear B. accept C. receive D. hold

27. When he heard the news, his heart ______ very fast. A. stroke B. beat C. knocked D. jumped

28. They ____ friends since they met in Shanghai ten years ago. A. have become grown 29. That's all for the party. Let's _____. A. fall asleep B. go to sleep C. go to bed D. be

B. have turned

C. have been



asleep 30. The coal we use today should _____ plants and trees. A. begin with as 31. Do you know when did the world _____? A. come into being B. come C. formed D. existed B. start with C. commence as D. originate

32. I ____ what he said, but I don’t _____ him. A. believe, believe in C. believe in, credit B. trust, believe D. depend on, believe in

33. --- Do you think it’s to rain over the weekend? --- _____. A. I don’t believe believe not 34. ----There's something wrong with the machine. Who is _____? -----None. The machine is too old to work. A. blamed B. scolded C. to blame D. answered for B. I don’t believe that C. I believe not so D. I

35. The poor old man _____ blind when he was very young. A. went B. got C. made D. kept

36. The entrance is _____ with such heavy stones as two or three big men can’t move. A. put B. stopped C. blocked D. closed

37. He blew 10 dollars on a dinner. The underlined word probably means _____. A. obtained B. spent C. was fined D. was robbed

38. --- What are you going to do tomorrow? --- I will go _____ with my friends on the lake. A. hunting B. shopping C. shipping D. boating

39. He is _____ with anger. I don’t know what’s the reason. A. boiled B. boiling C. to boil D. boil

40. You'll have to_____ tickets early if you want to watch the football match. A. receive B. book C. accept D. give


参考答案 26—30ABCCA 31—35AADCA 36—40CBDAB ************************************************************结束



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