1. look into 3. belong to 5. do with

调查 属于 处理;对付 被用来做某事 be made up of

2. insist on/upon sth/doing 坚持做,坚决做 4. get /be lost ; be missing 8. be used to doing sth. 由?组成 迷路,丢失 6. in search of ;in the/one’s search for 寻找 习惯于做某事 be made of /from 用?制成(看得见原材料/看不见原材料) “be of +名词(词组)”表示主语的某种形状或特征

7. be used to do sth. be made for

9. be made into . . 被制成; 为?制作,

10. be of +抽象名词=be+该词的形容词

be of a(n) / the / the same “属于, 归于” be of the size / weight / height / age / colour / kind? 11. work of amber art 13. in return 部分 15. serve as 19. less than 22. take apart 你生活中的例子 28. think highly of 看重,重视 29. search for =look for 30. agree with sb 同意某人的意见 31.情态动词(could /might /must /should)+have done 表示对过去发生的事情的推测,批评,反悔等意思 32. have sth. done 表示 “请人做某事” “使遭遇某种(不幸的)事情” 重点句子: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. There is no doubt that the boxes were then put on a train ?? Frederick William I, to whom the amber room belonged, decided not to keep it. In 1770, the room was completed the way she wanted. this was a time when the two countries were at war. ?.. could never have imagined that his greatest gift to ??. This gift was the Amber Room which was given this name because ?.. The amber which was selected had a beautiful yellow-brown color like honey. The design of the room was in a fancy style popular in those days. The Olympic Games 重点词组句子归纳总结 充当,用作 世界上的伟大奇迹 少于 拆开 假装做某事 20. no doubt 毫无疑问 23. rather than 胜于, 而不是 16. add?to? 18. be at war 添加?到? 17. great wonders of the world 处于交战状态 说实话 举一个 琥珀艺术品. 12. as a gift of 作为?的礼物 成为?的一 作为报答 14. become part of

21. remain a mystery 仍然是个迷 25. tell the truth

26. pretend to do sth

27. give an example from your own life

新课标必修二 Unit2 重点词组: 1.take part in/join in 2.the spirit of 3.used to 4.find out 6.two sets of 7. allow sb. in(out) allow doing sth.


精神、宗旨、灵魂 过去常常 查明,找出 每四年,每隔三年 两套,两组 允许进入(出去); 允许干某事。

5.every four years

allow sb. to do sth.允许某人做某事(不能说 allow to do) 8.be/get married(强调状态)+ to

(不能用 with) sb 和??结婚 9.a set of compete for? 一套,一组 在某方面竞争 与??竞争 获准做某事 达到??水平、标准 为??而竞争 10.compete in? compete with/against 11.be admitted to be admitted as 12.reach the standard


13.play an important role/part in 在?方面扮演重要角色(起重要作用) 14.as well as 和??一样 感谢您(能抽空??) 同根 15.thank you for your time 16.come from the same root 18.go with 19.relate?to? relate with 21.hear of 22.make sure 23.take turns 20.run against?

17.have (no) chance of doing sth. 有(没)做??的机会 伴随,与??搭配 把??与关联起来 和??赛跑 确定 确定 一个接一个 轮流 和??有关 听说

make sure +that clause 24.one after another 重点句子:

1. ? a special village is built for them to live in. 2. I lived in what you called “Ancient Greece”. 3. But of course you can ask any questions you like. 4. Only athletes who have reached the agreed standard for the event will be admitted as competitors. 5. That’s why they are called the Winter Olympics. 6. No other countries could join in, nor could slaves or women. 7. It’s in the Summer Olympics that you have the running races, together with ?.. 新课标必修二 Unit3 重点词组: 1. sound simple 听起来简单 技术革命 人工智能 解决问题 一个头脑简单的人 数学问题 被完全改变了 与?信息共享 Computer 重点词组句子归纳总结

2. a technological revolution 3. artificial intelligence 4. begin as 5. solve/settle a problem 6. a simple-minded man 7. mathematical problem 8. be totally changed 9. share information with


10. serve the human race 11. common knowledge 12. deal with 13. in my opinion 14. public opinion 15 an analytical method 17. connect with 18. go by 19. bring into effect 21. get together 22. after all 24. make up 26. watch over 28. once a year 23. with the help of 25. a personal letter 聚集 毕竟 处理

为人类服务 常识

在我看来 公众舆论 分析法

16. share a room with 与?共居一室 与?有关 使生效 (从?旁)走过

20. the common people 老百姓

在?的帮助下 私人信件

编造,化妆 看守,监视 一年一度 做出决定 允许某人干某事

27. have a good time 玩得愉快 29. make a decision 30. allow sb. to do sth. 32. in fact 34. in a way 重点句子: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Over time my memory has developed so much that ? I never forgot anything I have been told. I was programmed by an operator who uses cards with holes. At that time it was considered a technological revolution ?. I wondered if I would grow any larger. Alan Turing, wrote a book about how I could be made to work as a “universal machine” to As time went by, I was made smaller. 事实上 在某种程度上

31. building materials 建筑材料 33. create a new building 创建一栋新楼

solve any difficult mathematical problem. These changes only became possible as my memory improved. 7. I have been used in offices and homes since 1970s. 新课标必修二 Unit4 Wildlife protection 重点词组句子归纳总结 重点词组: 1. as a result 结果 由于 导致

2.as a result of= because of result in = cause

result form


3.die out(动,植物物种)灭绝 die of 死于?(多内因) die from 死于?(多外因) die down 变弱;逐渐消失 be dying for 渴望得到? 4.be at a loss = be puzzled at =be confused 迷惑的,不解的 suffer a loss (of) make up for a loss 蒙受损失 弥补损失

be lost in one’s thought(陷入沉思) lose heart lose one’s heart to sb 5. in peace 平静的(地) ;安静的(地) in silence/ in quiet/in surprise/in a hurry 6. hunting for be out of danger dangerous 危险的 8.have / give an effect on / upon ? take effect(生效) come / go into effect 生效; 实施 9. be concerned about 担心.关心,挂念 10. get dressed 穿上衣服 get done 强调动作,不能和表一段时间的状语连用 be done 表状态 11.turn round : 转过去,围绕?旋转 12.apply to 应用 apply for be applied to 被应用于 请求,申请?.. apply to sb. for sth. 搜索; 搜寻 有? 危险 脱离危险 7. be in danger of

endangered adj. 濒危的

13.protect ??from 保护?..免受?.危害 prevent from 阻止(stop/ keep from) 14 .have a effect on 对...有影响 15. with a sad face looking at her with + 宾语(O) + 宾语补足语 16.come into being: 形成;产生;开始存在 come into use:开始被使用 come into one’s mind / head: 突然想到 come into fashion: 开始流行 come into consideration: 开始考虑 重点句子: 1. 2. There Daisy saw an antelope looking sad. We/re being killed for ??

Our fur is being used to make ?? I wonder what is being done to help you. Daisy turned around and found that she was being watched by an elephant. So good things are being done to save wildlife. 3. 4. 5. 6. Please show me a place where there’s some wildlife protection. They learned this from the way the bones were joined together. Others think the earth got too hot for the dinosaurs to live on any more. It is hoped that one day there will be enough animals ??. Unit5 Music 重点词组句子归纳总结

新课标必修二 重点词组: 1.roll over roll up roll down

翻身, 打滚 滚下来 梦见, 梦想? 在音乐会上


2.dream of / about (doing) sth 3.at a concert 4.be honest with sb. 对?诚实 be honest about sth. be honest in doing sth. 4.form the habit of in the form of in form 6.passers-by 在形式上 路人(复数) 赚外快



7.earn extra money

8.give sb. a chance to do play tricks/a trick on sb. laugh at / make fun of 10.base on be based on 11.make music 12.break up break in/into break off break down 做音乐


9.play jokes/a joke on sb. 捉弄 嘲笑;取笑

以?.为基础, 基于?

破裂;拆散;停止; (战争等)爆发 闯进 坏掉,发生故障; (身体)垮掉 击中某人的? 偶然,意外地 中断;停止

13.hit sb. on/in the+身体部位 14.by chance/accident 15.come across 16.sort out 分类 偶然遇见

17.be confident of/about/in 对??有信心 18.give/put on a performace=perform 演出,表演 19.go wrong 20.since then 出了毛病 从那时起

21.come up with 提出 22.stick to do=insist on doing 23.above of all first of all 第一 演奏乐器 坚持做某事 首先,最重要的是

24.play musical instrument 吸引某人的注意力/兴趣

25.attract one’s attention/interest

重点句子: 1. Have you ever dreamed of being in front of thousands of people at a concert, with everyone clapping and enjoying your singing? (with 复合结构做状语) 2. The musicians were to play jokes on each other as well as played music, most of which was based loosely on the Beatles. 3. So they left Britain, to which they were never to return. 4. ?but they could only find one who was good enough. 5. ?the Monkees would play and sing songs written by other musicians. 6. ?after a year or so in which they became more serious about their work, the Monkees started ?? 7. They produced a new record in 1996, with which they celebrated their former time as a real band. 9. It was also a treasure decorated with gold and jewels, which took the country’s best artists


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