Clean up your butts and bags学案

Reading comprehension:
Read the text carefully and finish the following tasks. 1: The author supports his point through _____. A. Stories B. opinions of other people C. his own experience D. data

2: Fill in the blanks according to the text. ●_______________cigarettes are smoked each year in China. ●_______________butts are littered every year. ●Butts can take up to ______ years to break down. ●________ plastic bags are used every day. ●Plastic bags may last ______________ years in the environment. ●Plastic bags kill up to _________ seabirds and _______ sea mammals. 3. True or False 1. Cigarette butts are so small that it won’t do any harm to the environment. 2. Butts contain very toxic chemicals which will decrease the quality of the water. 3. Oil and gas, which are used to made plastic bags, are non-renewable resources. 4. When the animal which is killed by plastic bag dies, the plastic bag will disappear. 4. Conclusion Double underline the conclusion in each paragraph.

5. Structure
1. A. Structure of the whole text B. C. D.

2. Structure of paragraph 2 & 3 A. B. C.

6. Summary
_____________ and ___________ are two of the most ________ and most __________ problems to the __________. The author lists ____ of the two problems and tells reader_________________________________.

Group Discussion & Writing
Choose 2 of environmentally unfriendly behaviors at school to discuss in group of four. Give your evidences and your solutions to these problems. According to the group discussion, please write an essay , using the passage as a model.

Writing tips: Para 1: an introduction -- identify the issue Para 2、3: a body -- present the evidence Para 4: a conclusion -- state again _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________

Add more information to better your passage.


Clean up your butts and bags教案
Clean up your butts and bags
高二年级英语 Clean up Your Butts and Bags课件
高二英语课件:高二英语Clean up Your Butts and Bags
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