2. B

3. C

4. the part that the broom plays in a wedding ceremony

[复记强化] 1.Represent 2. ceremony 3. Significance 4. publication 5. Currently 6. 显著,明显(adv.) 7. 承诺,保证(n.) 8. 象征(v.) 9. 起源于(v.) 10. 敬意,致敬 (n.) 11. 生疏,荒疏 12. 开始起作用(有影响) 13. 和……意思相近

一、句子翻译 1. of great importance, speed limits 2. committed himself to, aiming to 3. make up the majority of the population, mix with, rich, diverse 4. have much in common, differ significantly from

5. In the face of increasing global competition, the company feels the need to improve the quality of its products.

6. Western-style wedding is increasing in popularity in China, for the reason that many young people are greatly influenced by western culture.

7. Shirley Temple, who began her film career at the age of 6, had the fame of being very good at singing and dancing. 8. According to a recent report, nearly one in five public schools in America requires that its students should wear school uniforms for safety and school climate.

二、短文填空 ① are strongly against ② while ③ causes anxiety ④ pay little attention to ⑤ is full of competition ⑥ supporting ⑦ develop skills ⑧ a competitive situation


本文是报纸或杂志常见的读者来信栏目。Dr. Jeffers对两位读者就人类大脑方面提出的问 题进行科学的解答。 1. Dr. Jeffers response to two readers’ questions concerning how human brains work 2. B细节理解题。从第一封回信的最后两句 可以得知,对于“读心术”的研究已有进展, 虽然不能完全称为“读心术”,但已经踏出 了重要的第一步。

3. A推理判断题。从第二封回信可以推 断出:只有在没有预料到的情况之下, 人的大脑才会做出反应。 4. B细节理解题。从文章涉及的所有人 名中快速寻回,只有第二位来信的读 者Mr. Lewis才提到自己有个孩子。

5. C推理判断题。从表格右上栏中找到信 息:This month Dr. Jeffers is answering questions about the human brain and how it works.从而判断Dr. Jeffers应该是一位关 于人类大脑运作方面的专家。 6. D猜测词义题。从下文句子:But if someone comes up behind you and touches you lightly on the shoulder, you may jump in fear.可推断出panic reaction应该是会让 人觉得害怕的。

[复记强化] 1.scientist 2. equipment 3. ignore 4. physical 5. reaction 6. 进行,实施 7. 进程,过程 8. 无法控制地 9. 假设 10. 从后靠近某人

本文是说明文。作者就如何使用团购优惠 券节省金钱这一话题详述了自己的意见。 1.advice on how to make right decisions on group buying in order to really save money 2. B猜测词义题。从文章第一段的 “entertain this fantasy of going out to dinner without feeling guilty”和“my heart leaps”可以猜测,这是一家很华丽的 餐厅。

3. D细节理解题。文章倒数第二段提到: 有一些的优惠券在晚上或周末是不能用的, 而且有使用限期,所以选D。 4. C细节理解题。从文章第五段可以得知, Lifesta是一个供美国人售卖他们没用过的 优惠劵的地方,因为“they will take a cut”,因此人们可以以低价买到想要的优 惠劵。

5. A推理判断题。从文章六至八段可以推 断,作者会同意在必须给孩子庆祝生日的 时候购买优惠劵,因为这是必须要花的钱。 而时间上不适合、地点太远、评价不高的 优惠都不应该购买。

6. B主旨大意题。本段以FTD所出售的鲜 花为例,说明有一些团购的优惠其实并不 是太实惠,因此购买者应做好研究对比, 以防被骗。

[复记强化] 1.Guilty 3. purchase 5. Restaurant 7. 无法抗拒的 9. 冲动 11. 尝试 13. 面对 2. survey 4. recommend 6. 偶尔地 8. 偏好 10. 被调查者 12. 向……屈服

第二步,阅读材料,写好概要。 基本要素 who: an old man when: on July 11 at noon where: on the Xinghua Yangshan Bridge what: fell on the ground from a tricycle how: many people passed but not one person gave the old man a hand to help him up; was picked up by the ambulance why: fear of being blamed for their good intentions

第三步,读写作要点,列段落提纲。 (答案见第四步) 第四步,拓展要点,完成文章。 An old man fell off his tricycle and lay on the ground on the Xinghua Yangshan Bridge on July 11 at noon, but nobody helped him up for fear of being blamed. Finally, an ambulance came and picked him up. After reading the report, I feel extremely angry. We should help people in need. But these days, a lot of people refuse to help others, especially elderly, being afraid of getting into trouble.

I had a similar experience of witnessing an accident like that. On a rainy morning, an old lady fell to the ground, hurting her back. She asked for help but some people just walked by while some others carefully approached her. At that moment, a young man not only quickly dialed 120, but also held an umbrella over her head. When the ambulance arrived he helped her onto it. After that, he left without leaving his name. We should believe that most people are reasonable. So when we see elderly in need of help, we should not hesitate.

A man noticed a boy repeatedly picking up the trapped starfish and throwing them into the sea despite being unable to save all of them. Consequently, the man was moved and joined the boy to save the struggling starfish. Reading the impressive story, I find the boy was so kind-hearted that he should really deserve praise from all the people. Young as he was, he fulfilled what was incredible to people. Actually, the boy set a good example, especially to the young.

My meaningful experience of offering help to a schoolmate will never escape from my memory. When I was in Senior Two, one of my schoolmates suffered from a severe and rare disease, which cost his parents all their savings and even put them heavily into debt. For lack of money, he was unable to get further medical treatment. Knowing this, I together with my classmates called for all the students and friends to collect money for him. It was our timely efforts that helped him out of hardships. Eventually he was saved.

As the saying goes, “A small act of kindness goes a long way.” Therefore, I appeal to all the people to get involved in the campaign of offering a hand to others. I think only when we offer assistance to each other voluntarily can we live in a harmonious society.