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Unit 5 Music
SectionⅠ Warming Up & Reading—Pre-reading

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1.Music plays an important role in our daily life.What kind of music would you like to listen to? 2.Does our mood change while we are listening to different kinds of music? Why?

Please read the passage to get the answer.

We know that the brain is musical because there are
specific neural circuits (神经回路) for music.Our brain structure changes every time we learn something new. Daniel Levitin is a professor of psychology and music at McGill University of Montreal.Dr.Levitin said that music

activates neurons (刺激神经元) in more regions of the brain
than almost anything else scientists know of.

For example, listening to music you like causes the

release of dopamine (多巴胺), the so?called “feel good”
hormone.On the contrary, listening to music you hate will activate the brain's fight center, and that will cause a release of adrenaline (肾上腺素). Dr.Levitin said that we are all musical experts, because

we know the kind of music that is good for us on an
emotional level.

We see this, in fact, in the way people incorporate (合并)
music into their lives.A lot of people use a certain kind of music to get going in the morning, to get out of bed, to get them through an exercise workout, to calm them down at the end of the day.We're using music in the same way we use

drugs, really, for better emotion, partly because of the way it
can change our moods. Dr.Levitin said humans are a musical species and that our brains evolved (进化) with music as a means of communicating with each other.

He said, “I think that for many of us, music is another
way of communicating.There are things that music can do for us that language can‘t.I know, for example, if you’re feeling really angry or stressed, you‘ve had a bad day, you had a fight with somebody — words sometimes aren’t as useful as the right piece of music.As another example, look at love songs — I think the reason they exist is that they‘re able to

communicate in an emotional way that words alone just

1.Look at the following pictures and try to guess which kind of music each of the following belongs to.

答案:(1)Pop music music (4)Jazz (8)Rock 'n' Roll

(2)Orchestra (3)Classical (6)Folk music (7)Rap


2.Look at the following pictures.Do you know the names of
the famous bands?

答案:(1)Westlife (2)Back Street Boy

(3)The Beatles

(4)SHE (5)The Monkees

Scan the text and then choose the best answer according to the text. 1.In the author's opinion, many people want to be part of a band because ________.

A.they want to sing or play music
B.they like famous musicians C.they want to become rich and famous D.they know a band plays an important part in society

2.Many musicians like to write and play their own music so they ________. A.join a club B.form a band

C.live together

D.sing in the streets

3.At first the musicians sing in the streets in order to ________. A.make themselves sing better B.thank the passersby

C.become millionaires
D.make some extra money

4.What did the Monkees do on the TV show?

A.They played jokes on each other and music.
B.They told the people stories. C.They sang and danced. D.They taught the people music.

5.How many years didn't the Monkees work together after
the band broke up? A.About 10 years. B.About 15 years. C.About 20 years.

D.About 25 years.
答案:1~5 CBDAB

Ⅰ.Read the text carefully and answer the following questions. 1.How many bands are mentioned in the passage? What are their names? __________________________________________________

__________________________________________________ 答案:Two.“The Beatles” and “The Monkees”.

2.Why was “The Monkees” successful in their work? ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________

答案:Because they were serious about their work and they also worked very hard and they had their unique style.

Ⅱ.Read the text and find out the main idea of it.
The text is mainly about how a band ____________ and the iformation about ____________. 答案:is formed; the Monkees

Ⅲ.Read the text and then match the main idea of each paragraph. Paragraph 1 A.How the Monkees got their start.

Paragraph 2

B.Dreaming of being a famous musician
or singer.

Paragraph 3

C.How Monkees become serious about

the music business.
Paragraph 4 D.How musicians form bands.

答案:Paragraph 1:B; Paragraph 2:D; Paragraph 3:A; Paragraph 4:C

Fill in the blanks according to the text. Most young people want to be a famous singer or musician.They have 1. dreamed of playing in front of audience.Honestly speaking, many people 2. attach great

importance to becoming rich and famous.
Many musicians meet and 3. form a band.They may start as a group of highschool students.At first, they may play to by in the street.Later, they may give 4. passers5. performances in pubs or clubs.Of course they want to

make a lot of money.

However, there was one band 6. called the Monkees that started in a different way.They began as a TV show.The TV organizers had planned to find four rock

musicians, but they could only find one.They had to use
7. actors , who had to 8. rely on other musicians to help them.They just 9. pretended to sing.Their performances were 10. humorous and soon they became popular.After a year or so, the Monkees began to play and sing their own

songs like a real band.In the USA, they became even more
popular than the Beatles.

Why do you think music is so important in our daily life? __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

参考答案:(1) It can make life more lively, interesting, colorful; (2) It can make things better for us to understand; (3) It can express our true feeling;

(4)It can help us forget our pain and tiredness;
(5)It can develop our love for our country, friends, family and relatives; (6)It can help us to work together and remember things well.


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