How to face difficulties

As we all know, in modern society , we have to face the various difficulties.Therefore, how to face difficulties is an important problem for us,and it will influence our life. In my opinion, we can't change our life to avoid being faced with difficulties,so we should learn how to deal with difficulties.When a person have difficulties,he maybe ask someone for help and solve it with other's help.However , if you don't have someone can help ,then you must learn to solve it by yourself.You must tell youself you can solve it and you will win the battle.Besides,you should keep hold on and never give up because if you give in the difficulties,you life mean failing. As a word , when you are facing difficulties, you must keep hold on and then you will have a promising future.

HOW TO FACE DIFFICULTIES Life is not always full of smiles and flowers .Life is colorful because it is full of not only sunshine,pleasure and happiness,but also darkness,loneliness and coldness.Every person has his own difficulties no matter how high his position is or how great his achievenment is.Soin my opinion,it is important to find out good ways to face difficulties. For one thing,we should have a strong will.A strong will is the key to face difficulties.Where there is a will,there is way.For another,we should be confident of ourselves.Self-confidence is necessary to face difficulties.With it,we won’t be afraid of difficulties.What’s more,we should never give up.With a never-give-up attitude,we can face diffculties bravely.Failure is the mother of success. All in all,facing difficultieies in a right way is very important for us.Just treat difficuties as a kind of wealth.It may be the present from God and it can make our experience rich and improve ourselves.Let’s face difficulties bravely instead of escaping,waiting,and giving up

As students, we are enjoying the benefits of the progress of our country. Now we are studying in a garden school which has experienced one hundred years of unusual history. Look, the bright classrooms, the tall buildings, the green trees and these energetic students! We should work hard, for our future, for our school and for our nation. And I’m sure that a better life and a harmonious society are around the corner. Have you seen them?


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