高二英语新短文改错专练 (1)

Test 1 Never shall I forget the writing class presented to our English teacher today. Yesterday Mr Wang, our English teacher, told us that many other teachers would visit writing class he would present to us. We were looking forward to it. It struck us as a big surprise was that Mr Wang, who was used to be punctual, didn’t appear when the school bell had rung. The teachers sit behind the class were quite puzzled. We were quite worried about him, wondered what might have happened to him. Five minutes late, Mr Wang showed out in front of us! On the blackboard was the writing titles: When Our English Teacher Was Later for Class… Only then we realize that he had intended to be late! Key to Test 1 1. to?by 2. visit ∧ writing: the 3. It?What 4. was used to 5 sit?sitting 6. wondered? wondering 7. late?later 8. out?up 9. titles?title 10. then∧ we: did [解析] 3. what 引导一个主语从句, 意为: 令我们很是吃惊的是……。 8. show up: 露面。 10. 注意倒装结构。 Test 2 Some people learn new skills more quickly than others, so don’t be too discouraged unless some of your classmate seem to be learning English more quickly than you. If you keep on practicing, you will master your English in the end. In the meantime, try to make English learn as fun as possibly. I suggest that you watch English language movies on your free time. I also suggest reading some English language magazines on topics that interests you, joining in the fun and games at your school’s English Corner. If your school doesn’t already have a English corner, you might want to think about starting it. Key to Test 2 1. unless?if 2. classmate?classmates 3. master your English 4. learn?learning 5. possibly?possible 6. on (your free time)?in 7. interests?interest 8. ∧ joining: and 9. a?an 10. it?one

[解析] 4. ―English learning‖是 –ing 短语做 make 的宾语。 10. one 泛指单数可数名词,此处 指的是一个英语角。 Test 3 Thanks for your letter. You are describing a common problem experiencing by students all over China. What you already know, the competition to get into a good university or college is very fierce, and that by turn means a heavy study load for students. I know that this can feel like terrible burden at times, but my advices to you is to keep on studying as your hard work will pay for in the end. In the meanwhile, do you best to relax. Proper rest and relaxation are extreme important. Although I know that you are very busy, but yet I want you to try to set some time aside after class and at the weekends such that you can unwind properly. Key to Test 3 1. experiencing?experienced 2. What?As 3. by?in 4. like∧ terrible: a 5. advices?advice 6. for?off 7. you?your 8. extreme?extremely 9. but 10. such?so [解析] 2. As you already know, 非限制性定语从句,―正如你所知‖。8. 副词 extremely 修饰形 容词 important。 Test 4 If you visit London, you’ll see lots of cars, buses and bikes. You’re very cheap and quick to use a bike. As you take a bus, you have to wait for half an hour or else. What’s more, the bus moves slowly. The underground is quick but very expensive and often crowd. I used to travel to the work by bus. I often arrive at work late and tired. Then a friend of me suggested we go to work together by bike. I followed him. Although we went slowly, however, we always arrived on time. Take a bus took fifty minutes when riding a bike took only half an hour. Now I love riding a bike to work. I’ve got a little more money now, I feel much better. Key to Test 4 1. You’re?It’s 2. As?If/When 5. arrive?arrived 6. me?mine

3. crowd?crowded 4. to the work 7. however?yet 8. Take?Taking

9. when?while 10. now,∧ I: and/so [解析] 7. Although 不可以与 however 连用, 但可以与 yet 连用。 9. while 此处表示对比。 10. 两 个单句间不能用逗号相隔,应该使用连词。 Test 5 We all wanted to grow up happily and healthily, and for this goal you must do several things. Firstly, we should develop a good attitude to life. Life consist of not only sunshine but also hard time. We should brave in front of difficulties. Secondly, we must study hard because knowledge is the power. Because we have the power, we help to build our country and enjoy life better. In order to study it well, we need to do sports so that we can keep good. We can go running, play ball games or simply take a walk before a day’s study. Key to Test 5 1. wanted? want 2. we?you 3. consist?consists 4. time? times 5. should ∧brave: be 6. the power 7. Because?If/When 8. study it well 9. good? well 10. before?after [解析] 6. Knowledge is power:知识就是力量。 9. keep well:保持身体健康。 Test 6 I’m a senior student and I’m now in the need of your help although I can’t stand the great pressure. Every day I have to have lesson at school for nine hours and take at least three to four hours doing my homework at home. Our teenagers are eager to play and enjoy ourselves, but we hardly have any time to do that we want. Besides, we don’t even have enough sleep. There seem to have three cases about the overload: the pressure of examinations, too many homework and high expectations from the parents. We often warned that if we don’t do our best we won’t have the chance to go university. The pressure often makes me awake at night. Key to Test 6 1. the need 2. although?because 3. lesson ?lessons 4. take?spend 5. Our? We 6. that ?what 7. have?be 8. many? much 9. we∧ often: are 10. go ∧ university: to [解析] 1. in need of :需要。 5. 根据句意,是―我们学生‖不是―我们的学生‖。

Test 7NO 文章长,题材 The Internet can make our life interested and enjoyable. Many of us like go online very much because they can learn how to use the computer and get more informations from the Internet. We can read good newspapers and magazines. It can make us clever in playing computer games. I can send e-mail to our friends quickly. We can chat online, it can help us get in touch with people from all over the world. But some students spend too much time playing computer games and some stay in the net bars all day and all night. As the result, their life goes very bad with them. In my opinion, we mustn’t go online while it is time for us to study. We can do in summer or winter holidays. Key to Test 7 1. interested ?interesting 2. go ?going 3. they?we 4. informations? information 5. it?which 6. 7. the ?a 8. at?in 9. while? when 10.do∧ in: it

Test 8 文章第二句与前后句子逻辑矛盾?换? My grandpa was used to dislike television. He thought that people spent too much time watching it. A lot of his friends, therefore, always talked about the sports programs and films on it. They never read many books or go out in the evenings so he refused to buy a TV set. Last year he was 60 and retired his job. My father bought him a TV set, said ―It will make you to learn some of the latest news‖. It is quite true. He has watched all the news programs. He knows far much about the world now. And he reads more books, either. In fact, he thinks he may follow one of the Open University TV course next year. Perhaps he’ll get a degree when he is 65. Key to Test 8 1. was used 2. therefore ?however 3. go?went 4. retired∧ his: from 5. said?saying 6. to learn 7. much ?more 8. either?too 9. many? much 10. course?courses Test 9 The ―white pollution‖ problem was caused by used plastic is becoming increasingly serious, on which plastic shopping bags play an important role. In China about three billions plastic

shopping bags are used every day, that results in a great waste of resources and heavy environmental pollution. Lucky, the government put a nationwide ban on the use of free plastic bags, demand that no stores and supermarkets should provide customers with free plastic bags after June 1, 2007. The rule will undoubtedly reduce use of plastic bags or promote the awareness of environmental protection. He is strongly suggested that everyone turns to cloth bags and shopping baskets. Key to Test 9 1. was caused 2. on?in 3. billions ?billion 4. that?which 5. Lucky?Luckily 6. demand ?demanding 7. reduce∧ use: the 8. or? and 9. He?It 10.turns?turn [解析] 1. caused by used plastic 在句中作定语,修饰 The ―white pollution‖ problem,而 The ―white pollution‖ problem 的谓语动词是 is becoming…。6. demanding that…属于分词作状语。 10. 主句中有 suggest(建议) , 从句为 everyone (should)turn to…。 Test 10 较难设问,换吧? To improve your English reading, you should, first of all, choose something you feel it important or interested to read. Do not try to read everything. You should begin with those which written in simple English. Do not read those which prove difficulty for you at the very beginning. As reading, do not read too slowly or look up every new word. After reading a passage and having its main idea in mind, you may turn on and read it again. This time you read a passage slowly and look up some new words if necessary. Keep on reading in this way, and you'll surely make a progress little by little. Key to Test 10 1. it 2. interested ?interesting 3. which∧ written: are 或者 which written 4. difficult?difficulty 5. As?While 6. 7. on ?back 8. a?the 9. ,∧ you’ll: and 10. a

Test 11 Like a middle school student of Senior Three, I do sports one or two hours a day, such as doing morning exercises, playing the basketball, long-distance running and so on. I think it is very

helpful to me. Take exercise makes me even more healthier so that I won’t be ill very often. What’s more, I also get myself relax in different kinds of sports. Only in this way can I do better job in my study in high spirit. Through doing physical exercise, I’m becoming strong and more confident than before. I do think it is necessary for everyone to spend some time on sports every day so people’s health is important in modern lives. Key to Test 11 1. Like?As 2. play the basketball 3. Take?Taking 4. even more healthier 5. relax?relaxed 6. do∧ better: a 7. Through?By 8. strong? stronger 9. so ?because 10. lives?life [解析] 3. Taking exercise 为-ing 作主语。 7. By:通过,凭借……手段。 10. in modern life: 在现代生活中。 Test 12 This morning I went to the English corner in the park near my home. It was three years since it was found. Many middle school students as good as college students and foreigners take part the activity. People there practice speak English by talking about something interesting. People also exchange the experience in English Learning. I think it is good chance for me to use that I have learnt in my English class. I was felt very cool after I got back home. I’ll try my best for learn English better, for it is so wide used in the world. Key to Test 12 1. was ?is 2. found?founded 3. good? well 4. part∧ the: in 5. speak ?speaking 6. is∧ good: a 7. that ?what 8. was felt 9. for: to 10. wide?widely [解析] 1. 句型:It is/has been +一段时间+since+过去时。 3. as well as:也,又,和 。 Test 13 There are a lot of people learn English in China. How can we learn English well? Firstly, I try to speak as many as I can. Secondly, I listen English as often as possible in and out of class and write down the important things the teacher taught in class. Thirdly, at night I like to enjoy English song at home. Fourthly, I go over my lessons and doing a lot of practice after class. At last, it is also important to remember the English words. I think that we do like this, we can learn English

well. In fact, there is not good and easy way to learn English well. So there is nothing difficult if we put our heart into it. Key to Test 13 1. learn?learning 2. many ?much 3. listen∧ English: to 4. taught?teaches 5. song?songs 6. doing?do 7. remember the English 8. (think) that?if 9. not?no 10. So? But [解析] 1. There be 句型中 learning 作定语修饰 people。9. no good and easy way=not a good and easy way. Test 14 Play football is my favorite. I fall in love with it by chance. One day, I found a football on my way to home. I was too curious about the little round ball that I began to play it with my friends. From now on, football became part of my life. I often play football with my classmates after class. We often train ourselves, sometimes we compete in football games in order to improve my skills. Among all the football star, I admire Beckham mostly. It is not his handsome appearance but his skills that impress me a lot. My greatest dream is to become professional football player in the future. Key to Test 14 1. Play?Playing 2. fall ?fell 3. way to home 4. too?so 5. now?then 6. ,∧ sometimes: and 7. my ?our 8. (football) star?stars 9. mostly?most 10. become∧ professional: a [解析] 9. mostly:adv. 大概,大部份,主要 most:adv. 最,最多,极其。4. so…that…结构。 Test 15 About a mile from Mark’s building is many old houses. They are all empty and going to pulled down. His father says they are dangerous and tells him to keep away from it. However, he enjoys playing there very much. One Friday on his way home to school, Mark went into one of the empty old house. He saw a door lead down into a small dark room!. He went into the room to see where he could find. Just then he heard a terrible crash. The roof of the old house fell in. Mark tried to open the door. But he couldn’t. So he had to stay here. Mark was saved three days ago by some police. They used dogs to find him.

Key to Test 15 1. is?are 2. to∧ pulled: be 3. it?them 4. to?from 5. house?houses 6. lead?leading 7. where ?what 8. here?there 9. ago? later 10. police?policemen 或者 some?the Test 16 I used to live in a small town with green trees all around it. The river, run through the town, had clean water in it fish could be seen swimming in groups. The houses, however, was small and simple, and the street wasn’t wide enough to run cars. People worked hard all the year round but still lived a poor life. Now great changes have been taken place there. You can see tall buildings, department store and factories everywhere. Cars and buses are running in broad streets. But as the development of industry, pollution is becoming more and more seriously. A lot of trees are gone, and fish are disappeared because the dirty water. To our joy, people have been done their best to stop pollution and make the town even more beautiful. Key to Test 16 1. run ?running 2. it?which 3. was?were 4. have been taken place 5. store?stores 6. as ?with 7. seriously?serious 8. are (disappeared)? have 9. because∧ the: of 10. done?doing [解析] 1. running 分词作状语。 2. in which 引导定语从句。 Test 17 English is living language. It is wide used all over the world. More and more people begin to learn English in order that be able to use it freely at work and learn from other countries. It is not easy for us to learn English well so we do not have a good condition and our time is limit. But ―where is a will, there is a way‖. If we keep on speaking it and use it, we can learn it well. We should have active in speaking more. Try to be create an atmosphere for speaking and listening. So far as we keep on using it, we can master it. Key to Test 17 1. is∧ living: a

2. wide ?widely

3. that?to

4. so?because

5. limit?limited 6. where∧ is: there 7. use ?using 8. have (active)? be 9. be create 10. far?long [解析] 1. language 是可数名词。6. Where there is a will, there is a way:有志者事竟成。10. So long as:只要。

Test 18 Some people think that playing table-tennis need little strength, but I don't think so. When play table-tennis, we should judge the direction of the ball, and hit them back with great strength so that we can win the game. In the same time we need pick up the ball which falls to the ground. So before one game you will be very tired if you have tried your best. But, as a sport, I think it is more like a art. In the game, you can often find the ball moving quickly, and each of the players' movements are very beautiful. Though I can't play it very well, but yet I still show great interest in it. I think playing table-tennis can build our bodies, keep us healthy, train our brains. Key to Test 18 1. need?needs 2. play?playing 3. them?it 4. In (the same time)?At 5. need∧ pick: to 6. before?after 7. a ?an 8. are?is 9. but yet 10. ∧ train: and [解析] 1. 分词 playing table-tennis 做主语,谓语动词有单数形式。10. and 连接 3 个并列动词 build、keep 和 train。

Test 19 As the development of people’s living conditions, more and more people have their own cars. Some of us think it good to own car. Firstly, it’s a convenient, fast and comfortable mean of transportation. You can go to a lot of places at any time. Secondly, it shows that people are becoming rich, and the country stronger. It also makes businesses and industries developed faster. While, others have different opinions. They think that cars give waste gas and pollute the air. Too many cars will have some bad effect, such as more accidents. Besides, parking cars is other big

problem. Maybe people should think careful before they buy a car. Key to Test 19 1. As?With 2. own∧ car: a 3. mean?means 4. rich?richer 5. developed?develop 6. While ?However 7. give∧ waste: off 8. effect ?effects 9. other?another 10.careful?carefully [解析] 1. as―随着‖引导状语从句,with 为介词,后接名词短语。3. means:方式,方法,单 复数形式一样。

Test 20 Health is very important for any of us. In order to stay health, we need some common knowledge. Firstly, pay your attention to the diet. We should eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Do not have a lot of food that contain too much fat, such as butter. Meanwhile, sweets should be eaten in proper quantity, because too much sugar does harm for us. Don’t drink too much coffee, too. Secondly, exercise is necessary. Regular exercise can help keep us from getting too fat. People which do running every day usually have stronger hearts than who don’t. Finally, to form good living habits. We should sleep for about 8 hours at night, and never work too hard. Overwork and few sleep will lead to illness. Also, remembering to stay away from cigarettes. Key to Test 20 1. health?healthy 2. your attention 3. contain?contains 4. for?to 5. too?either 6. which? who 7. than∧ who: those 8. to form 9. few?little 10. remembering?remember [解析] 1. stay healthy: 保持身体健康, 为系表结构。 2. pay attention to: 注意到 4. do harm to: 对……有害。

Test 21 Under the help of the Internet, shopping is not a difficult work. Just click your mouse to choose the article you like, and the shopping is finished. You needn't step out the room.

It seems being easy and quick. And there's always a trap online. If you are careless, it will bring you trouble. You may find the color of the article is different from that you want, or the size is either too small nor too big. If you want to be different, you'd better not to buy clothes online. Once you put up the clothes you bought online and go out, you will find many people in the street wearing the same cloth as you. Key to Test 21 1. Under?With 2. work?job 3. out∧ the: of 4. seems being 5. And?But 6. that?what 7. nor ?or 8. not to buy 9. up?on 10. cloth?clothes [解析] 1. with the help of:在……的帮助下。 6. 宾语从句 what you want=the color of the article that you want。10. cloth:布,clothes:衣服。

Test 22NO Dear Mr Smith, I’m so pleased to hear of you and was writing to tell you something about my school. You are right. Quite a few changes have been taken place. On one side of the road there is a new classroom building. On the other side, the playground used to be, now stands other new building — our library. In it there are all kind of books, newspapers and magazines. The playground is now in front of the school. We have also planted a lot of trees in and around the school. I hope you will visit our school for yourself some day. Best wishes, Li Hua Key to Test 22 1. of?from 2. was?am 3. 4. have been taken place 5. side,∧ the: where 6. other?another 7. kind?kinds 9. We∧ also: have 10. [解析]

8. in∧ front: the

Test 23 It is important for everyone to keep good eyesight. But do you know how protect your eyesight? First, don't keep your eyes work for a long time. You could better have a rest by looking in the long distance before you have studied an hour or so. Second, pay attention to the following: Don't read under the sun or in a poor light; don't read in a bed or in a moved bus. And when you read, you should keep the book away from your eyes for about a foot. And third, do eye exercises every day, that will also help you keep good eyesight. If you obey the rule above, I think, you can protect against your eyesight. Key to Test 23 1. how∧ protect: to 2. work?working 3. could?had 4. before?after 5. under?in 6. in a bed 7. moved?moving 8. that?which 9. rule?rules 10. against [解析] 3. had better do sth:最好做什么。5. in the sun:在阳光下。7. a moving car:行驶中的 汽车。

Test 24 There is a new market near my house. My mother often goes here and buys which we need for our meals. But I have never been there before. Yesterday I went to the market with my mother. There were such many people that we could hard make our way out of the crowds. The sellers shouts could be heard every now and then. I remembered that several days ago I had asked Mother to buy some fresh fish. Most of the fish there was frozen, we had not much trouble in finding some fresh fish at the other part of the market. My mother bought something else as well as.

It was my first time to go to the market, and I was deep impressed by what I saw in the market. Key to Test 24 1. here?there 2. which?what 3. have?had 4. such?so 5. hard?hardly 6. sellers?sellers’ 7. ago?before 8. ,∧ we: but 9. as well as 10. deep?deeply [解析] 2. what we need for our meals 做 buys 的宾语从句。 3. I had never been there before 指的 是在昨天之前从未去过那里,因此用过去完成时。9. as well:也,又,放在句末,不接宾语。 as well as:也,又,后接宾语。

Test 25 In April 28th, my classmates and I went to the park near my school which we took part in a volunteer labor. We got to there at nine o’clock. After divided into three groups, we began to work. All the groups have their own tasks. Group One planted trees and watered flowers. Group Second picked up litter and cleaned the benches. My group wiped all the equipments in Children’s Playground. Each of us worked hard. At about half passed eleven, we finished working. Though we were tired, but we were happy. It was a meaningful day for us because we had done good deed. Key to Test 25 1. In?On 2. which?where 3. got to there 4. After∧ divided: being 5. have?had 6. Second?Two 7. equipments?equipment 8. passed?past 9. but we 10. done∧ good: a [解析] 4. 介词 after 后的非谓语动词只有-ing。7. equipment 为不可数名词。 10. do a good deed:做了一件好事。

Test 26 As we all know that, teachers are very important to us. They not only open our eye to a wonderful world of knowledge, but also teach us how behave. It is undoubted that they are worth of our respect. We should always be grateful to them. Therefore, we ought obey the school rules. We should come to school in time and not make some noise in class when our teacher is conducting out the lesson. That is the more necessary and easiest thing which the students should do. Only by doing so can we show our really respect to our teachers.

Key to Test 26 1. know that 2. eye?eyes 3. how∧ behave: to 4. worth?worthy 5. ought∧ obey: to 6. in?on 7. some?any 8.more?most 9. which?that 10. really?real [解析] 4. be worthy of sth:值得 6. in time:及时; on time:准时。9.先行词中有最高级,用 that 引导定语从句,不能使用 which。

Test 27NO I’m a senior 2 student. Now MP3 and MP4 are very popular among our students. There are many advantages. Firstly, it’s too small that it’s convenient for us to carry. Secondly, it can help improving our English listening. Thirdly, it can download music and even films, thus enrich our life. While, there are some disadvantages, too. Scientific researches discover that overuse it can influence our hearing, which is harmful to our health. Besides, some students are addicted into pop songs and music, both in or out of class and others even listen to it on the way, which thought very dangerous. In my opinion, we should make a good use of them in our study and on the other hand we should learn to use them properly and safely. Key to Test 27 1. our?us 2. too?so 3. improving?improve 4. enrich?enriching 5. While?However 6. overuse?overusing 7. into?to 8. or?and 9. which∧ thought: is 10. a good use

Test 28 English is my weak subject. Last term, I almost failed in all the English tests, that made me worried and discourage. Knowing that I was in low spirits, Mr. Li, who is charge of my class, advised me read an article. I finished reading it immediately. It was a true story about a girl student who was lost all her arms and a leg at the age of five. But she didn’t lose her heart. Instead, she smoothed away various discomforts and learn to write with her only foot. I was deep moved

by her story. Now I have made up my mind learn English well. Key to Test 28 1. that?which 2. discourage?discouraged 3. is∧ charge: in 4. me∧ read: to 5. was lost 6. all? both 7. her heart 8.learn?learned 9. deep?deeply10. mind∧ learn: to [解析] 3. in charge of:负责,掌管 7. lose heart:失去信心; lose one’s heart:倾心于 9. be deeply moved:被深深地打动了

Test 29 Nowadays there was a kind of language called Web language. Some people even speak Chinese mixed in English words. This is a phenomenon which is worth think about. Some people think it makes no difference in helping people learn English. Besides, it will ruin the Chinese language. However, the others, specially the youngsters, are fond this new language. They think it of special help in expressing them. What’s more, it may make the language to have more uses. In my opinions, it’s no good using this kind of language. It may be popular, and you may also get your ideas confusing. Key to Test 29 1. was?is 2. in?with 3. think?thinking 4. the others 5.fond∧ this: of 6. them?themselves 7. to have 8. opinions?opinion 9. and? but 10. confusing?confused [解析] 3. be worth doing:值得做。 4. some…others…:一些……另一些……,泛指其他人。 5. be fond of : 喜欢。 10. get your ideas confused : 使你的 想法很 混乱不清 ,例如 , Confused ideas floated through his mind. 混乱不清的思绪掠过他的心头。

Test 30 Dear Editor, Recently, our class have a heated discussion about if the Beijing Zoo should be moved out of the city. Some of my classmates are favor of the move. They say large crowd of visitors will lead in traffic jam. They also say that once moving, animals will get large space and better living conditions in the countryside. However, other students against the idea, saying that the Beijing Zoo, was built in 1966, is

well-known at home and abroad. So it should remain where it is. What’s more, moving may cause the death of some animals. To move or not, this is a big decision has to be made by people in Beijing. Key to Test 30 1. have?had 2.if?whether 3. are∧ favor: in 4. crowd?crowds 5.lead?result 或 者 in ?to 6. moving?moved 7. large?larger 8. students∧ against: are 9. was built 10. decision∧ has: which/that [ 解析 ] 2. 介词后面只能用 whether 表示 ― 是否 ‖ , if― 是否 ‖ 不能用于介词后面。 6. once moved=once (animals are) moved 8. against 是介词,不能直接用在主语后作谓语动词。9. built in 1996 在句中做定语,the Beijing Zoo 的谓语部分是 is well-known at home and abroad。


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