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模块九 Unit 4 Project 单词扩充 elf n.小精灵, 矮人, 淘气鬼, 恶作剧的人, 恶人 (pl. elves [elvz]) Our Pearl is a fitful and fantastic little elf sometimes. “ 我们的珠儿有时 候是个让人捉摸不定的小精灵. fitful 一阵阵的,断断续续的,间歇的 reindeer n.驯鹿 The life of the reindeer men was a frontier life. 驯鹿时代人的生活是一种 边区生活. rein n.缰绳, 统治, 支配 vt.以缰绳控制, 统治, 驾驭 vi.勒住马, 止住 rein in one's temper 按住火气 rein in a horse 勒住马 reinsman n.驾马车者, 骑师 reinless adj.没有缰绳的;不受限制[控制]的 a tight rein 严格的纪律 give the reins to one's imagination 任凭想象纵情 奔放 deliver vt. 递送, 陈述, 释放, 发表(一篇演说等), 交付, 引渡, 瞄准, 给 予(打击) deliver sb. from danger 救某人脱险 We pray to God to deliver us from evil. 我们祈求上帝把我们从罪恶中拯 救出来. deliver sth. to sb.把某物交付给某人 deliver a message 带信, 传话 deliver a speech 作演讲

deliver a hard blow to his jaw 给他颚部狠狠一击 She was delivered of a child. 她生下一个小孩。 I'll deliver myself of an opinion at the meeting. 我将在会上发表意见.

eve n.[诗]黄昏, 前夕, 前日 Christmas Eve n.圣诞节前夕(12 月 24 日) The country was on the eve of the First Revolution. 当时全国处于第一次 革命的前夜. The evening party will take place on New Year's Eve. 晚会将在除夕那天 举行. He felt sick on the eve of the race. 他在比赛前病了. Adam and Eve dwelt in paradise. 亚当和夏娃生活在伊甸园里. dwell 居 住 paradise 天堂 ray n.光线, 闪烁, 微量 vi.射出光线, 浮现, 放射光线 vt.放射, 显出 She went to the hospital for an X - ray yesterday. 她昨天去医院作了 X 光检查. a ray of intelligence 一线智慧的光芒 At last a ray of hope appeared. 终于一线希望忽又来了. Buddha n.佛 She kowtowed to Buddha. 她向菩萨叩拜. Several women knelt down before the statue of Buddha and prayed. 几个 妇女跪在佛像前祈祷. Buddhahood n.成为佛陀的状态 Afghanistan n.阿富汗(西南亚国家) monk n.修道士, 僧侣 monkist adj.修道的; 修道者的; 僧侣的

Afghanistani n.阿富汗人

monkly adj.僧侣的

monkship n.僧侣的身分

Buddhist monk sat with folded palms. 和尚合掌打坐. He shaved his head and became a monk. 他削发为僧. That monk lives a very quiet and peaceful life. 那位僧侣过着平静的生活. reading n.阅读, 知识, 读物, 表演, 对法律条文的解释 adj.阅读的 readings from Dickens 狄更斯作品选读 a good [dull] reading 优秀的[无聊的]读物 a man of vast reading 学识渊博的人 He laid aside one hour a day for reading. 他每天留出一小时阅读. Instead of wasting time, she employed herself in reading. 她专心致志地看 书,不白白浪费时间. image n.图象, 肖像, 偶像, 形象化的比喻, 极为相象, 映像, 典型 vt.想象, 作...的像, 反映, 象征 an image of the Virgin Mary 圣母玛丽亚像 see one's image in the mirror 在镜中照见自己的形像 I have this image of you as always being cheerful and optimistic. 你留给我 的印象总是快活和乐观. The girl is the living image of her mother. 这个女孩长得活像她的母亲. They knelt before the image of Buddha. 他们在佛像面前下跪. Her heroic image is written on our hearts. 她的英雄形象永远铭刻在我们 心中. bureaucratic adj.官僚政治的 bureaucracy n.官僚, 官僚作风, 官僚机构

bureau n.办公桌, 衣柜;<美>局, 办公署 pl. bureaus, bureaux bureaucratist n.官僚主义者 bureaucratism n.官僚主义, 官僚作风 Bureau of Education 教育局 Ministry of Education 教育部 the Federal Bureau of Investigation 联邦调查局 The sweat of labour washed away his bureaucratic [ official ] airs . 劳动的 汗水冲掉了他身上的 官气. ministry n. (政府的)部门 【复数】 min.is.tries Ministry of Communications 交通部 Ministry of Education 教育部 Ministry of Finance 财政部 Ministry of Foreign Affaires 外交部 centre n.中心, 中央, 中心区 v.集中 Our thoughts centre upon one idea. 我们的思想集中在一个主意上. The discussion centres on the most important question. 讨论集中在最重要的问题上。 br centred around/centre around 围绕,以…为中心 All his concerns were centred around himself rather than others. 他所关心 的全是他自己,而不是其他人。 pray v.祈祷, 恳求, 请 We pray to God to deliver us from evil. 我们祈求上帝把我们从罪恶中拯 救出来. We pray you for mercy.我们求您发慈悲。 pray for sb.为某人祈祷 pray for sb.'s pardon 请求某人原谅 Pray take a seat, sir.' 请坐, 先生.

chant n.圣歌 chant the praises of 绝口称赞, 颂扬 The people in the church were chanting a prayer. 教堂里的人在唱祷词. pagoda n.宝塔 The ancient pagoda is undergoing repairs. 那座古塔正在修缮中. The Wild Goose Pagoda was dimly visible. 大雁塔隐隐在望. The pagoda is reflected upside down in the water. 宝塔影子倒立在水里. frog n.青蛙 vi.捕蛙 vi. (frogged; frogging)捉青蛙;[美俚]骗 The witch changed the prince into a frog. 巫婆把王子变成了青蛙. He sang with a frog in his throat. 他用略带沙哑的嗓音唱歌. croak n.蛙或鸦的叫声 vi.嗄嗄叫, 发牢骚 vt.用嘶哑的声音说 The crow croaked disaster. 乌鸦呱呱叫预报灾难。 Frogs began to croak with the rainfall. 蛙随着雨落开始哇哇叫. Don't croak any more, but come home jolly. 好了,别发牢骚了, 开开心心 地回家。 prayer n.祈祷 This is a house of prayer. 这是一座教堂. morning prayers 晨祷 give prayers(=say one's prayers) 做祈祷 She says her prayers before she gets into bed. 她上床睡觉前做祈祷。 be at one's prayer 正在祈祷 Think of prayer as a two - way conversation. 把祈祷想成一种 双向 的交 谈. Everyone in church knelt in prayer. 教堂里每个人都跪着祈祷.


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