Unit 4 More 语言点(学生版)

Unit 4 More Reading The Origins of Art
1. origin n. 1)起源、由来 the origin of life on earth the origin of the dispute 2)出身,血统 She is of humble origin. He is of French origin. Cf. origin Source originate vi. original adj. 1)起初的,原先的 (一定作前置定语) Our original plan was to go to Spain, but it was too expensive. Do you know who the car’s original owner is? 2)独创的,新颖的 an original and thought-provoking drama 发人深思的原创性戏剧 a highly original design 极有创意的设计 3)原版的,原件的 The original picture was in the British Museum. 这幅画的原件在大英博物馆。 an original edition 原版 n. 2. investigate v. 调查 investigate sth We sent a reporter to investigate the rumour. investigation n. carry out/ conduct/ make an investigation The incident is under investigation. The police are making investigation into the murder. 3. property n. ? 财产(总称) a man of property a piece of property The book is my property. a lost property office ? 地产,房地产股票或投资 She has got her own property. 她有自己的物业。 ? 所有权,财产权 There is no property in air and water. 空气和水非任何人私有。 ? 性质,特性 (复数) the chemical properties of alcohol 乙醇的化学性质 a herb with healing properties 有治疗效果的药草

4. dig dug, dug digging v. 撅,挖,采掘 The dog began to dig. 5. explore vt. ? 对??进行勘察,探测,在??探险 explore the surroundings of the capital 考察首都环境 explore Antarctica 在南极探险 ? 仔细查阅;调查研究;探索 explore energy questions 调查研究能源问题 6. peek n. have/take a peek 瞥一眼 Emma took a quick peek inside the box. v. He peeked carefully from behind he door. He peeked into the room.

7. extinct adj. an extinct cigarette/ volcano 熄灭的香烟/死火山 an extinct species 灭绝的物种 extinct laws and customs 失效的/过时的法律和风俗 n. 8. base v. 基于、以??为基础 We should base our conclusion on facts. The novel is based on a true story. n. ● 底座 The statue stands on a large round base. ● 基地、根据地 Hikers find this a convenient base for their mountain expeditions. 徒步旅行者发现这里是登山考察的适宜基地。 a US naval base 美国海军基地 ● 基础 The report will give us a base for building a better healthcare system. 这份报告将为我们建立更好的医疗保障制度提供依据。 on the basis of 根据… 9. maintain v. ● 保持、维持 It is important to maintain your current weight through exercise and healthy eating. to maintain the right balance between work and play 保持工作与娱乐的平衡 to maintain social stability/ high safety standards 维持社会稳定/高的安全标准

maintain contact/ relations/ links (with) … 与…保持联系 ● 维修、养护 a well-loving maintained house 精心保养的住宅 ● 坚持、主张 The company still maintains that the drug is safe. She maintained her innocence throughout the trial. 在整个审判中,她坚持自己是清白的。 maintenance n. 10. date v. ● 在??上写日期;确定??的年代 the letter was dated 23 February The paintings have not yet been accurately dated by the museum’s experts. ● 约会 The have been dating for six months. date back to 追溯到,始于 a large collection of records dating back to the 1950s 可追溯到 20 世纪 50 年代的一大批唱片收集品 date from 始于,追溯到 These sculptures must date from the middle of the 7th century. n. 11. claim v. ● 声称、断言 He claims he is innocent. He claims to have discovered a new planet. It is claimed that … 人们声称 。 。 。 ● 认领、声称拥有 Has anyone claimed the wallet? She claims to own this property. ● 要求、索取 Are you claiming unemployment benefit? 你在要求(领取)失业津贴吗? n. ● 主张、断言、声称 The victim’s claims were ignored by the police. I don’t believe his claim that he won the prize. ● 要求、索取、认领 make a claim to sth. 认为??是自己的 make a claim for sth. 对(赔偿等)提出要求 12. greet 称呼,迎接;对??作出反应 greet sb with a smile greet passengers greet the question with silence. 他们对那问题报以缄默。 His speech was greeted with cheers.

13. ridicule n. 嘲笑、愚弄 The idea met with such ridicule that it was dropped. ridiculous adj. 可笑的、荒唐的 It’s ridiculous to even think about going out in this storm. She looks absolutely ridiculous in that hat. 14. genuine adj. ● 真正的,非伪造的 a genuine writing 真迹 The woman’s coat was genuine mink/leather. 那妇人的大衣是货真价实的貂皮/皮革。 ● 真诚的 genuine regret 真诚的歉意 Cf ● real 指客观存在的、并非想象或仿照的“真的,真正的” ● true 意为“真的,真实的” ,它表示的“真实的,确实的”是和客观事实相一致的, 并非杜撰、捏造的。 15. religious adj. 宗教的 religious beliefs 宗教信仰 religion n. 宗教、宗教信仰 the Christian/ Hindu/ Muslim religion 基督教、印度教、伊斯兰教 16. inspiration n. ● 灵感 literary / dramatic inspiration 文学、戏剧灵感 Many poets and artists draw /find inspiration from nature. ● 启发灵感的、鼓舞人心的人或物 She has been an inspiration to other young athletes from a similar background. 她是其他背景相似的年轻运动员的榜样。 inspirational adj. 激励人心的、有启发的 an inspirational leader/speech inspire v. ● 激励、鼓舞 inspire sth in sb inspire sb to sth inspire sb to do sth inspire hope, loyalty, enthusiasm in sb Stewart did his best to inspire his team to greater efforts. We use interactive displays to inspire children to read and write for pleasure. ● 启发 inspire sb/sth The muse does not inspire all poets equally. His best music was inspired by the memory of his mother.


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