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Module 5

虚拟语气的运用: 1.如果我是你,我就会努力学习。 2.如果你昨天早点睡,今早就不会迟到了。 3. 如果你当时听老师的建议,你现在就 不会在医院里了。 4.要不是你的帮助,我就不会完成那项工作。 5.但愿我们的父母不会惩罚我们! 6.我宁愿你明天过来。 7.他看起来仿佛喝醉了。 8.我们建议Tom休息一下。 9.要是我和恐龙生活在一起就好了!

虚拟语气的运用: 1.如果我是你,我就会努力学习。 If I were you, I would study harder. 2.如果你昨天早点睡,今早就不会迟到了。 If you had gone to bed earlier yesterday, you wouldn’t/couldn’t/mightn’t have been late this morning. 3. 如果你当时听老师的建议,你现在就 不会在医院里了。 3.If you had followed your teacher’s advice, You would not be in hospital now.


4.要不是你的帮助,我就不会完成那项工作。 But for your help, I would not have finished that work. 5.但愿我们的父母不会惩罚我们! I wish our parents would/could not punish us! 6.我宁愿你明天过来。 I would rather you came tommorrow! 7.他看起来仿佛喝醉了。 He looks as if he were drunk.

虚拟语气的运用: 8.我们建议Tom休息一下。 We suggested that Tom (should) have a rest. 9.要是我和恐龙生活在一起就好了! If only I lived with dinosaurs!

Steven Spielberg


(Steven Spielberg) “电

《大白鲨》 《E.T.》 《侏罗纪公园》

Jurassic park is a Hollywood film about living dinosaurs(恐龙) which have been cloned from dinosaurs DNA found in prehistoric mosquitos.(蚊子)
Jurassic park 《侏罗纪公园》

Jurassic Park – Scientific Fact or Hollywood Fiction? (P67, books)

1. Fast-reading
Read the passage quickly and find the answer to this question : Jurassic Park – Scientific Fact or Hollywood Fiction?

Hollywood Fiction

Fill in the blanks to complete the passage

invited by the Two dinosaur experts are _______ eccentric millionaire Hammond to visit his cloning DNA taken from Jurassic Park. By________ prehistoric mosquitoes,Hammond has created Accompanied by dinosaurs his park.____________ living _________for Hammond’s grandchildren, the two experts began their tour. But a tropical storm hits the knocking out the power supply, and island, ____________ with the security system destroyed, the dinosaurs started to ________________. get out of control

其他固定短语: knock down 把…撞倒 knock at/on 敲(门/窗) knock into 撞到…身上,把…敲进去 knock out of 把…从…中敲出来 knock over (开车)撞倒…

Fill in the blanks to complete the passage

In fact, it is impossible to clone dinosaurs. at least First, dinosaurs are ___ ____60 million years old, but___ ___ __ ___ ___, mosquitoes that as far as we know old do not exist.Secondly, although it is possible to find the mosquitoes, only females can absorb _____ the DNA of another creature. Also there is no way of knowing ___ ___ ______if the DNA was from a dinosaur breaks or not. Thirdly, when life ends, DNA ______ down _____and does not reapair itself.What’s more, even if it was possible to ______dinosaurs bring back to life ____ ___ ____they could not survive in the present day environment.

3. In fact, only females can absorb the DNA of another creature. absorb vt. 本意:吸收(水分,光声等),消 减(震动) 引申义:接受(看法、知识等),吸

引(注意力 精力等)

词组: be absorbed in 专注于 The students were completely absorbed

in their reading.

4. When life ends, DNA breaks down and does not repair itself.
breaks down


break down 还有“出故障,失败,垮掉”之意。 The telephone system has broken down. 电话系统失灵了。 Negotiations between the two sides have broken down. 双方谈判已经破裂。 Her health broke down under the pressure of work.

其他关于break的短语: break away from…摆脱,脱离… break into 强行闯入;突然开始(笑/唱) break out 爆发; break through 突破; break up 破碎,结束,解散;


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