高中英语词汇与语法练习100题 1、 ____ your help we ____ not have finished in time . A. But for,should B. Except for,can C. But,might D. Without,shall 2、 I?ll start to think about it ____ I have to write my report. A. before B.as C. while D. when 3、It ______ long before we ______ the result of the experiment. A. will not be, will know B. is, will know C. will not be, know D. is, know 4、 Nothing ________ disaster _____ come from such a plan. A. otherwise,could B. or,might C. but , would D.without, should 5、She _____ things around. A. always moving B.was always moving C. has always been moved D. did move always 6、It did nothing but ____ us ridiculous . A. to make B.make C.made D. had made 7、 The ship ____ ready for a month . A. isn?t B. has not been C. will not be D. had not been 8、 They want all groups ___ an equal basis. A to be treated on B to treat C to be treated D to treat on 9、He will have learned English for eight years by the time he _____ from the university next year. A. will graduate B. will have graduated C. graduates D. is to graduate 10、--- But how long can you stay in the house? --- I don't know. It _______ A. depended B. depends c. is depended D. will be depended 11、People ______ less tolerant of smoking these days. A.are becoming B.has become C. will have become D. will become 12、 We ___ next winter in Australia A. are spending B. have spent C. spend D. will have spent 13、He ____ tomorrow morning on the 13:27 train. A. will have arrived B. arrive C. has arrived D. is arriving 14、 The origin of the universe ______ probably never ______. A.is, explain B. will, be explained C.is, explained D. will, explain 15.You were lucky to escape ______ . A. having been punished B. to be punished C. to have been punished D. being punished 16. Anne never dreams of ____ for her to be sent abroad very soon. A. there being a chance B. there to be a chance C. there be a chance D. being a chance 17. Her hair curls _____ . A. naturally B. natural C. nature D. native 18\Your hair wants ___ . A. to cut B. being cut C.cutting D. to be cutting 19. It?s no good _____ to come now. He is busy. A. if you ask him B. to ask him C. asking him D. that you ask him 20. --- How did you get to the airport? --- I got Charlie ______ me there. A. drove B. drive C. driving D. to drive

21. I?ve got a terrible headache. I tried _____ some medicine but it didn?t help. A. to take B. having taken C taking D. to have taken 22.--- Why did you sell this old TV at such a low price? --- I did it only because I was made ______ it. A. do B. to do C. doing D. to doing 23. So she simply welcomed him and reminded\.him of the last time they ____. A. had met B. would meet C.met D.have met 24. Five years later she regrets _____ her home. A. giving away B.giving in C. giving up D. giving out 25. Eat more fruit;it will do you ______ . A. fine B.good C. nice D. well 26. Building more motorways will______ the environment ___ reducing pollution and traffic jams in cities. A. have helped, to B. help,and C. help,by D. have helped , and 27. On his way home he suddenly heard his name _______. A. calling B. called C. to call D. call 28. He didn?t keep on asking me the time any longer as he had his watch ____. A. to repair B. repaired C. repairing D. repair 29. They were made ______ 58.8 million pounds in taxes. A. pay B. Paying C. to pay D. to be paying 30. The little time we have together we try _____ wisely. A. spending it B. to spend it C. to spend D. spending that 31._____ she ___ staying where she was? . A. Did, dare go B. Dares , go C. Dare, risk D. Dare , to go 32.These soldiers marched in the valley to avoid _______ by the enemy. A. to be found B. to find C. finding D. being found 33 It takes ___ average of ten weeks for a house sale ____. A. the, to have been completed B. an, to have completed C. an, to be completed D. the,to complete 34. This lady was genuinely surprised at ___ happened ___ her pet. A.which, for B. that, on C. it, with D. what, to 35. We are looking forward to _____ you again. A. visit B. paying a visit C.see D. seeing 36The figure of seventy-million pounds was ______ as big as ____ . A. twice, expected B. twice,expecting C. twice to expect D. twice, to be expected 37 Unemployment in Northern Ireland is ___ the national average. . A. twice as greatly as B twice than C twice great than D twice 38 We cannot have the virus ___ out of the computer other than with this ___. A.clean, way B. cleaned, method C.to be cleaned , means D. cleaning, mean 39. The boss gave me so many _____ at one time that I didn?t know what I should do first. A. explanation B. introduction C. instructions D. translation 40.It's time you ______ out your bedroom.

A. are cleaning B. clean C. should have cleaned D. cleaned 41 ___ seems to be little difference ___ you eat all your calorie allowance in one go, or spread it over the day. A There, whether B It ,either C That, if D.What ,as 42. He doubted that the accident ______ . A. could have been avoided B. could be avoided C. would be avoided D. might have avoided 43. All that money brought ____ sadness and misery and tragedy. A. something but B. anything but C. nothing but D. everything but 44.A tree, gloriously _____ by autumn, pressed against the windowpane. A. lit B. lights C. lighting D. being lighted 45. Every other day we ______ our rooms cleaned and aired. A. are having B. have C. have had D. had had 46. His work ____ in the best galleries in America,Europe and Asia. A. exhibits B was exhibited C exhibited D is exhibiting 47. The concert ____ at 7;30 and ___ at 9;30. A begins, ends B will begin, end C have begun, ended D is begining, ending 48. “ ---I'll be on my way. I can't thank you enough, Alan. ” --- “It ___ nothing, but take care." A is B does C was D did 49. There was an _____ look on his face when the actress appeared. A. excited B. excite C. exciting D. excitedly 50. --- Did you enjoy yourself at the party? --- Yes, I?ve never been to _____ one before. A. a more excited B. the most excited C. a more exciting D. the most exciting 51. The country is ___ close to possessing nuclear weapons. A frightened B frighteningly C frighten D frightening 52. The baby is generally healthy, but every now and then he ____ a cold. A. has caught B. is catching C. will catch D. does catch 53. They won?t buy any new clothes because they _____ money to buy a new car. A. save B. were saving C. have saved D. are saving 54 Harriet ____ keep leaving her things all over the floor . A may B will C shall D can 55 I don"t know how you put up ___ these conditions. A with B up C over D for 56 They cared for nothing but _____ . A fighting B to fight C fought D had fought 57 I consider nothing more important in my life ___ songwriting. A with B as C than D for 58 Suddenly, I noted that the rain ____ . A would stop B had stopped C was stopping D stoping 59 Encourage your child in her interests and hobbies even if they are things that you know ___ . A little about B a little about it C little about it D a little about 60 There is no evidence ___ the Prime Minister himself canceled the visit. A about B such as C of D that

61 The dance hall once even had its roof ____ off in World War II. A blown B blow C blew D be blown 62 The average Swede was ___ sick 27 days last year. A away B off C over D in 63 Sonia might not speak the English language well ,___ who did? A but then B but for C and then D and 64 He was a fine young mam,but then ____ . A so was his father B so his father was C so had his father been D so his father had been 65 She collects ___ that has charm. A.everything B something C all D anything 66 He is young,fresh and ready for ____. A.everything B something C all D anything 67 I don't know why I settled on Aberdeen,, but ___ I did. A anyway B anywhere C anyplace D anymore 68 Now you have a good opportunity ____ a great understanding of each other. A developing B to develop C develops D developed 69 I distinctly remember wishing I ____ involved. A didn't get B haven't got C hadn't got D shouldn't get 70 We suddenly saw her ____ . A from a distance B in a distance C at a distance D in the distance 71 The only way I can cope with my mother is ____ . A from a distance B in a distance C at a distance D in the distance 72 Now that I can look back on the whole tragedy_____ of nearly forty years. A from a distance B in a distance C at a distance D in the distance 73 Jay had always tended to keep his girls ____ . A from a distance B in a distance C at a distance D in the distance 74 There is little doubt, however,that things ____ in the not too distant future. A will improve B will be improved C will have improved D will have been improving 75 Within a month,both the texture and condition of your hair ____ improve. A would B should C could D might 76 The statement added that although there were a number of differing views, these ____ be discussed by both sides. A would B should C could D might 77 If I were you,I ___ simply ring your friend's bell and ask for your bike back. A would B should C could D might 78 Recently much of their energy ___ into planting a large vegetable garden. A went B has gone C goes D will go 79 There will be a true global village _____ telephones,computers and televisions interact. A how B that C in which D when 80The government expressed hope ___ all the sides will work towards a political solution. A to B where C for D that 81 Ceiling and wall lights can ____ independently. A be operated B operate C be operating D operation

82 ---- I don't know what you like to eat. ---- Anything will ___ me ,Eva. A meet B satisfactory C catch D do . 83 The world of work doesn't operate ___ way. A the B such C that D such a 84 He suggested that the current arrangements for the care of severely mentally ill people are inadequate to ___ their needs. A meet B satisfy C catch D do 85 Attempts to find civilian volunteers have ___ embarrassing failure. A dealt with B managed with C begun with D met with 86 Pack the fruits and nuts into the jars and ___ with brandy. A covering B to cover C covered D cover 87 He still has a serious problem ___ money. A on B in C with D for 88 I do not have a simple solution ____ the drug problem. A with B against C to D on 89 I'm forever on a diet, ___ I put on weight easily. A so long as B since C and D but 90 His style of leadership has attracted increasing criticism among his supporters, many of whom have ___ left Central Office. A since B never C ever D then 91 I like him ,___ , he makes me angry sometimes. A although B though C and C as 92 Waterfalls never ___ attract and those at ___ Falls of Clyde are no exception. A manage to, the B fail to, the C try to, a D become,a 93 He had given some thought to what she ____ him. A told B would tell C had told D were telling 94 ___ I?m going to do in this lecture is focus on something specific. A What B Which C That D As 95 We ___ married this June. A have got B get C will have got D are getting 96 Sarah?s first thought was ___ back and get Max. A running B run C to run D ran 97 Alice had been so deep in thought that she ___ past her car without even seeing it. A walked B had walked C was walking D working 98 He had ___ thought of hurting your feelings. A not B any C no a D no 99 He keeps his thoughts ___ himself. A in B with C to D for 100 I am not going to reveal what my seven-year plan is,but I will tell you this much , if it ___, the next seven years will be very interesting. A works out B carries out C gives out D holds out 答案1--5 AD(引导从句,说明主句动作已经发生或将要发生的情况)CCB 6--10 BCACB 11--15 AA(事先计划好的)DBD 16--20 AACCD 21--25 CBACB 26--30 CBBCC 31--35 CDCDD 36--40 ADBCD 41--45 AACAB 46--50 BACAC 51--55 BCDBA 56-60 A (nothing but 用于名词、 动词原形或—ing 形式前) CBAD 61-65 ABA(表 示前述事情不奇怪: 不过, 但是) CD(加强语气: 无论什么东西) 66-70 DABCD 71-75 CACAB 76-80 AABCD 81-85 BDCAD 86-90 DCCBA 91-95 BBCAD(this 指接下来将要发生某事的特定时间)96-100 CBDCA