高考英语一轮复习方案 课时作业 Unit 4 Sharing 新人教版选修7


[选修 7

Unit 4 Sharing]

(限时:35 分钟) Ⅰ.单项填空 1 . Warm ? blooded animals have the ability to ________ body heat exactly to maintain their ideal temperature despite c hanging weather. A.respond B.attach C.adjust D.expose 2.The hospital ________ well, where many wounded ________ every day. A.is operated; operation B.operates; are operated on C.operates; are operated D.operates; operates on 3.TV?turn?off week,________millions of people around the world participate every year,tries to encourage people to turn on life. A.in which B.on which

C.which D.when 4.With China ________ in the world trade more frequently ,the world economy is developing more rapidly and steadily. A.participating B.to participate C.participated D.being participated

5.—I don't really like James.Why did you invite him? —Don't worry.He ________come.He said he wasn't certain what his plans were. A.must not B.need not

C.would not D.might not 6 . If you________a mistake in reviewing the report , please bring it to my attention. A.come along B.come across C.come around D.come about 7.Ronny's steps________,and there was a moment of absolute silence.


A.died down B.died away C.died off D.died out

8.The news gave us a false sense of ________ so that we failed to see the danger was coming. A.security B.authority

C.responsibility D.variety 9.You can't see well through a telescope unless it is________correctly to your sight. A. accustomed B. adjusted C. admitted D. adopted

10.—Don't you know your computer has been infected with viruses? —Really? No wonder it hasn't ________as well as before. A.appeared B.operated

C.managed D.controlled 11.Leave him alone.He is ________ himself to the preparations for the coming exam. A.adjusting B.applying C.losing D.engaging 12.—You didn't take the high?speed train with the leading letter “G” to Shanghai? —________. I still took the “D” train, which saved me more than 50 yuan. A.Yes, I didn't B.No, I did C.Yes, I did D.No, I didn't 13.The course is a must for all those ________ mother tongue is not English. A.whose B.who C.that D.which

14.—Where were the Blacks then? —They got caught in a traffic jam;otherwise ________. A.they would be here B.they have been here


C.they had been here D.they would have been here 15.It is often said that the joy of traveling is ________ in arriving at your destination ________ in the journey itself. A./;but B./;or C.not;or D.not;but Ⅱ.阅读理解 A Starting the day on an egg could keep your blood pressure(血压) under control, research suggests.Scientists have shown that eggs produce proteins with a function similar to that of powerful blood pressure?lowering drugs. The research,from the University of Alberta in Canada,showed that when eggs come in contact with stomach enzymes(酶) they produce a protein that acts in the same way as ACE_inhibitors,but more work is needed to show the effects outside a lab and in the human body. Earlier this month , British researchers declared that , contrary to popular beliefs , it is healthy to go to work on an egg.They concluded that the type of cholesterol(胆固醇) found in eggs has little effect on increasing heart disease risks. Researcher Professor Bruce Griffin,from the University of Surrey,said, “The wrong beliefs linking egg?eating to high blood cholesterol and heart disease must be corrected.The amount of fat in our diet has an effect on blood cholesterol that is several times greater than the relatively small amounts of cholesterol found in eggs.The UK public do not need to be limiting the number of eggs they eat.They can be encouraged to include them in a healthy diet as they are one of nature's most nutritious foods.” The British Heart Foundation dropped its three ? egg ? a ? week limit in 2005.However,almost half of Britons believe the limit still applies. 16.From the text we know that “ACE inhibitors” are ________. A.a kind of medicine B.a kind of protein


C.a kind of illness D.a kind of food 17.According to what Professor Bruce said,eggs ________. A.are the most nutritious food B.have no effect on blood cholesterol C.can be included in a healthy diet D.are forbidden to be eaten in the UK 18.We can infer from the text that ________. A.drugs to lower blood pressure will be replaced by eating eggs B.stomach enzymes mixed with eggs can cure heart diseases C.most Britons agree the three?egg?a?w eek limit should be dropped D.about 50% of Britons think eating an egg a day is bad for their health 19.The text is meant ________. A.to introduce scientific findings about eggs B.to introduce a medicine made from eggs C.to tell people how to lower their blood pressure D.to advise people to eat as many eggs as possible B[2012·山东卷] San Francisco has its cable cars. Seattle has its Space Needle. And, Longview has its squirrel bridge. The bridge, which has attracted international attention, is now a local landmark. The Nutty Narrows Bridge was built in 1963 by a local builder, Amos Peters, to give squirrels a way to cross the busy road without getting flattened by passing cars. The original bridge was built over Olympia Way on the west edge of the library grounds. Before the bridge was built, squirrels had to avoid traffic to and from the Park Plaza office building where office staff put out a nutty feast for the squirrels. Many times, Peters and others who worked in and near Park Plaza witnessed squirrels being run over. One day Peters found a dead squirrel with a nut still in its mouth, and that day's coffee break discussion turned into squirrel safety. The group of businessmen


cooked up the squirrel bridge idea and formed a committee to ask the blessing of the City Council(市政会). The Council approved, and Councilwoman Bess LaRiviere jokingly named the bridge “Nutty Narrows”. After architects designed the bridge, Amos Peters and Bill Hutch started construction. They built the 60?foot bridge from aluminum and lengths of fire hose(消 防水带). It cost $1,000. It didn't take long before reports of squirrels using the bridge started. Squirrels were even seen guiding their young and teaching_them_the_ropes. The story was picked up by the media, and Nutty Narrows became known in newspapers all over the world. In 1983, after 20 years of use, Peters took down the worn?out bridge. Repairs were made and crosspieces were replaced. The faded sign was repainted and in July 1983, h undreds of animal lovers attended the completion ceremony of the new bridge. Peters died in 1984, and a ten?foot wooden squirrel sculpture was placed near the bridge in memory of its builder and his devotion to the project. 20. The Nutty Narrows Bridge was built in order to A. offer squirrels a place to eat nuts B. set up a local landmark C. help improve traffic D. protect squirrels 21. What happened over the coffee break discussion? A. The committee got the Council's blessing. B. The squirrel bridge idea was born. C. A councilwoman named the bridge. D. A squirrel was found dead. 22. What does the underlined phrase “teaching them the ropes” probably mean in the text? A. Passing them a rope. B. Directing them to store food for winter. C. Teaching them a lesson. ________.


D. Showing them how to use the bridge. 23. Which of the following is true of the squirrel bridge? A. It was replaced by a longer one. B. It wa s built from wood and metal. C. It was rebuilt after years of use. D. It was de signed by Bill Hutch. 24. What can we learn about Amos Peters? A. He is remembered for his love of animals. B. He donated $1,000 to build the bridge. C. He was a member of the City Council. D. He was awarded a medal for building the bridge. Ⅲ.短文填词 Dear friends, Our high school is so wonderful. With the College Entrance Examination

approaching, it won't be long 25.________ we graduate. Now, I have 26.m________ to share with all of you. Firstly, I still must try my best to make 27.________ for the lost time and work hard, for I believe hard work is the key to 28.________ (成 功). Secondly, I'd like to show my appreciation to those 29.s________ by me all the way, teachers, parents and friends 30.________ (包括). Without your help and advice, my life would be 31.d________. Thirdly, I will treasure the friendship 32.b________ all of my classmates. Because of you, life in school is so interesting and 33.________ (难忘). I sincerely wish you all healthy and happy all your 34.________!

参考答案 课时作业(三十四) Ⅰ.1.C 考查动词辨析。语境表达“动物有调节自身体温的能力”,故选择 C 项,意为 “调整,使适应”。 2.B 考查 operate 的用法。句意:这家医院经营得很好,每天都有很多伤员在这里做 手术。operate 作“运作”讲时,是不及物动词,没有被动语态;表示“给病人做手术”, operate 通常与 on 连用,即 operate on sb., 此处用被动语态。



考查定语从句。which 引导定语从句,“每年世界各地数以百万计的人们参加

TV?turn?off week 这一活动”,participate in 参加,参与。 4.A 考查介词 with 加复合宾语结构。这里 China 与 participate 是逻辑主动关系, 故用现在分词作宾语补足语。 5.D 考查情态动词。题干中的 he wasn't certain 说明他可能不来,也可能来,因此 使用不完全否定“might not”。而 need not 表示“不必”。 6.B 考查动词短语辨析。come across 意为“偶尔碰到/遇到”。 7.B 考查动词短语辨析。句意:Ronny 的脚步声逐渐消失了,只剩下万籁俱寂的安静。 die away 逐渐模糊, 逐渐减弱以至于觉察不到(如描绘声音、 风、 光线等逐渐消失); die down 指逐渐平息(尤其指火焰、风暴、疼痛、谣言等);die off 一一死去,先后死去;die out 灭绝(指家族或物种)。根据句意选择 B。 8.A 考查名词辨析。句意:这个消息给了我们一种虚假的安全感,使我们看不到危险 即将来临。 security 意为“安全,保证”; authority 意为“权力,当局,权威”; responsibility 意为“职责,责任心”;variety 意为“种类,多样化”。根据句意可知 A 项正确。 9.B 考查动词辨析。adjust 调节,符合句意。句意:除非你把望远镜调节到正好适

合你的视力,否则,你就会看不清楚。accustom 使习惯于;admit 承认;adopt 采纳。 10.B 考查动词词义辨析。由答语“难怪电脑运转不如以前那么正常了”可知答案为 B。operate 意为“运转”。 11.B 考查动词辨析。apply oneself to 意为“努力学习,勤奋工作”,符合语意。 adjust onesel f to 适应,习惯;lose oneself in 沉迷于,全神贯注于;engage sb.in(使) 从事,参加。 12.D 考查交际用语。对话意思为:“难道你没乘坐高铁去上海吗?”“是的,没有。 我仍旧坐的动车,省了我 50 多块钱。”(说明:“高铁”为首字母 G 的车次,首字母为 D 的列车称为“动车”)英文回答时,只有两种情况。肯定:Yes,I did.否定:No,I didn't. 肯定与否由实际情况确定。 13. A 考查定语从句。 句意: 这门课程对那些母语非英语的人来说是必须的条件。 mother tongue 与先行词 those 之间构成所属关系,用 whose 作定语。故选 A 项。 14.D 考查虚拟语气。They got caught in a traffic jam 和 otherwise 暗示后面应 是对过去情况的虚拟,用 would have done,故选 D。




人们常常说旅行之乐不在于你到达目的地而在于旅程本身。 Ⅱ.A 研究发现, 每天吃一个鸡蛋对降低血压大有裨益, 鸡蛋与胃酶结合后产生的蛋白质与降 压药物有着同样的功效。 16.A 推理判断题。第一段的后半部分提到鸡蛋产生蛋白质的作用与强效降血压药物 类似,此处与之相呼应,表示鸡蛋与胃酶结合后产生蛋白质的作用与药物相当。由此可推知 “ACE inhibitors”是一种药。 17.C 细节理解题。根据倒数第二段最后一句的内容可知,Bruce 教授认为鸡蛋属于 健康食物。 18.D 推理判断题。最后一段的最后一句提到几乎一半的英国人相信对鸡蛋的限制仍 然适用,由此可推断这些人依旧认 为每天吃一个鸡蛋对健康有害。 19.A 主旨大意题。本文是一篇研究报告,第一段是文章的中心段,通读全文可知, 本文意在介绍关于鸡蛋的科学发现。 B 文章主要讲述了 Amos Peters 观察到松鼠在觅食时遇到交通带来的危险,他还看到一只 死了的松鼠嘴里还含着食物, 他设想要为松鼠们设计一个能保证它们安全的桥。 后来通过努 力这个桥终于设计成功,并为世界所知,引起国际的关注,成为当地的一道风景。 20.D 细节理解题。 第二段的“… to give squirrels a way to cross the busy road without getting flattened by passing cars.”看出建这座桥是为了保证松鼠的安全。故 选 D。 21. B 推理判断题。 题干关键词为 “coffee break discussion”。 由 第四段“and that day's coffee break discussion turned into squirrel safety. The group of businessmen cooked up the squirrel bridge idea and formed a committee to ask the blessing of the City Council.”可以看出在此期间,建松鼠桥的想法产生了。故选 B。 22.D 词义猜测题。根据本句的“Squirrels were even seen guiding their young” 看出,是教小松鼠如何使用这个桥。故选 D。 23 . C 细节理解题。倒数第二段的 “Repairs were made and crosspieces were

replaced”看出数年之后,这座桥得到了重修。故选 C。 24.A 推理判断题。从最后一段的 Peters died in 1984, and a ten?foot wooden


squirrel sculpture was placed near the bridge in memory of its builder and his devotion to the project.看出,人们在桥附近修建雕像来纪念 Amos Peters 对动物的这份 爱心。故选 A。 Ⅲ.25.before 26.much 27.up 28.success 29. standing 30.included 31.different/difficult

32.between 33.unforgettable 34.life



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