7A Unit 8 Reading(1)教学案 Microsoft Word 文档

7A Unit 8 Reading(1)教学案

7A Unit 8 Reading(1) Teaching aims and demands: 1 Ask the students to read the passage and understand the name and the colour of the clothes . 2 Review and enlarge the knowledge about the name and the colour of the clothes. 3 Through the teaching activities feeling fashion charm. Important points: 1. Teach the students to learn about the name and the colour of the clothes. 2. Introduce the writing a fashion show . Difficult points: How to learn to use some descriptions of the clothes in the fashion show . Grasp important phrases and sentence patterns. Teaching procedures: Step 1 Greetings Step 2 Lead in Watch a video about a fashion show. Step 3 Pre-reading Use some pictures to teach students the new words . a blue scarf a pair of red boots a red silk blouse a pair of trainers comfortable The blue scarf matches her brown sweater well. match = go well with Step 4 While-reading Activity 1 Skimming 1Read the text quickly and try to find out the answers to the two questions below. 1.Why are they having a fashion show? They want to show different styles of clothes . 2.How many students are in the show ? Five . They are Millie , Simon , Amy , Daniel and Sandy . Activity 2 Scanning 1 Get the Ss to talk about the students’ clothes. A:What is Millie/Simon /Amy /Daniel /Sandy wearing ? B: ...... T: What is he wearing S: He is wearing a shirt . T: What is his shirt made of ? It is made of cotton . It is a cotton shirt . Is it comfortable ? S: Yes , it is . 2 Read this part together. 3 Ask some students to retell this part according the picture.


4 Teach other paragraphs using this way. 5 Read the passage carefully and try to complete the following table.

sports clothes

a pair of trainers

a purple shirt a pair of grey trousers

a red and red tie

a blue scarf a yellow cotton blouse a red silk blouse a black wool skirt a blue T-shirt blue jeans a pair of red boots

Activity 3. Listen to the tape recorder and then tell T or F Ask the students to Listen to the tape recorder and then tell T or F 1.The Class 1, Grade 7 students are giving a fashion show. 2. Simon is wearing a purple shirt. 3.Young people like to wear jeans. 4. Sandy is wearing a purple blouse and a black skirt. 5. Amy is wearing a pair of blue jeans and a yellow cotton blouse. 6. Sandy looks modern and beautiful. 7. The students are raising money for Project Hope.

Step 4 Post-reading
Activity 4 Further understanding

Read the text carefully again and try to find out the following questions. 1.How does Simon look at the fashion show? 2.Does Daniel look smart and modern? 3.What colour are Sandy’s clothes ? 4.Why do young people like trainers? 5.Do young people always like to wear jeans?

Step 5 Exercise Make the best choice 1 My favourite dress ________ me 100 yuan . A spends B uses c costs D pays

2 Simon ______ black trousers today. They match his coat well . A putting on B puts C wear D is wearing

3 The lady is putting her _______ into the _______ . A foots , boots B feet , beets C feet , boots D foots , beet

4 He wore a purle shirt and __________ . A a long white trousere C a white long trousere B long white trousere D white long trousere

5 What do you ________ this fashion show ? ____- Oh , it’s wonderful . A think over B think of C think about D like about

Use the right forms 1 Look ! Here _______ (come ) Simon . 2 That’s all for ________ (today ) fashion show . Thank you very much . 3 I ________ (real ) like your red boots . 4 This pair of shoes ________ (match )your red skirt . 5 Where is the ________ (lady ) room ? _______ Over there . 6 We are kind . We want to be ________ (gentleman). Step 6 Homework 1 Read and retell this passage after class. 2 Master the new words.



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