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M6 U2 Reading
The search for happiness



Topic Happiness


Dr Brain

Questions: of the gymnast sang LanSang to ….. Why do you oftenexample use the example of the gymnast Lan to show how people canYes, find Sang happiness even in difficult times? Dr Brain: Lan….. Can you tell us a little bit about Sang Lan and who he is ? Host: That must have been difficult for her. She Was she very sad? must have been very sad. How old was she when this happened? Dr Brain: No, that is why… How has Sang Lan adapted to her new life?

Host: I understand that you often use the

Careful reading
Read Lines 11-19
Why do you often use the example of the gymnast Sang Lan to show how people can find happiness?

A brief introduction to Sang Lan Sang Lan is happy with her life even in difficult times
Before her accident: happy and successful in her sport While injured in hospital: amazed the world by the way she

remained cheerful
Now: find happiness through reaching much smaller goals , and through the love of the people around her.

Careful reading
Read Lines 20-37 : Can you tell us a little about Sang Lan and who she is ?

Before the accident
Name Birth place Sang Lan Birth year Ningbo Best event 1981 the vault

Experi 1991 ences 1998

began learning gymnastics start winning competitions an accident at the New York Goodwill Games

A promising How did she remain happy during those hard days? gymnast

Can you list some difficulties Sang Lan must have experienced?

1. Devoting herself to gymnastics 2. Working towards something special 3. Making her parents proud

A person unable to walk

Suppose you experienced such a terrible catastrophe, how would you feel?

Careful reading

Read Lines 36-50 : How did she feel happy in hospital?
Please tick out the ways Sang Lan remained cheerful: A. She cried about what she had lost. B. She thought about what she could do to get better.

While injured in hospital

C. She felt happy for her teammates’ success
D. She overcame her sorrow by being proud of the things she had accomplished.

E. She felt thankful to be alive and lucky to have the rest of her life to learn new things.

Careful reading
How has Sang Lan adapted to her new life?

Her new life after the accident

How does she stay happy?

She likes to be optimistic. She believes that keeping busy helps her stay positive.

Reading strategy : read an interview
How can we read an interview efficiently?

The first paragraph:

1. Find out the _________. topic 2. Find out two persons---the __________ interviewer and the _________. interviewee

The following paragraphs:

? Fully understand each question ________. answer to each question. ? Pay attention to the ________


Task 1:Task-based reading

Task 2: A talk show
Now Sang Lan has been invited to our school for a talk show. One student acts as the host of Feng Hua TV Station of our school, one student acts as Sang Lan, the other students act as audience.


Task 2: A talk show

Be active!

Host : how to begin and end the talk show; what questions to ask

Sang Lan: guess what questions will be asked and how to answer the questions
Audience: think of many questions you are interested in to ask Sang Lan

Let’s learn from Sang Lan and find happiness in life! 1. What kind of personality should from Sang * thinking about what we can do towe getlearn better instead Lan? of crying about we have lost should learn to be ___________. * We being proud of the things we have accomplished * feeling happy to be alive, and lucky to have the rest 2. Do you her opinions? of our lifeshare to learn new things Which impresses you most? * keeping busy *3. finding happiness through reaching smaller Can you think of more secrets tomuch happiness especially when faced with goals , and through the love ofdifficulties, the people around great pressure, the quarrels, sufferings…? us.



What is happiness to you?
? Happiness isn‘t about what happens to us; it is about how we look at what happens to us. It is a way to view difficulties as challenges. It’s not wishing for what we don‘t have, but enjoying what we do possess(拥有). ? Happiness can be created by ourselves. Happiness is always around us. Find our happiness and enjoy our happiness from the minute on.

Write a passage expressing your understanding of happiness based on what you have learnt today and your experiences.


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