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Book Two Unit one Cultural relics writing

Learning aims学习目标: 1.To learn the structure of the argumentative. 2.To learn some expressions of giving reasons. 3. To learn some link words that make the paragraph coherent.

Read the letter from a German newspaper, in which the writer gives his opinion about what should be done with a cultural relic that has been found. Read it carefully and see if you agree with him.

Agree or not?

Dear Editor, I’m a student at a high school in Berlin. I think highly of those who are searching for the Amber Room. I don’t agree that they should return the treasure to Russia if they find it; nor do I think they should give it to any government. The search has cost them a lot of time and money. So I think that those who find the Amber Room should decide what to do with it. Yours Johann Weber

最近,某报社正在就 “发现的文物该不该上交” 进行征稿,请你根据刚才本 班的辩论情况写一篇报道, 客观地介绍辩论情况.

How to write a report on your debate
? Paragraph1: State the question. ? Paragraph2 : Give the ideas that agree with the question and the reasons. ? Paragraph3 : Give the ideas that disagree with the question and the reasons. ? Paragraph4: Give your opinion and the result of the class vote.

Study and analyze the possible version
提出问题 Dear Editor, I’m writing to tell you about the discussion we’ve had about whether it is right for whoever 观点一 过渡句 finds valuable cultural relics to keep them. Opinions are divided on the question. 60% of the students 论据一 are against the idea of keeping them. 论据二 Firstly, they believe that all cultural relics are valuable for finding out about the past. Besides, it is dishonest to take things that do not belong to you. What is more, every cultural relic belongs to the country and not to any one person. 论据三

On the other hand,40% think that if you find cultural relics, you can keep them. For 论据一 one thing , time and money had been spent looking for them so the finders deserved them. For another, there is no doubt that nobody would look for lost relics if they could not keep them. 论据二 个人观点 In my opinion, we should return the cultural relics to the country.We had a class vote. Those who disagreed with the question won. The debate changed the minds of some people who had originally supported Johann Weber’s ideas. 辩论结果 yours,Li hua


归纳 文章结构


正反 观点 对比 类的 文章



归纳 段落结构


主题句 (观点)




The summer holiday is coming. Our class have had a discussion about what to do during the holiday. (paragraph 1) Students react to this problem in different ways. ②Some are in favor of staying at home. ③They say it’s both convenient and comfortable. ④What’s more, they can set aside money for other purposes. (paragraph 2)

⑤However, others prefer to go out traveling . ⑥They think they will have

the chance of getting to know the outside world, which can enrich their knowledge and broaden their views. (paragraph 3)

In my opinion, it would be much better to stay at home. ⑧Actually I have more reasons for it. ⑨When staying at home, I get to do what I like,such as reading books, watching TV,and helping my parents with the housework. ⑩In a word, to stay at home is better than to travel. (paragraph 4)


提出问题 paragraph 1

正反 观点 对比 类的 文章

不同观点对比 Paragraph 2&3

说明自己观点 paragraph 4

段落结构 paragraph2
3句 论据一:第__

主题句 (观点) 2 句 第__

论据二 4句 第__

结论 第__ 句

论据三 第__句

段落结构 paragraph3
6句 论据一:第__

主题句 (观点) 5 句 第__

论据二 第__句

结论 第__ 句

论据三 第__句

段落结构 paragraph4
9句 论据一:第__

主题句 (观点) 7 句 第__

论据二 第__句

结论 第10 __句

论据三 第__句

Underline the link words in the passage
1.what’s more 2.however 3. in a word
Tip: link words are used to make the passage more coherent.(连贯的,有条理 的)

1.(因为)_____ his help, I finished the work at last. Because of /with As a result of Thanks to

Due to

Owing to

2.More roads will have to be built with more cars, __________(所以)we’ll have less field to grow rice.

So therefore


as a result/consequence

3.The rent is reasonable, __________, the location is perfect. 房租很合理,另外,位置也很好。 moreover/furthermore

另外 (递进)

what’s more
besides in addition

4. The young man didn’t enjoy his old job. _________(相反 ) he finds the new job very interesting.



However, On the contrary,

5. __________(总之), we should make good use of

In short/brief In a word/all in all


In general Generally speaking

6.______________(我认为) , students had better not buy a cellphone.we should spend time and money on other more important things.

I think/believe

个人 观点

In my opinion/it’s my opinion that

As far as I’m concerned

some useful expressions

? 我们举行了一场讨论,讨论内容是…… We had a discussion about whether it is necessary to start learning English from childhood ? 我们已经作了一个调查,调查内容是学生如何选择高考 志愿…… We’ve had a survey on how to choose their courses, majors and universities. ? 我写信是要告诉你我们的一场讨论,讨论内容是…… We have held a discussion about whether it is good or not for a top student to share a desk with a slower student.

? Opinions are divided on this issue.

? Opinions are mainly divided into two groups.

? Different people, however, have different opinions on this matter.

? Different people, however, think quite differently on this matter.

? Sixty percent of the students are for the idea.
? Sixty percent of the students think it necessary to…

? Some people think that …According to them, all of us should...
? Some believe that…

? However, … of the students think… ? On the other hand, …of the students think… ? However, others have different opinions. ? But …of the students think…

? Others argue that …In their opinion,…

? In short, no agreement has been reached yet. ? So far, no agreement has been reached.

? In short, the students have not arrived at any agreement yet.

As far as I am concerned, ……. In my opinion, …….; It’s my opinion that……

some useful link words

practise writing

the Yuanmingyuan Park ,

There is no doubt that it will be difficult to rebuild the fancy park.


假设你班最近就圆明园是否重建开展了一场讨论, 同学们观点有分歧,各自理由主要如下表所示,请 根据表格提供的讨论情况写一篇英文报道。
赞同 反对 1可欣赏该园辉煌景象 1.保留原样更为合理 2.体现中华文明 2.警示人们不忘过去


3.其他建筑同样反映中华文化(如故宫、 颐和园等),重建并非必须 4.破坏该地生态环境

注意:1.词数:150左右 2.标题、开头已经写好,不计入词数。 3. 要阐述个人观点。 参考词汇:故宫the Palace Museum; 颐和园the Summer Palace 体现reflect 中华文明the Chinese civilization辉煌splendid 合理reasonable警示remind sb. (not )to do sth Should Yuanmingyuan Be Rebuilt?

体裁 时态 人称



enjoy, appreciate 1.欣赏______________ reflect Chinese civilization 2. 体现中华文明__________________ keep it as it is 3. 保留原样_________________ reasonable 4.合理_______________ destroy 5. 破坏______________ eco-environment 6.生态环境__________________

Should Yuanmingyuan Be Rebuilt? Yuanmingyuan, “Garden of all gardens”, was burnt and fell into ruins in 1860.Recently my classmates had a discussion about whether it should be rebuilt or not. _______________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________

Should Yuanmingyuan Be Rebuilt? Yuanmingyuan, “Garden of all gardens”, was burnt and fell into ruins in 1860.Recently my classmates had a discussion about whether it should be rebuilt or not. Supporters of rebuilding the garden say if the garden is rebuilt, we will see the splendid sight of the garden, which reflects the Chinese civilization. In addition, it will be another place of interest for tourists.

Those who disagree to rebuild think it more reasonable to keep the garden like this. The ruins will remind us not to forget the past. We should never forget the history. What’s more, other buildings like Palace Museum and Summer Palace can also reflect the Chinese culture, so it isn’t necessary to rebuild this garden. Most importantly, some also worry that the environment will be destroyed when the construction goes on in this district.

Personally, it is advisable to rebuild Yuanmingyuan , which will add beauty to the city . More over , the new scenic spot will no doubt promote the economic development of the local.


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