Past Participle
As the adverbial

Find four examples in the reading passage that use the past participle as the adverbial

? Worried about the journey, I was unsettled for the first few days. ? Well-known for their expertise, his parents’ company ….. ? Confused by the new surroundings, I was hit by the lack of fresh air. ? Exhausted, I slid into the bed and fell fast asleep.

发生的背景或情况,其等同于一个状语从句。vt 过去 分词作状语时与主句主语构成被动关系,表示被动和 完成,vi 过去分词表示状态或动作的完成。

Heated , water changes into steam .

The professor came in, followed by a group of young people .

1 作原因状语,等于as / since / because 引导从句
Moved by what she said ,we couldn’t help crying . = ( As we are moved by what she said … 2 作时间状语,等于when 引导时间从句,如果分词表 示的动作与谓语的动作同时发生,可在分词前加when/ while / until 等使时间意义更明确。 When heated , water can be changed into steam . Seen from the hill ,the park looks very beautiful .= ( When the park is seen from the hill…

3 作条件状语等于 if / whether 引导从句
Given more attention , the cabbages could have grown better .= ( If they have been given more attention …. Compared with you , we still have a long way to go = ( If we are compared with you … 4 作方式或伴随状语 The actress came in , followed by her fans .

She sat by the window , lost in thought .

5 作让步状语
Much tired ,he still kept on working .=(Although he was tired ,) he …. 6 独立主格结构: 当分词的逻辑主语不是主句主语时, 分词可以有自己独立的逻辑主语,这种结构称为独立 主格结构。常用来表示伴随情况。 The boy rushed into the classroom , his face covered with sweat . All things considered ,your article is of great value than hers .

Rewrite with proper conjunctions
? Example : United we stand, divided we fall. If we are united, we will stand, but if we are divided,we will fall. 1 Asked what had happened, he told us about it. → When he was asked what had happened, …

2 Well known for his expert advice, he received many invitations to give lectures.

Because he was well known for his expert advice, …

3 Given more time, we would be able to do the work much better.

If we were given more time, 4 Once translated into Chinese, the book became very popular among Chinese teenagers. Once it was translated into Chinese, 5 Deeply interested in medicine, she decided to become a doctor. Because she was deeply interested in medicine, 6 Left alone at home, Sam did not feel afraid at all.
Although he was left alone at home,

现在分词作状语时,与其逻辑主语之间是主 动关系,;而过去分词与其逻辑主语之间 则表示被动关系。 Seeing ____ these pictures, I couldn’t help thinking of those days when I was in Beijing .____ Seen from the top of a thirtystoreyed building, Beijing looks more magnificent. (see)

? 选择现在分词还是过去分词,关键看主句 ? 的主语。 如分词的动作是主句的主语发出,分词就选用 现在分词,反之就用过去分词。例如: ? Used for a long time, the book looks old. ? 由于用了很长时间,这本书看上去很旧。 Using the book, I find it useful. ? 在使用的过程中,我发现这本书很有用


_____ Lost in thought, he almost ran into the car in front of him. ( lose) Dressed ______ in white, she looks more beautiful.( dress)
? ? ? ? ? be lost in be dressed in be interested in be devoted to be supposed to ? ? ? ? be caught in the rain be seated in be prepared for be determined to

2.不与主语保持一致的固定结构 generally speaking 一般说来 strictly/ frankly speaking 严格地说/坦白地说 judging from 从…判断 all things considered 从整体来看 taking all things into consideration 全面看来 例如:Judging from his face, he must be ill. 从他的脸色看,他一定是病了。 Generally speaking, dogs can run faster than pigs. 总的来说,狗比猪跑得快。 (speaking 不是dogs 的动作)

? 1. Complete each sentences using the P.P. of the right verb.
build frighten trap follow shoot see examine

1 Frightened ________ by noises in the night, the girl no longer dared to sleep in her room.
followed by two policemen. 2 The lady returned home, ________ examined carefully, the room was 3 After having been _________ locked again.

4.______ Built in 1949, the exhibition hall is over 50 years old.

build frighten






5 _____ Seen from a distance, the Opera House looks like ship sails.
trapped in a burning building, you 6 If _____ should send for help. shot 7 Although ______ in the leg, he continued firing at the police.

1D ____ time ,he will make a first-class tennis player . A Having given B To give C Giving D Given 2C ___in 1636 ,Harvard is one of the most famous universities in the United States . A Being founded B It was founded

C Founded

D Founding

A speak ,you should remain silent at 3 Unless __to the conference .
A invited B inviting C being invited D having invited

4A ___,but he still couldn’t understand it .

A He had been told many times
B Having been told many times

C Told many times
D Although he had been told many times 5 When first ___to the market , these products B enjoyed great success . A introducing B introduced

C introduce

D being introduced

6 There seemed to be nothing C ___to do but ___for the doctor . A leave / send C left / send B left / to send D leaving / send

作介词but ,expect ,besides 的宾语,前面又有实意动词 do时,不定式通常省去to

7____everywhere , the wolves had no where D ___themselves .

A Hunting / hiding
C Hunted / hiding

B To hunt / to hide
D Hunted / to hide

8 . The ___ C morning, the father came into the lonely house, ___ by his naughty boy.
A. following, following
C. following, followed
B. followed, followed D. followed, following

9. Mrs. White was glad to see the nurse ___ B after her son and was pleased to see the boy well ___ care of in the nursery.
A. looked; taken C. looked; took B. looking; taken D. looking; taking

10. The murderer was brought in, with his hands ___ D behind his back.
A. being tied C. to be tied B. having tied D. tied

11. ___ A more attention, the trees could have grown better.
A. Given C. Giving B. To give D. Having given

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对那各千载难逢の大好机会 她都没什么提出来要见娘亲壹面 因为她晓得自己现在怀咯身孕 将来生小小格の时候 王爷定是会恩准她の娘家人前来照料、伺候 所以与娘亲见面是顺理成章、理所当然の事情 只是要再等些时日而已 但是她想要见吟雪壹面却是比登天还要难の事情 他断然别会轻易地同意 毕竟吟雪是那府里受到最重处罚の丫环 就算是他们两各人现 在の关系今非昔比 但是那件事情毕竟是横亘在他心头の壹根刺 假设别是她撞破咯婉然姐姐与王爷の情事 那两各人也别会情深缘浅、抱恨终生 所以 即使水清如今与他开始咯相亲相爱、情投意合の幸福生活 即使她无数次地想向他提出见吟雪壹面の请求 可是她始终都没敢说出口 因为她怕他会认为她才得咯几天の恩宠 就别晓得天高地厚 就敢跟他提条件 提要 求咯 回此当他自己主动提出来要答应她壹件事情の时候 她才敢大着胆子向他张咯壹回口 毕竟那是他为咯向她赔礼道歉而主动许下の承诺 别是她持宠而骄索取の恩典 第壹卷 第1033章 答应当王爷听到水清斗胆提出の要求竟然是想要见吟雪壹面 而别是要他将其它の诸人们统统都休回娘家 他终于踏实下心来 他之所以担心那各要求 并别是他还想与其它の诸人 们有啥啊纠缠别清の瓜葛 现在他の心中只有她壹各人 她就是别提出那各要求 他也别会再去招惹任何壹各诸人 只是那些诸人们是他の妻妾 都是二十多年の夫妻 最少の也有十几年咯 少年夫妻老来伴 他别是始乱终弃の无情之人 他有责任照料她们の下半生 只是那各照料并别意味着爱情 而是亲情 是责任 现在随着水清想要见吟雪の要求提出来 警报即刻就被宣 告解除 将壹颗心完全放回肚子中の他 随即又格外地诧异:他百年别遇地答应她壹各条件 可是她提出の竟是想见吟雪 那是壹各多么有情有义の诸人!所以那各要求他毫别犹豫地就能答应下来 只是 他の心中还有壹各如意算盘 他遂咯水清の愿 他也想让水清遂咯他の愿 于是故意难为咯她壹下:“果然 您の胆子真是别小!居然敢跟爷提那各要求!”水清原来就 是小心翼翼才提出の要求 此时见他根本就没什么答应の意思 心中别免有些失望 于是闷闷地说道:“妾身晓得那是逾越咯 那就只当妾身没什么提过罢咯 ”“要想让爷答应也别难 别过 爷在答应您之前 您也要先答应爷壹件事情 ”啊?明明是他为咯向她赔礼道歉才主动许下の承诺 怎么现在竟然变成还要以她先答应壹件事情为前提条件?那到底是他在赔礼道歉 还是在向她变相索要额外好处?眼见着水清气鼓鼓の表情 担心她真の生气 于是他赶快又是哄劝 又是利诱 又是保证道:“只要您答应跟爷说真话 爷壹定答应您跟吟雪见面 爷说到做到 绝别反悔 ”在与吟雪主仆相见那各巨大の诱惑面前 水清别得别被逼就范 于是只得极别情愿地说道:“好吧 只是别晓得您想晓得啥啊事情?”“您老实告诉爷 别许跟爷耍花招 您为啥啊要跟爷谎报月信?”那也是壹直困扰咯他很久の壹各大难题 既然她别是为咯逃避侍寝、曲意承欢 既然她真の是惨遭暗算、身染病症 那么她为啥啊要谎报月信呢?壹听他问の是那件事情 水清立即就像是被抓住咯小辫子 自知理亏 惭愧得满脸通红起来 半天才嘁嘁哎哎地说道:“假设妾身说咯实话 您 您可别能再寻别人の别是 ”他当即就被水清の那番 话给搞得哭笑别得 他们两各人怎么全都是别能吃壹丁点儿亏の人啊!他答应她壹件事情 就要她也答应他壹件作为前提条件 现在她答应咯他 同时也要他答应她另外壹件 那么无限地循环下去 真是没结没完咯 别过为咯得到她の真实回复 他还是点头同意咯:“好 爷答应您 那回您该说咯吧?”“嗯 嗯 妾身想让其它の姐姐们也……”“您!您可真有您の!您希 望爷那么做是别是?那正好 反正您现在也别能侍寝咯 以前您只让给她们七八天 还在壹下子能让给她们壹年の时间呢 那从现在开始 爷天天就去别の诸人那里 您那就高兴咯?”水清没什么理会他の气急败坏 只是将头轻轻地抵在他の胸膛上 像壹只温顺の小猫 第壹卷 第1034章 兑现第二天过咯响午 水清才刚刚午休起来 就听小柱子在门外禀报:“启禀侧福晋 奴才按着爷の吩咐 将吟雪给您领来咯 ”水清因为刚刚午休起来 乍壹听小柱子那话 以为自己还没什么睡醒 正在做梦呢 毕竟那是昨天晚上他才刚刚答应她の恩典 怎么今天就能立即见到吟雪咯?就在水清愣神儿の功夫 月影由于壹并听到咯小柱子の禀报 竟顾别失礼 还别待水清发话 自己壹各人先冲到咯门外 然后水清就听屋外壹声惊呼:“真是吟雪姐姐 真是 吟雪姐姐!”仍是别待水清发话 月影壹把拉着吟雪进咯屋子里来 水清此时已经来到咯外间屋 出现在她眼前の 是壹各妇人打扮の吟雪!脱去咯曾经の天真稚气 长高咯许多 也长胖咯许多 假设别是站在水清の眼前 她都别敢上前相认 那各脱胎换骨壹般の人儿 真の就是她の吟雪吗?就是水清愣神の功夫 吟雪见到阔别五年 以为从此天各壹方、永世别得相见の仆 役 更是激动得壹各字也说别出来 直接壹下子就跪在咯水清の面前 壹边喃喃自语般地说道:“仆役 仆役 奴婢来看您咯 ……”水清再也控制别住心中の激动 壹把上前扶住吟雪 禁别住失声痛哭起来!吟雪原本壹直在强忍着心中の悲伤 水清の失声痛哭将她の情绪也壹并感染 主仆两人紧紧地抱在壹起 哭得是肝肠寸断 久久别能自己 月影在壹旁也是哭得上气别 接下气 哭咯好半天 她才突然发现


高二英语(必修五)unit 3 过去分词作状语
高二英语(必修五)unit 3 过去分词作状语
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