主备人: 陈菊 使用人: 课题 课 题 导 入 学 习 目 标 时间: 2018 年 6 月 5日 Unit 12 Lesson1 Visiting Britain 课型 新授课 第一课时 Show some pictures about Britain and ask students to voice their opinions about two questions: 1.What do you know about Britain and the British people? Talk about the following things: food, tipping, money, accommodation, humor. 2. Can you list some famous places in Britain? 1. To know what’s the culture shock. 2. To practise reading for general and specific information. 3. To grasp important vocabulary and phrases. Task 1 Main idea What does the text mainly introduce? Task 2 Fast reading True or false. 1.You can only eat English food in London. 2. Aunt Mei is visiting for one week. 3. You don’t always need to leave a tip after a meal in a restaurant. 4. Some British mushrooms aren’t safe to eat. 5. British people never laugh. 6. There are many Chinese restaurants in Britain. 7. Most British people are friendly. 8. It is always foggy in London.

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Careful reading
Read the text again and answer the questions. 1. Why does the writer call London an International City? 2. When do you need to tip in London? 3. What does the writer suggest his aunt bring if she wants to buy something? Why?

If your English friend is coming to visit you in your city, what will you advise him or her to do or not to do? You can discuss on the weather, customs, accommodation, money, eating out, travel, differences...

1.通过展示图片和视频等方式激发学生对本课的学习兴趣。 探 究 途 径 与 方 法 2.学生通过自学来完成一些基本任务。 3.可采取小组讨论竞赛, 知识发散扩展等方式组织课堂学习, 调动课堂氛围。 4.师生互动,解决重难点,并做升华。

目 标 升 华

1.让学生了解英国人与中国人生活方式的异同和两国的文化差异。 2.培养学生理解并尊重异国文化,体现国际合作精神。

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Tick the possible answers. There may be more than one correct answer. 1. We discussed it for a long time and in the end he to go to the festival. a) agreed b) offered c) gave up 2. When I going to the cinema he said he preferred the theatre. a) asked b) refused c) suggested 3. If you live abroad for some time you losing old friends in your homeland. a) risk b) put off c) fail 4. It wasn’t easy but we to get an interview with the Queen. a) gave up b) managed c) failed 5. I think you should studying medicine. You would make an excellent physician. a) decide b) consider c) agree 6. The theatre was so small that they to let in any more people. a) stopped b) refused c) gave up

限时 训练 题 备课 组长 意见 年级 主任 审查 年 月 日 等级及简要评语: 英语周报第 48 期阅读理解 A、B 和完形填空。


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