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The name Wales

comes from the
North Sea Germanic word

waelisc or walh,
a word which referred to foreign Romanized nations

Wales in General
? Population:2,965,900 ? Area:20,732 square km ? Smallest among the three nations (England, Scotland, Wales) on Britain mainland; larger than Northern Ireland ? Capital city: Cardiff ? Important industry: coalmining & tourism

The Flag of Wales

? The Flag of Wales incorporates the red dragon (Y Ddraig Goch) of Prince Cadwalader along with the Tudor colours of green and white.

Something About Cardiff
? Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is located at the mouth of the Taff and Ely rivers on the Bristol Channel. ? At one time among the world’s biggest coalexporting ports, Cardiff remains an important industrial, commercial, and administrative center. ? Cathays Park, at the heart of the city, include the city hall, the law courts, the Welsh National Museum, and the University College, Cardiff.

? Before Roman empire -land of Celtic people in number of small tribal kingdoms ? Conquered by Roman empire -divided again after the invasion -not invaded by Anglo-Saxons, but Normans invasion

Pressure From England
? Llywelyn ap Gruffudd(卢埃林格拉法德)
- by the late 1250s the prince of Wales, Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, had begun unifying Welsh lords in resistance against English rule

? Edward the First
- conquered Wales - built series of great stone castles to control the population

Wales & England
? Very close to each other ? No natural boundary ? Has been dominated by England for longer than other nations ? Long-standing political integration ? Remarkable identity: Welsh
-Celtic tongue

-spoken by 19% of the population(higher proportion than Gaelic in Scotland) -all fluent in English

? Elect their MPs to the London parliament -MP: Member of Parliament ? Nationalist Party(民族党) -Plaid Cymru: the Party of Wales -of 38 Welsh MPs, 4 are from the party ? Labor Party (工党) -own parliament to manage its own internal affairs ? Wales Office is a department of the United Kingdom government, responsible for Wales.

Education in Wales
? The education system in Wales is the same as England ? Pre-school (creche, nursery, kindergarten) ? Primary school (aged 4 or 5 to11) ? Secondary school (aged 11 to 16 or 18) ? The minimum school leaving age is 16 ? Pupils sit GCSE Ordinary level exams at aged 18 and GCSE Advanced levels at aged 18 ? GCSE A levels are required for entry to university

Leeks and Daffodils
? The daffodil and the leek are national flowers of Wales. ? The leek was adopted after St. David advised his men to wear leeks in their helmets as they went into battle so that they could identify friend or foe. ? The flowering of Daffodils coincides with St. David’s Day. Two varieties of daffodil are unique to Wales, the Tenby Daffodil and the Welsh Daffodil.

Nos Galan / Dydd Calan
Dydd Santes Dwynwen St David’s Day Calan Haf G?yl Ifan Calan Gaeaf
Nadolig Welsh Christmas Boxing Day

新年 情人节 国庆节 夏日第一天 仲夏篝火 冬季第一天 黑色母猪幽灵 太妃糖模具 威尔士圣诞节 节礼日

The Nine Famous Custom Festivals in Wales

Something you must
know about Wales:

Wales University Old Castles Welsh Coastlines
Welsh Corgi


Famous Universities: 班戈大学Bangor 斯旺西Swansea 卡迪夫Cardiff

Willia m Castle

Welsh Coastlines


Wales Corgi(威尔士柯基犬)

To eat in Wales

To pray in Wales

Highland Zone
? The highland zone is a region of high hills and mountains in the north and west that are frequently broken by valleys and plains. Scotland,Wales and parts of England are located in this zone.

Scottish Highlands
? The North-West and Central Highlands ? A broad valley known variously as the Central Lowlands, the Scottish Lowlands, or the Middle Valley ? The Southern Uplands

The Cambrian Mountain Range
? The Cambrian Mountains are a wild and empty plateau lying between the Snowdonia and Brecon Beacons National Parks, once known as the “Green Desert of Wales”.

Mourne Mountain
? The highest part of Northern Ireland

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wales 威尔士..
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