高一英语必修三Module 3 Unit 7 Lesson 3_图文

Unit 7 The Sea
Lesson 3 The Sea World

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To get familiar with descriptive texts.

To practise using sea animal vocabulary. ■ To practise comparative and superlative structures.

Do you know?
Aquariums are growing in popularity in Britain. As well as offering spectacular exhibits, like sharks, they offer “hands-on” exhibits for children.

Part I

Before you start

1 Which of these animals can you see in the pictures?



polar bear






flying fish


tropical fish


Do you know?
1.Which fish uses a light to attract food?


2.Which fish can make a loud noise ? Toadfish
蟾鱼, 豹蟾鱼

3.What kind of fish appear to fly in the water? Manta Rays


4. Which are the smallest fish in the world?



Part II

Read to learn

Do you know all the sites of Underwater World? 1. Scan the text quickly and find out the names of the tourist sites of the underwater world.

Places to see sea creatures
Polar World Ocean Floor Underwater World Sea Theatre Discovery Pool

Virtual Reality Voyage

2. Read the brochure. Find where you can see these things in Underwater World.
1. fish which use a light to Virtual Reality Voyage attract food 2. dolphins in performance Sea Theatre 3. fish that appear to fly in Ocean Floor the water 4. sea creatures that children Discovery Pool can touch 5. a big iceberg Polar World

3. Match these comments from visitors to the different areas of Underwater World.

Example 1) It was terrible! There are too many in the pool and I don’t think they enjoy the show. I think it’s cruel to make them do tricks. Sea Theatre

2) “How do they stop it from melting? It was great but I felt quite cold after a while. ” Polar World 3) “On the one hand, we loved most of the attractions, especially the one for the children. On the other hand, I didn’t think that the cafeteria was as good as it should be.” Discovery Pool

4) “I learned a lot. I mean, I didn’t know that a fish could be noisy! However, I thought some of the other effects were less realistic.” Virtual Reality Voyage

4. Read the brochure. Find what you can see in these places.
Polar World Ocean Floor

polar bears, real iceberg, the acrobatic seal, penguins
most beautiful coral, most unusual fish, some fish ”flying” through the water

Sea Theatre

intelligent dolphins’ show

Discovery Pool

(for younger children) crabs, smaller creatures noisiest fish, prettiest fish, tiniest fish, (swim with) dolphins, the great white shark.

Virtual Reality Voyage

Part III

Voice your opinion

Which part of underwater world would you like to visit ? Why?

Voice your opinion
I like dolphins very much. I want to see the clever dolphins in performance. Where should I go?

Sea theatre

I have heard that there are some very special fish in the underwater world. And there is a kind of fish which can use a light to attract food. That’s funny. I am looking forward to seeing it. Where should I go?

Virtual reality voyage

I am the best friends of small creatures. Is there a place for me to make friends with small creatures like crabs?

Discovery pool

I have never been to the pole. I want to see the big iceberg, the acrobatic seals and the penguin. where should I go?

Polar world

I am a bird. I can fly high in the sky. And I know that there is a kind of fish that can “ fly in the water. I want to have a competition with it. Do you have this fish?

Ocean floor

Comparison of adjectives

Part IV


形容词比较等级的句型 1. 表示AB两方程度相同的用 _______________ “as + 原级 + as” 如:我的苹果和你的一样红。 My apples are as red as yours. 2. 表示AB两方程度不同,A不如B的, + so (as) + 原级 + as 用 not _____________________” 如:第一课不如第二课有趣。 Lesson One is not so (as) interesting as Lesson Two.

1) Lucy的连衣裙与Lily的一样漂亮。

Lucy’s dress is __ as _________ beautiful ____ as Lily’s.
2) 这个会议没上次的重要。

This meeting is ___ __________ as __ not ___ so important last one.

比较级 +than 3. 表示AB两方程度不同,A超过B的用“ ___________” 如: 黑色的猫比白色的那只更饿。 The black cat is hungrier than the white cat.

Exercise: 1) 今天比昨天更干燥。 Today is _______ drier _______ than yesterday. 2) 太阳比月亮大得多。 much _______ bigger than The sun is _______ _______ the moon. 3) 他是家里兄弟中最年轻的。 He is _________ _____any other brother in the family. younger than

4. 表示三个或三个以上进行比较,其中某一方超过其他 几方面的用“ ______________________” the +最高级+比较范围 如:她是我们班最好的学生。 She is the best student in our class. Exercises: 1) 过去她家是村里最穷的。 Her family __ _______in her village in the past. was___ the poorest 2) 澳大利亚是世界上最富裕的国家之一。 Australia is one of the __ ___ ___________in richest countries the world. 3) 他是家里兄弟中最年轻的。 the youngest He is _____ ________of the brothers in the family.

5. Which / What do you like better, A or B? Which / What do you like best, A, B or C? 6. The + 比较级 + of + the +two … 如:李明是这两人中更高的一个。 Li Ming is the taller of the two. 7. 越来越: 比较级+and+比较级 more and more+原级 如:The weather is hotter and hotter. Our country is more and more beautiful.
Exercise: 1) Who is ______, Mr. Green or Mr. Smith? B A. very rich C. the richest B. much richer D. more richer

注 意
1. 在“比较级 + than”这一句型中,作为比较对象的成分 不能省略。如: 在冬天北京比广州更冷。 In winter it’s colder in Beijing than in Guangzhou. (对) In winter it’s colder in Beijing than Guangzhou. (错)

2. 形容词比较等级前一般可用much, even, a lot, a little, a bit, 等状语修饰,如: Exercise:
1) 月亮比太阳小得多。 much _______ smaller ______ than the sun. The moon is ______ 2) 这本书比那本书厚一点。 a ________ little thicker The book is ___ _______ than that one.

3. 形容词比较等级前还可以被表示年龄、倍数等词 组修饰。 如:She is two years older than Mike. This mountain is 3 times higher than that one.

1) 这个棍子比那根长3米。
This stick is _____ _______ than that one. three _______ meters longer 2) Mary 比Jenny重两公斤。 two kilos Mary is ______ _____ heavier than Jenny.

Sentences from the text
1. It’s three times as big as underwater
2. They are less colorful than other fish but they move beautifully. 3. You certainly won’t find a noisier fish.

4. They have a huge mouth and can eat fish as big as themselves

1. “as many / few+可数名词复数+as”或 “as much / little(少的)+不可数名词+as”。 前者描述数目上的接近,后者描述量的相近。 You may borrow as many books as you can. 你能借多少书就借多少。 “Drink as much water as you can,” the doctor said to him. 医生对他说:“你要尽可能的多喝些水。”

2.“主语+比较级+than any other…”结构表示: 主语所描述的事物比其他任何一个都……比

Li Ming is much cleverer than any other student in their class. 李明是他们班中最聪明的学生。 注意:若比较范围不同,than后应用“any + 可数名

China is larger that any countries in Africa.


3.比较级的最高级含义 [原句回放] You certainly won’t find a noisier fish. [要点点拨] 本句相当于That’s the nosiest fish you can find. 英语中否定词和比较级连用一般表示 最高级含义,有强调意味。意为“再没有 比…更…的了”。 常见结构: 1) not/never … + a/an +比较级+n. 2) no/never/nothing … +比较级

例如: There is not a taller player than him in his team. 他是他们队里最高的。 I have done my best; I can’t make anything more beautiful out of it. 我已经尽力把它弄得最漂亮了。

4. “形容词+to”结构也可表示比较含义。 This kind of car is superior in quality to that. 这种汽车的质量比那一种好得多 (superior to 意为:优于;胜过) Li ping is three years senior to Liu Gang. 李平比刘刚大三岁。(senior to意为:年长 于;资格老于;地位高于) 5. “no+比较级+than”结构表示对两个比较对象都 进行否定(可由neither…nor…结构来改写)。 I’m no more foolish than you. 我们俩都不傻。 (相当于Neither I nor you is foolish.)

6. “not more+比较级+than”结构表示在程度上 “前者不如后者” This book is not more interesting than that one. 这本书不如那本书有趣。 (相当于: The book is less interesting than that one.) 7. “形容词比较级+than+形容词”,意为“与其…倒 不如….” Jack is much harder than clever. 与其说杰克聪明,倒不如说他学习用功。

8. would rather…than, prefer…to…, prefer to do…rather than… 这三个句型表示“宁愿…而不愿…;喜欢…胜过…宁做… 而不愿做…”含义。虽无比较级形式,但表示比较级含义。 She would rather die than give in. 她宁死不屈。 He preferred to go out rather than stay home. 他宁愿出去也不愿呆在家里。 9. 该结构意为 “越…,越…”。 The+比较级…,the+比较级… The more difficult the questions are, the less likely he is able to answer them. 问题越难,他回答出来的可能性就越小。

10. what有时也可以表示“比较”关系,说明两种事物 的相同或相似性。what的该种用法常用于书面语,用 来加强修辞效果,含有比喻含义,相当于as,意为 “好比…;正如…;就像…一样”。what的该类用法 共有3种情况: (1)A is to B what C is to D Twelve is two what twenty-four is to four. 十二比二就等于二十四比四。 (2)what C is to D, A is to B What food is to the body, a book is to the mind. 书籍对于思想犹如食物对于身体。 (3)what C is to D, that A is to B What the gun is to a soldier, that the pen is to a writer. 作家的笔犹如战士的枪。

11. 倍数的表示方法 [原句回放] You can only see a small part of it above the water. It’s three times as big underwater. [要点点拨] “It’s three times as big underwater.” 是一 个省略句,补全就是:It’s three times as big underwater as the part above the water.

常见的表达法: 1) 倍数+形容词比较级+than+比较对象; 2) 倍数+as+形容词+as+比较对象; 3) 形容词比较级+than+比较对象+by+倍 数。如: This cake is twice bigger than that one. = This cake is twice as big as that one. = This cake is bigger than that one by twice.

1. Bob never does his homework_____ B Mary. He makes lots of mistakes. A. so careful as B. as carefully as C. carefully as D. as careful as 2. Now air in our town is ____ D than it used to be. Something must be done to it A.very good B. much better C. rather than D. even worse

3. --Is your headache getting _____? A --No, it’s worse. A. better B. bad C. less D. well 4. Americans eat ____ D vegetables per person today as they did in 1910. A. more than twice B. as twice as many C. twice as many as D. more than twice as many

5. In recent years travel companies have succeeded in selling us the idea that the further we go, _____. C A. our holiday will be better B. our holiday will be the better C. the better our holiday will be D. the better will our holiday be 6. Greenland, _____ D island in the world, covers over two million square kilometers. A. it is the largest B. that is the largest C. is the largest D. the largest

7. I feel __ D better than yesterday. A. more B. very C. the D. far 8. China has a large population than __ D in the world. A.all the countries B. every country C. any country D. any other country
For more exercises, click here.

[考题链接] 1. — Did you enjoy yourself at the party? C one — Yes, I’ve never been to _______ before. (06四川) A.a more excited B. the most excited C. a more exciting D. the most exciting 2. I like this jacket better than that one, but it A costs almost three times _____. (08浙江) A. as much B. as many C. so much D. so many

3. As far as I am concerned, education is about learning and the more you learn, B ______. A. the more for life are you equipped B. the more equipped for life you are C. the more life you are equipped for D. you are equipped the more for life A 4. — Is your headache getting _____? — No, it’s worse. (05全国II) A. better B. bad C. less D. well

5. Four of Robert’s children were at the A Luke. (03安徽) party, including ______, A. the oldest B. an oldest one C. the old D. an old one D 6. At a rough estimate, Nigeria is ____ Great Britain. (05上海) A. three times the size as B. the size three times of C. three times as the size of D. three times the size of

7. This restaurant wasn’t _____ A that

other restaurant we went to. (2012全国
高考I) A. half as good as B. as half good as C. as good as half D. good as half as

8. Ten years ago the population of our village was ____that of theirs. (2008陕西 B 卷) A.as twice large as B.twice as large as C. twice as much as D. as twice much as For more exercises, click here.

1. Complete Exercises 6-9 on Page 13. 2. Oral Work Prepare to act as a tour guide. You will introduce the underwater world as much as possible and try your best to persuade visitors to visit the underwater world.


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