云南省峨山一中2019届高三英语一轮复习(普通班):Unit 1 School life_图文

Unit 1 School life

Step 1 Before class
Compare school life between China and UK. Similarities: ①The headmaster makes a speech at assembly on the first day. ② Students have to obey/observe school rules. ③The best way to earn respect is to work hard and achieve high grades. ④Students have a class teacher and other friendly and helpful teachers in one school year who each teach only one subject.

Differences: ①School starts later but ends earlier than in China. ②The size of class, usually about 30 students on average, is much smaller compared with that in China. ③In China, students are given lessons in fixed classrooms while students in UK have to move to different classrooms for different classes with different students. ④The homework in Britain is not so heavy as in China. ⑤Students in China have to study all the subjects while British students can drop some. ⑥After lunch Chinese students choose to have a nap, but in Britain, they usually have sports, like football.

Step 2 During class

A. Words and expressions:
1. prepare vt. & vi. 准备;预备;调制,配制

当我学会怎样购买和烹煮食物时,做饭的确就成了乐趣。 Cooking was really fun as I learned how to buy, ______________________________________________ prepare and cook food. ______________________________

①老师在备课,学生们在学习迎考。 The teachers are preparing lessons while the students are preparing for the coming exams.

are preparing to take/sit the coming exams.
are making preparations for the coming exams. are studying hard in preparation for the coming exams.

②他走进了面试室,看上去准备充分信心十足。 He entered the interview room, looking well prepared and confident.
③这些挫折使得她早有准备面对挑战。 The setbacks prepared her for/to face any challenge.

Let’s sum up: prepare v. 使……作好准备, 把……预备好;准备 (饭菜), 配制 preparation (n.) – prepared (adj.) prepare for sth. prepare to do sth. prepare sb. for sth. prepare sb. to do sth. be prepared for sth. be prepared to do sth. make preparations for/against sth. in preparation (for sth.)

正在为总统访问做准备工作。 being made for the president’s visit. Preparations are ______________

2. 我们很遗憾地通知你们将在由于运动会我们的图 书馆下星期三、四、五停开。

We regret to inform you that our library will be
closed next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for the sports meeting. 3. 我们还会广播一些特别通知, 告诉学生家长有关 诸如远足、校内戏剧表演之类的活动。 We also give special messages to inform the parents of events such as outings and school plays.

regret – regretted – regretted - regretting ①他后悔过去犯的错误。 He regretted his past mistakes/having made mistakes in the past/that he had made mistakes in the past. He regretted to have made mistakes in the past. ②我遗憾地通知你我不能来。 I regret to say/tell you/inform you that I can’t come.

Much/Greatly to my regret, I am unable to accept

your kind invitation. Let’s sum up:
regret n. & vt.

regret doing/having done/ to have done/thatregret to say/tell/inform … (greatly/much) to one’s regret

(1)地址若有变动请随时通知我们。 Please ____________ inform us of any changes of address. (2)关于这件事, 你对我只字未提, 你本应该让我 知道的。 You told me nothing about it, but you _______ should have kept me informed ______________________. (3)医生通知家属他康复无望。 informed the family that there was The doctors ______________________ no hope for his recovery.

Sum up:

①inform sb. of/about sth.
②inform sb. that③keep sb. informed of/about sth.

4. require vt.


当我参加第一次会议时,我被要求写一首诗, 我还得当众把它读出来。 When I attended the first meeting,I was required ___________________________________________ to write a poem and I had to read it out to the group. _____________________________________________

(1)这种情形需要他在场。(require +that从句) required that he should be present The situation_______________________________. (2)法律规定你要系安全带。 by law to wear seat belts. You are required _________

①这项计划需要仔细考虑. The plan requires careful consideration. The plan requires considering carefully. The plan requires to be considered carefully. ②这项计划要求你仔细考虑. You are required to consider the plan carefully. It is required that you (should) consider the plan carefully. The plan requires you to consider it carefully. The plan requires that you (should) consider it carefully. ③meet/satisfy one’s requirements the basic requirements of life 基本生活所需

Let’s sum up: require v. 需要, 要求, 命令 requirement n. 需要,必要条件 require sth. sth./sb. require doing sth. sth. /sb. require to be done require sb. to do sth. require that sb. should do sth. require sth. of sb.

5. cover vt. 覆盖; n. [C]盖子;封面;覆盖物 我还记得价格在封底上但我只能看到一个8。 I also remember the price was on the back cover __________________________________________ but I could only read an 8. ________________________ cover用法辨析:

(1) Do you have enough to cover all your daily expenses? to be or provide enough money for
(2) We covered the sofa with a large blanket. spread over

(3) The story covers 12 years in the life of the troubled American actress. to deal with/involve (4) Michael Putzel now covers foreign affairs from

Washington. to report the details of
(5) By sunset we had covered thirty miles.

to travel (the distance)

The reserve _______________ covers an area of some 1,140 square


6. come up with


你也应该想出自己的主意来。 You should also come up with your own ideas. _________________________________________ come 短语辨析:

(1) I came up with a plan and gathered forty people
from my company to help.

thought of/out
(2) A lot of new questions came up at the meeting. were raised/posed/put forward

(3) He came to a few minutes later, unable to remember

anything about the accident.
came to himself; came to his senses (4) I came across children sleeping under bridges. met …by chance/accident

(5) Can you tell me how the accident came about? happened/occurred
(6) When is her new novel coming out? 完成句子: be published

(1)对不起,我不能跟你一起去了,我突然有急事。 Sorry, I can’t go with you. has suddenly come up Something _____________________. (2)星期五晚上我可以来拜访你吗? Can I __________ come over and see you on Friday night? drop in

B. Sentence structure: 学习一结束,他就开始了中国之旅。 Upon finishing his studies, he started _____________________________________

travelling in China. ______________

(1) 一听到空袭的消息,大多数外国人便前往边境。 (upon/on doing…) On/Upon hearing the news of the air attack, ________________________________________ most foreigners headed for the border. ________________________________________

(2) 他一回来就有一封信在等着他看。(upon/on + n.) There was a letter waiting for him on/upon his return. ____________________________________________ (3) 我一说什么东西可爱,她就恨它。(the minute) The minute I say something is lovely, she’ll hate it. __________________________________________


Immediately she’d left, I remembered her name. __________________________________________
(5)她刚一说完,泪水便夺眶而出。(no sooner…than…) No sooner had she said it than she burst into tears. ___________________________________________

归纳 “一……就……”的表达方式: ①On / upon doing sth.

the moment/the minute/the second/the instant /as soon as + 完整句子

③no sooner + 倒装句 + than
hardly/scarcely + 倒装句 + when/before...

C. Fill in the blanks with the phrases given,

paying attention to the correct form:
inform…of, prepare for, listen to sb. doing, come up,

graduate from, develop an interest in, as usual, be
available for, achieve high grades, sound like

inform…of, prepare for, listen to sb. doing, come up, graduate from, develop an interest in, as usual, be available for, achieve high grades, sound like listened to him playing a piece by Chopin on 1) I _____________________ the piano. 2) Going to the park for a picnic on the weekend sounds like ____________a good idea.
3) I hope you’ll keep us ____________ informed of how you are getting on with the work. 4) There is only a little money ___________ available for the trip. graduating from university, he took up teaching. 5) After _______________

inform…of, prepare for, listen to sb. doing, come up, graduate from, develop an interest in, as usual, be available for, achieve high grades, sound like 6) He _____________________ developed an interest in music when young and turned out to be a musician later. 7) ________, As usual he forgot to make his bed before he went out to play. come up 8) A plan is expected to _________. prepare for the worst. 9) Hope for the best and ___________
wouldn’t have achieved high 10) Without your help, I __________________________ grades ________.

D. Multiple choices:
1) It is the most instructive lecture that I ______ D since I came to this school. A. attended B. had attended C. am attending D. have attended

D 2) As the story ______, the truth about the strange figure is slowly discovered. A. begins B. happens C. ends D. develops 3) You are old enough to _____ D your own living. A. win B. gain C. take D. earn

D an old friend of hers yesterday while she 4) She ____ was shopping at the department store. A. turned down B. dealt with C. took after D. came across
D average 5) He was a good student and scored _____ in most subjects. A. below B. of C. on D. above 6) —Pity you missed the lecture on nuclear pollution. D it, but I was busy preparing for a job interview. —I ____ A. attended B. had attended C. would attend D. would have attended

7) Most of the representatives raised a question at yesterday’s meeting, ____ D requires ____ urgently. A. that; to be solved B. the one that; solved C. what; solving D. one which; solving
8) —Bob! How’s your project? I heard you started it last Friday, right? C for it. But I haven’t decided when —Oh! I ____ to do it. A. have prepared B. had prepared C. have been preparing D. was preparing

9) Distinguished guests and friends, welcome to our C the ceremony of the 50th Anniversary school. _____ this morning are our alumni(校友) from home and abroad. A. Attend B. To attend C. Attending D. Having attended 10) —I believe it is the only solution to this problem. A five —That’s debatable,I think. I can _____ other solutions as good as that. A. come up with B. make up with C. live up to D. keep up with

E. Translation:
1)他养动物很有经验。(experienced) He’s very experienced in raising/looking after animals. 2)我多么后悔没有把过去的两年花在学习上。(regret) How I regret I have not spent /not having spent the last two years on my studies! 3)我们都感觉他是一个难以取悦的人。(please) All of us think that he is hard to please/a person who is hard to please. 4)这些设备是无偿提供给我们学校的。(for free) The equipment is given to our school for free.

5)我非常乐意用我的车带你去那儿。(more than) I’m more than happy to take you there in my car.

6)赢得别人尊敬和赞美的最佳方式就是在自己的工 作中努力取得成功。(way to; earn) The best way to earn /of earning us respect and admiration from others is to make every effort to achieve success in our work.
7)Mr. White 过去在中国生活过,所以他现在习惯中 国菜肴。(used to) Mr. White used to live in China, so he is used to Chinese dishes.


(not…until…; what) We will not be grateful for what we have until
we lose it.

Step 3 After class


优点 不足及建议 1. 平均4人一间宿舍, 空间大; 2. 宿管员(housemother)敬业,赢得尊敬。 1. 冬天不能在宿舍免费洗澡,学校浴室洗 澡太拥挤,为此上课迟到; 2. 光源不够亮,无法充分准备迎考; 3. 应及时通知值日生打扫卫生。 ……


参考词汇: attend, average, earn, regret, require, prepare, achieve, inform, for free, get used to

One possible version: Dear Mr. Principal, I am writing this letter to you to express my personal opinion on the dormitories on campus. I have noticed that our school has already provided us with plenty of dorms to live in. On average, we have 4 students sharing a room with enough space for each student. The housemothers earn our respect for their impressive devotion. However, I regret to tell you that we are not used to some aspects. As winter is approaching, it is impossible to take a hot bath for free in the dorms, and the school bathroom is always crowded, on account of which some students even attend classes late. Worse still, bright enough

lights are not available in our dorms and we are required to turn off the lights on time, which prevents us from preparing enough for the coming final exam. In addition, I think the students on duty should be informed of when to do a thorough cleaning in the dorms. As we know, dormitories mean much to us boarding students. Only in a comfortable and healthy living environment can we make great progress and achieve high grades in our studies. I am looking forward to your early reply. Thank you. Yours faithfully, Li Ming


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