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The band that wasn’t Have you ever wanted to be part of a band as a singer or ______(music)? Have you ever dreamed of ______(play) in front of thousands of people at a concert? To be _____, a lot of people____ great importance __ becoming rich and famous. But how do people _____(组建) a band?

Many musicians may start as a_____of high school students. Sometimes they may play to _______(passer-by) in the street or subway.Later they may give ______(perform) in pubs or clubs, ___ which they are paid __cash.

However, the Monkees started ___ a different way and _____(begin) as a TV show. The TV organizers had planned to find four

musicians who could sing _______act. They put an _________(advertise) in __ newspaper ______(look) for a rock musician. But they only find one ___ was good enough. They had to use ____(act) for the other three members of the band. ___ some of these actors could not sing ___(good) enough, they had to ____(依靠)on other musicians ________(help) them. In ______(add), they sometimes just ____ (假装) to sing during the broadcasts. _______(即便 如此 ) , their________(humor) performances made __ possible for them to become well-known. They were ___ popular that their fans formed clubs in order to_____(get) more ______(对~~熟悉)___them. To people’s _____( 遗 憾 ) , the band ______(解散) in 1970, but _____(happy)they reunited in _____ mid-1980s.


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