Unit 4 Body language showing our feelings(正式)_图文

Unit 4 Body Language Period 4

Showing our feelings





Part 1 (Para 1)

Divide the text into three parts and match the main idea with each part.

examples of some body language.
There are differences in body language, and it’s important for us to know them.
Body language is sometimes more important than spoken language.

Part 2 (Para 2-Para6) Part 3 (Para 7)

Careful similar body language reading 1.frowning 2.Making a 3. nodding the head up and or turning fist and down one’s back shaking it to someone at someone

to show anger

to threaten that person

to show agreement

4. shaking the head

to show disagreement or refusal

similar body language
5. looking away from a person or yawning to show no interest to the person

similar body language

6. sitting, looking at and turning towards the person you are talking to

to show you are interested

7. rolling your eyes and turn your head away

to show you do not believe what you hear or you do not like it

I. Answer the Following Questions
1)Tell us what’s the function of Body language? 2) How do you understand “smile”?

1)Tell us what’s the function of Body language? Showing all kinds of feelings, wishes and attitudes. 2) How do you understand “smile”? Facial expression, happy , hiding other feelings, like anger, fear or worry.

Explain the following phrases.
spoken language facial expression be intended to 口头语言 面部表情 有意干……

be wrong about sb 误解某人 turn toward sb look away from 转向某人 不看,不注视


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