2013高考英语 Module6 Unexplained Mysteries of the Natural World单元强化训练 外研版必修4

2013 高考立体设计英语外研版版
必修 4 Module 6 Unexplained Mysteries of the Natural World 单元强化训练

Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.More and more Chinese citizens own p__________cars now as a result of an increase in their income. 2.I had to p__________myself against the wall to let them pass. 3.This room is twice the l__________of the other,but much narrower. 4.She could not help being impressed by the luxurious__________(环境). 5.Two men are__________(协助) the police in their enquiries. Ⅱ.单项填空

3.You will find this map of great__________in helping you to get around London. A.price B.cost C.value D.usefulness 4.Evidence__________that the experiments were unsuccessful. A.signs B.indicates C.predicts D.resorts

5.In order to have a clear look at the tiger,the reporter cameto it slowly and carefully. A.closely B.close C.closed D.closes 6.He must be a man of wide knowledge,for his talk__________various subjects. A.used B.covered C.spoke of D.thought of 7.Often,when he__________something that__________him,he wasted his time drawing some little pictures. A.should be doing;gave B.should have been doing;was given C.should do;was given D.should have been doing;had given

10.It was said that the famous star died of a kind of cancersmoking. A.joined with B.joined to C.relating D.related to Ⅲ.翻译句子

Ⅳ.完形填空 He has been called the “missing link”. Half ? man, half ? beast. He is supposed to live in the highest mountain in the world-Mount Everest.He is known as the Abominable Snowman. The 1 of the Snowman has been around for 2. Climbers in the 1920s reported finding marks like those of human feet high up on the side of Mount Everest. The native people said they 3 this creature and called it the “Yeti”, and they said that they had 4 caught Yetis on two occasions 5 none has ever been produced an evidence(证据).Over the years, the story of the Yetis has 6. In 1951, Eric Shipton took photographs of a set of tracks in the snow of Everest. Shipton believed that they were not 7 the tracks of a monkey or bear and 8 that the Abominable Snowman might really 9.Further efforts have been made to find out about Yetis. But the only thing people have ever found were 10 footprints. Most believe the footprints are nothing more than 11 animal tracks, which had been made 12 as the melted(融化)and refroze in the snow.13,in 1964, a Russian scientist said that the Abominable Snowman was 14 and was a remaining link with the prehistoric humans. But,15,no evidence has ever 16 been produced.These days, only a few people continue to take the story of the Abominable Snowman 17. But if they ever 18 catching one, they may face a real 19:Would they put it in a 20 or give it a room in a hotel? 1.A.event B.story C.adventure D.description 2.A.centuries B.too long C.some time D.many years

7.A.entirely B.naturally C.clearly D.simply 8.A.found B.declared C.felt D.doubled 9.A.exist B.escape C.disappear D.return 10.A.clearer B.more C.possible D.rare 11.A.huge B.recent C.ordinary

D.frightening 12.A.strange B.large C.deep D.rough 13.A.In the end B.Therefore C.After all D.However

18.A.succeed in B.insist on C.depend on D.join in 19.A.decision B.situation C.subject D.problem 20.A.zoo

B.mountain C.museum D.laboratory Ⅴ.书面表达根据下面所给的两幅图画,写一篇短文。 注意:1.词数:120 左右。2.参考词汇:pound one’s back 捶背 double behaviors 双重行为 3.短文开头已给出,不计入总字数。

As is seen in the pictures,Xiao Ming,a Middle School student,is considered a good student.

答 案 全 解 Module 6Unexplained Mysteries of the Natural World Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.private 2.press 3.length

4.surroundings Ⅱ.单项填空


5.B【解析】 此题考查 close 和 closely 的区别。close 用作副词时,指距离地“近” ;closely 用作副词,表抽象意义, “紧密地” 。come close to 固定短语, “接近,靠近” 。 6.B【解析】 句意为:他一定是个知识渊博的人,因为他的谈话涉及多个学科。 cover“覆 盖” ,引申意为“涉及,涵盖” ,符合题意。

Ⅲ.翻译句子 1.This species has nearly died out because its habitat is being destroyed. 2.We’re due to leave tomorrow. 3.We are rather sceptical about the team’s chances of winning. 4.He is seriously ill so that it’s unlikely that he will attend the party. 5.Their opinions are identical to mine. Ⅳ.完形填空 1.B【解析】 后文叙述的是关于 Yeti 的传说故事,故选 story。 2.D【解析】 从 1920 年开始被发现,至今应有“许多年了” 。

3.C【解析】 当地人称这种生物为 Yeti,肯定是“知道”它以及关于它的事。 4.A【解析】 “抓住”比“知道”更进一步,用 even 表示强调程度的加深。 5.B【解析】 “曾经抓到”与“没有证据”之间为转折关系,即“虽然??但是??” 。 6.D【解析】 第二段讲述了关于 Yeti 的一个传说故事,后文中将有新的介绍。故可知“故 事”在“继续” 。 7.D【解析】 Shipton 相信这些“脚印”不是那么简单地为“猴子”或“熊”的脚印,故选 simply。 8.C【解析】 felt 与 believed 是并列的谓语动词,意为“感觉到” 。 9.A【解析】 Shipton 感觉这种动物可能真的存在。 10.B【解析】 人们发现的仅仅是“更多”的脚印。 11.C【解析】 大多数人相信这些脚印只不过是那些普通动物(比如猴子或熊)留下的。 12.B【解析】 “普通的脚印”看起来不“普通” ,是因为其在雪里融化而变“大”了。 13.D【解析】 前文介绍了一些人对脚印的判断,而后文是一位俄国科学家的新发现。故判 断出两部分之间应用 however 转折。 14.B【解析】 real 意为“真的,存在的” 。 15.C【解析】 前面提到过,当地人的发现和传说没有证据可依,这一次“又”是如此。学 科王 16.B【解析】 没有证据被实际记载。actually 实际地。 17.C【解析】 take...seriously 意为“把??当回事(严肃认真对待) ” 。 18.A【解析】 succeed in doing sth.意为“成功地做成某事” 。 19.D【解析】 face a problem 意为“面临一个问题” 。 20.A【解析】 前文提到这种生物“半人半兽” ,那么如果人们真的抓住一个,将面临的问题 是:把它放到动物园(当它是动物)?还是在旅馆里给它提供一个房间(当它是人)?


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