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Unit 3


Should I be allowed to make my own decisions?

1.What is your hobby? 2.Do your hobbies get in the way of your schoolwork? 3.Do your parents care about you? What do they most care about? 4.To do this, what will you do?

What’s the meaning of …?
not daydreaming base on facts get in the way of
achieve one’s dream influence make it difficult to do not do for fun worry about make one’s dream come true take time to do sth v. have success

realistic adj.
be serious about spend time on care about succeed


different opinions

Main-Idea Chart


Liu Yu’s parents’ opinions _____________ He needs to be realistic.

3 4

_____________ opinions Liu Yu’s He is serious about running. Liu Yu’s parents’ _______________opinions
He should study hard and spend time on schoolwork.


Liu Yu’s ______________opinions He should make this decision for himself.

Read Paragraph1 and answer:
1.What do teenagers think about the hobbies?
Teenagers think they should be allowed to practice their hobbies as much as they want.

2.What might the parents worry about?
They might worry about their child’s success at school.

Read para2 and fill in the blanks
Age From Now In the future Problem

Liu Yu 15 years old Shandong On his school running team. Be a professional athlete
His parents won’t allow him to train (训练) as much as he would like to.

Read Paragraphs 3 and fill the blanks : 1.What does Liu Yu think he should be allowed to?
He thinks he should be allowed to

make decisions for himself ___________________________. 2.Liu Yu’s parents have _______ ________ taught him ____ the importance
____ of working hard.

serious 3.Liu Yu is _________about running.

Read Paragraphs 4~5 and answer:
1.Does his parents allow him to practice running on school nights? No, they don’t . 2.Are his parents strict with him? Yes, they are. 3.What do they think Liu Yu should spend time on? He should spend time on homework.

4.Does he agree with his parents’ ideas? No, he doesn’t agree.
5.Does Liu Yu believe himself? Yes, he does.

Work in groups
Parents’ Points Liu Yu’s Points

He wants to be a They worry about professional athlete success at school. _________________. his_______ They think he should He just wants to do enjoys what he ______ . spend ______ time on study.
They think he needs realistic to be ________.

→ →

He is serious about running ________.

They think it is a very believes difficult dream to______. achieve He _______himself.

Fill in the blanks:
Many teenagers have hobbies _______. But sometimes these hobbies can ___ Liu Yu is a get___ in ___ the____ way____schoolwork. of fifteen-year-old ________________boy. He wants to be a professional ___________ train as _______. athlete But his parents won’t allow him to ______ success at much as he would like to. They worry about his_______ spend time on study and he school. They think he should ______ needs to be realistic ________. They think it is a very difficult dream to ________. ________ himself. He knows achieve However, Liu Yu believes that his parents _____ care _____ him and have always taught about him the ____________ of studying hard. But he just wants to importance serious about He do what he ______ .enjoys He is _______ _______ running. thinks he should be allowed to _____ _________for himself. make decisions

Let’s learn
1. get in the way of :妨碍,阻碍

Eg: These hobbies can get in the way of schoolwork 2. the importance of: ……的重要性
Eg:They taught me the importance of working hard. 3. be serious about:对……热爱;严肃,认真 Eg:We must be serious about our homework 4. Achieve one’s dream 实现某人的梦想 Eg:We should work hard to achieve our dreams 5. Care about== worry about 担心,担忧

Choose the best answer
1.They should____ B practice their hobbies. A. allowed to

B. be allowed to
C. are allowed

2.Liu’s parents think he needs _ C ____ realistic. A. be B. to C. to be

C 3.Liu Yu should spend time_____ his homework. A. in B. with C. on

A 4.Liu Yu is serious _____running
A. about B. in C. with

5. They have taught me the B ______working hard.

A. important of B. importance of
C. of importance

Fill in the blanks with the words. worry about achieve allow him to on…team get in the way of

worry about 1. Parents might _____________their child’s success at school. 2.These hobbies can get in the way of _______________schoolwork. on team 3.Liu Yu is ____his schoolrunning______. allow him to 4.His parents won’t____________ train as much as he would like to. achieve his 5.We want to see Liu Yu ________ dreams.

Can you help Liu Yu finish this letter?
Dear friends, I am unhappy these days because my parents don’t allow me serious about to practice running as much as I would like to. I am ___________ running. I want to be a professional runner. I believe I can achieve my dream But they are always talking about what will ____________. succeed care about me, happen if I don’t _________. I know my parents __________ but they don’t believe in me. They think running may get in the way ___ of my schoolwork. So they don’t allow me to ___________ practice running on school nights. They think I need to be realistic What should I do? Should I be allowed to make my __________. own decision? How much time should I spend on my training and my schoolwork? I need your help. Please write to me soon! Yours, Liu Yu


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