2017 黑龙江单招英语模拟试题及答案一
Ⅰ.单项填空 1.—Shall I help you with the math problem? —________. A.If you wish C.You’re welcome B.With pleasure D.That’s right

2.Launched in March 2010,ChinaFace has been a daily news feature________on a Chinese individual. A.being focused C.to be focused B.focusing D.to focus

3.The quarrel________to the fight started from their disbelief in each other. A.led C.leading B.to lead D.has led

4.If we just bring over products developed for the US market,we will soon be________to just competing on price. A.made C.reduced B.intended D.forced



5.The young man was modest and worked hard,and gradually managed to________his status. A.take up C.build up B.bring up D.put up

6.It is well known that knowledge is________treasure house,but practice is________key to it. A.a;the C.a;/ B.the;the D./;the

7.It is difficult for children to change their eating habit later in life.________,parents should encourage healthy eating from an early age. A.Otherwise C.Besides B.Therefore D.However

8.Traffic conditions in Beijing________for decades.At first people only complained about jams during rush hours,but today every hour is rush hour. A.is worsening C.have been worsening B.have worsened D.worsened

9.The United Nations is trying to free the world________the threat of war. A.at C.by B.in D.from



10.The Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman on Thursday urged Japan to stop making irresponsible________on the incident in waters off the Diaoyu Islands. A.comments C.arguments B.explanations D.debates

11.Lin Shuhao has earned a good________at home and abroad for his excellent basketball skill and won over thousands of fans. A.reputation C.contribution B.occupation D.civilization

12.His contribution to the boy’s welfare was to________him for the world in which he would live. A.intend C.equip B.make D.provide

13.________,I think the movie is moving,interesting,and worth spending time on. A.In order C.In return B.In peace D.In summary

14.—I regret________you John has been fired. —I can hardly believe my ears.He’s such a fine worker. A.telling C.to tell B.having told D.to have told

考单招上高职单招网---15.—Does Shelley like shopping?


—Well,she would rather spend time________at home than________in the street. A.read;wander C.in reading;to wander Ⅱ.阅读理解 A An older friend once gave me a piece of advice,“Enjoy the last few weeks of college,” she said,“since college is the best time of your life.” This was not the first time I’d heard such a statement,but with graduation fast coming close,her words especially struck me.It seemed a bit disappointing to reach one’s life peak at only 22 years of age,but in her opinion,college had been one of the best times in my life so far.I made friends,took classes,and learned a great deal about myself.But I was also excited for the time after college—moving to a new city,starting a new job,and becoming a “real” person.I hoped that my great dreams were practical. Then,last week I read a column in RealSimpleMagazinecalled 100 YearsofAttitude,in which women 100 years or older shared their life experiences and views.I noticed that none of them considered college as the “best” time of their life.Not all of them went to college,but still in most cases their teens and twenties were not the best times of their life.They said some of their favorite times were raising their children,traveling after retirement,and even enjoying their present time and age. Enjoying one’s present time and age was a clear theme of the interviews.A piece of advice given by the women was about the importance of making the best of all situations.I B.reading;wander D.reading;to wander



think it more accurate than that of my friend;I can say with certainty that if I am lucky enough to make it to 100.I refuse to spend the last 80 years of my life plummeting (跌落) downhill,or even leveling off. I am sure that our eagerness and devotion will make us college students live a meaningful life.We will not just look backwards or miss our college days.We will look forward in excitement about continued journey uphill. 1.Which of the following opinions does the writer agree with? A.College is the best time of one’s life. B.Twenties were the best time of the old people. C.One should make the best of all situations. D.One should not look backwards at their college time. 2.In the second paragraph,the writer wants to say________. A.her achievements in college would be the peak of her success B.she is looking forward to living as a “real” person in college C.she becomes more and more uneasy with graduation D.she is satisfied with the college life but is hopeful for the future 3.The column the writer read is mainly about those old women’s________. A.best time of life at youth B.life experiences and views

考单招上高职单招网---C.different opinions about life D.favorite time with best friends


4.By saying “I refuse to spend the last 80 years of my life plummeting downhill,or even leveling off” (in Paragraph 4),the writer really means________. A.she will not spend the rest of her time at college B.she will not just obtain a college level certificate C.she will not be satisfied with what she has already accomplished D.she will not be content with the life in the future 5.Which of the following words can be used to describe the writer? A.Ambitious. C.Imaginative. B.Practical. D.Proud. B Rae and Bruce Hostetler not only work very hard,they also relax just as well.Numerous vacations help the couple to maintain their health and emotional well?being??and it’s no surprise to health care professionals. “Rest,relaxation,and stress reduction are very important for people’s well?being and health.This can be accomplished through daily activities,such as exercise and meditation,but vacation is an important part of this as well,” said primary care physician Natasha Withers from One Medical Group in New York.Withers lists a decreased risk of heart disease and improved reaction time as some of the benefits from taking some time



off.“We also know that the mind is very powerful and can help with healing,so a rested, relaxed mind is able to help the body heal better,” said Withers. Psychologists confirm the value of vacations for the mind.“The impact that taking a vacation has on one’s mental health is great,” said Francine Lederer,a clinical psychologist in Los Angeles who specializes in stress and relationship management.“Most people have better life perspective and are more motivated to achieve their goals after a vacation,even if it is a 24hour timeout.” The trips could be good for their health,good for their family and good for their businesses. The online travel agency Expedia conducted a survey about vacation time in 2010,and according to their data the average American earned 18 vacation days—but only used 14 of them.France topped the list,with the average worker earning 37 vacation days and using all but two of them.Americans’ responses may not be surprising in a culture where long hours on the job often are valued,but that’s not always good for the individual,the family or the employer. Psychologists have also found that people who don’t take enough time to relax may find it harder to relax in the future.“Without time and opportunity to do this,the nerve connections that produce feelings of calm and peacefulness become weaker,making it actually more difficult to shift into lessstressed states,” Mulhern said. 6.How did the author introduce the topic of the text? A.By making comparisons. C.By raising questions. B.By giving an example. D.By providing data.

7.According to Natasha Withers,vacations can________.

考单招上高职单招网---A.weaken reaction system B.cure serious diseases C.reduce the level of wellbeing D.decrease the risk of heart disease


8.Expedia’s survey shows that Americans________. A.dislike family gatherings B.have the shortest vacation C.enjoy as many vacations as the French D.think much of spending long hours on the job 9.What can be inferred from the last paragraph? A.One should never wait to relax. B.Work and rest go against each other. C.Time and opportunity wait for no man. D.A relaxed mind determines everything. 10.What is mainly talked about in the text? A.Ways to relax in one’s free time. B.The benefits of taking time off.

考单招上高职单招网---C.Different opinions on holidays. D.The Hostetlers always on the go.


Ⅰ.单项填空 1.解析: 考查交际用语。句意为:——我帮你解决这个数学题吧?——如果你 愿意的话(那就帮一下吧)。if you wish 如果你愿意,符合句意。with pleasure 荣幸之至; you’re welcome 不客气;that’s right 那是对的。 答案: A

2.解析: 考查非谓语动词。分析句子结构可知,a daily news feature 和 focus 是 逻辑上的主谓关系,故用 focusing。 答案: B

3.解析: 考查非谓语动词。句意为:导致这场打斗的争吵开始于他们相互之间 的怀疑。此处为现在分词形式作后臵定语,修饰 The quarrel。 答案: C



4.解析: 考查动词辨析。句意为:如果我们只是把为美国市场开发的产品拿过 来,那么我们将很快沦落到只能打价格战的境地。be reduced to doing 沦落到。 答案: C

5.解析: 考查动词短语辨析。根据语境可知,这位年轻人谦虚而努力,因此逐 步建立了自己的地位。build up 建立,符合题意。take up 占据,从事;bring up 抚养, 教育;put up 搭起,张贴。 答案: C

6.解析: 考查冠词。句意为:众所周知,知识是宝库,而实践是开启宝库的钥 匙。第一空是泛指;第二空是特指,即“开启宝库的钥匙”。 答案: A

7.解析: 考查副词辨析。句意为:因为孩子的饮食习惯在以后的生活中很难改 变,所以父母应在孩子小的时候就鼓励健康的饮食。分析题干可知,句子前后为因果 关系,所以选择 B。 答案: B

8.解析: 考查动词的时态。由空后的 for decades 可推知,此处要用完成时态, 故可以排除 A、D 两项。由下句内容可知,北京这种交通状况是从过去一直持续到现 在,且会持续下去,故应该用进行时态。 答案: C

9.解析: 考查介词辨析。句意为:联合国正努力使世界免受战争的威胁。free sb.from sth.使某人摆脱某事,符合句意。 答案: D




在钓鱼岛海域所发生的事件的不负责任的评论。make comments on 对??进行评论。 答案: A 句意为:林书豪因为精湛的篮球技艺享誉国内外,并赢得了上千的


粉丝。reputation 荣誉;occupation 职业;contribution 贡献;civilization 文明。 答案: A 句意为:他对孩子福利事业的贡献是为了让自己有能力适应他将生


活的这个世界。intend...for 想要,打算使??(成为);make for 向??前进,促进; equip...for 装备,使有能力,使有资格;provide...for 提供。 答案: C 考查短语意义。句意为:总的说来,我觉得这部电影既感人又有趣,


值得你花时间去看。in summary 总的说来,概括起来,符合句意。in order 井然有序; in peace 和平地,和睦地;in return 作为报答;作为回报。 答案: D 考查非谓语动词。句意为:——我遗憾地告诉你约翰已经被解雇了。


——我几乎不能相信我的耳朵。他是一个如此好的工人。regret to tell 意为“遗憾地告 诉”,符合语境。 答案: C 考查非谓语动词。句意为:——谢莉喜欢购物吗?——哦,她情愿


花时间在家阅读也不愿去街上闲逛。spend time (in) doing sth.花时间做某事,又由 “would rather do...than do...”可知后一空填动词原形,故选 B 项。 答案: B



语篇解读 本文是一篇议论文。都说大学是人生最辉煌的时光,但文中的作者却 给出了不同的观点。 1.解析: 细节理解题。根据文章第四段第二、三句“A piece of advice given by the women...making the best of all situations.I think it more accurate than that of my friend...” 可知,答案 C 符合文意。 答案: C

2.解析: 段落大意题。根据文章第二段最后三句可知,作者对现在的大学生活 很满意,但同时对未来也充满了期待,故答案 D 符合文意。 答案: D

3.解析: 细节理解题。根据文章第三段第一句中的“...in which women 100 years or older shared their life experiences and views.”可知,答案 B 正确。 答案: B

4.解析: 句意理解题。根据对文章最后一段的整体理解可知,作者并不满足现 有的成就,而是要继续下去,把整个人生都活得精彩、生动。由此可推知,答案 C 符 合文意。 答案: C

5.解析: 推理判断题。根据对文章的整体理解,尤其是最后一段可推知,作者 是一个不满足于现状的年轻人,是一个积极进取的人。故答案 A“有抱负的”符合文 意。 答案: A



语篇解读 本文是一篇说明文。文章主要说明了休息和度假对人们生活幸福和身 体健康的好处。 6.解析: 推理判断题。根据第一段可知,文章通过 Rae Hostetler 和 Bruce Hostetler 夫妇的例子引出了文章的主题,故选 B。 答案: B

7.解析: 推理判断题。根据文章第二段中的“Rest,relaxation,and stress reduction are very important for people’s wellbeing and health.”以及“but vacation is an important part of this as well”可知,度假对人们的身体健康很重要。 答案: D

8.解析: 细节理解题。根据文章倒数第二段最后一句中的“Americans’ responses may not be surprising in a culture where long hours on the job often are valued”可 知,美国人很认同将大量时间花在工作上的做法。 答案: D

9.解析: 推理判断题。根据最后一段可知,如果没有时间和机会休息,时间久 了会使得产生平静和安静的感情神经变得很弱,从而就更难产生让人放松的感觉了, 由此可推知,选 A。A 项意为“我们要及时休息”。 答案: A 主旨大意题。文章第一段通过 Rae Hostetler 和 Bruce Hostetler 夫妇的


例子引出了文章的主题,即度假休息有利于人们的身心健康。 答案: B