高考英语一轮复习 阅读理解专题训练(二)

贵州仁怀市 2017 高考英语阅读理解专题一轮训练(二)
阅读理解。阅读下列短文, 从给的四个选项 (A、B、C 和 D) 中, 选出最佳选项。 Something that has always interested me about Abraham Lincoln is, not surprisingly, his sense of humor. As far as I can tell, he’s the first American President to have one. That’s because the term“sense of humor”really wasn’t in common usage until the eighteen sixties and seventies. In the eighteen forties and fifties, it was called“the sense of the ridiculous”, and didn’t have the positive connotations(隐含意义)that“sense of humor”has today. Back then, what was ridiculous was what invited ridicule(讥笑). Funniness and cruelty went hand in hand. Of course, they still do a lot of arm-in-arm walking in our day as well. Lincoln’s humor was very different because, for one thing, it was actually“humor”as what the word meant in his time. We don’t make the distinction between“wit(风趣)”and“humor”anymore; but in the nineteenth century people did. Wit was unpleasant and offensive while humor was pleasant and sympathetic. It’s the difference we note now when we distinguish between“laughing with”and“laughing at”. Lincoln was much more about“laughing with”than“laughing at”. And when“laughing at”, it was often himself he was teasing. In the famous Lincoln-Douglas debate, when Douglas accused Lincoln of being two-faced, Lincoln replied, referencing his plain looking, “Honestly, if I were two-faced, would I be showing you this one? ”And, in a way, Lincoln’s face itself tells us much about his sense of humor. You can comb through thousands of photographs of politicians, soldiers, and the like from Lincoln’s time and not find a single smile. True, the long exposures(曝光)required for photographs of that time made smiling difficult. Yet Lincoln alone, as far as I can tell, overcame that difficulty. Interestingly, while having a sense of humor, or at least the appearance of one provided by comedy writers, has become a necessary characteristic for an American President in our time, in the nineteenth century, too much humor was considered a problem. And that was the case for Lincoln. A journalist covering the Lincoln-Douglas debate commented that“I could not take a real personal liking to the man, owing to an inborn weakness for which he was even then notorious and so remained during his great public career, he was extremely fond of jokes, anecdotes, and stories. ” 【文章大意】 说起第 16 任美国总统亚伯拉罕·林肯, 很多人会立即想起他对解放黑奴和维护美利坚联邦完 整所做出的巨大贡献, 想起他能言善辩的口才和妙语连珠的演讲, 但却很少有人知道, 林肯的“幽默感”


也开创了一个新时代。 1. We can infer from Paragraph 2 that .

A. the American President could influence the use of English B. the term“sense of humor”wasn’t invented until the 1860s C. what is funny to someone might be offensive to someone else D. the concept of humor remains the same despite the passing of time 【解析】选 C 。推理判断题。根据该段中“didn’t have the positive connotations that‘sense of humor’has today(没有今天幽默感所具有的积极的隐含意义)”和“Back then, what was ridiculous was what invited ridicule. (在当时, 好笑的事就是招致讥笑的事。)”可知 C 项正确。 2. The underlined words“this one”in Paragraph 4 refer to A. Lincoln’s unattractive face B. Lincoln’s sense of humor C. the debate they were having D. cruelty that went with funniness 【解析】选 A。词义猜测题。在林肯与道格拉斯的辩论中, 道格拉斯批评林肯是两面派, 而林肯提到自己相 貌平平(his plain looking), 接着指出“如果我是两面派, 我还会向你展现我相貌平平的一面吗”。这说 明林肯很幽默。 3. We rarely see people from Lincoln’s time wear a smile in their photos because A. being humorous was considered inappropriate B. they found it quite funny to smile before the camera C. not smiling for photographs was the fashion D. photography technology then was not advanced 【解析】 选 D。 细节理解题。 从原文倒数第二段可知“当时摄影时, 照片曝光时间比较长, 这使得拍照时, 人 们很难保持微笑”。 4. What might the writer think of the journalist covering the Lincoln-Douglas debate? A. His comment accurately reflected his time. B. He created a false picture of Lincoln. C. He was prejudiced and self-centered. D. He was brave to point out Lincoln’s weakness. 【解析】选 A。推理判断题。报道林肯与道格拉斯的辩论的记者所说的话准确地反映了当时那个时代。 . .


社会文化(阅读理解)由 (2012 重庆,C)改编 There is no better way to enjoy Scottish traditions than going fishing and tasting a little bit of whisky (威士忌)at a quiet place like the Inverlochy Castle.When Queen Victoria visited the castle in 1873 she wrote in her diary,“I never saw a lovelier spot.” And she didn’t even go fishing. Scotland is not easily defined.In certain moments,this quiet land of lakes and grasses and mountains changes before your very eyes.When evening gently sweeps the hillside into orange light,the rivers,teeming with fish,can turn into streams of gold.As you settle down with just a fishing pole and a basket on the bank of River Orchy,near the Inverlochy Castle,any frustration ( 烦恼) will float away as gently as the circling water.It’s just you and purple,pink,white flowers,seeking a perfect harmony.If you are a new comer to fishing,learning the basics from a fishing guide may leave you with a lifetime’s fun.For many,fishing is more than a sport;it is an art. Scotland offers interesting places where you can rest after a long day’s fishing.Set against a wild mountain and hidden behind woodland,the beautiful Inverlochy Castle Hotel below the Nevis is a perfect place to see the beauty of Scotland’s mountains.Ben Nevis is the highest of all British mountains,and reaching its 1343-metre top is a challenge.But it’s not just what goes up that matters; what comes down is unique.More than 900 metres high,on the mountain’s north face,lies an all-important source of pure water.Its name comes from the Gaelic language “usquebaugh”or “water of life”;and it is the single most important ingredient (原料 ) in Scotland’s best known drink:whisky. 1.The story of Queen Victoria is to show that A.the Queen is rich in tour experience B.the Castle is a good place to go in Scotland C.tasting whisky is better than going fishing D.1873 is a special year for the Queen 2.How is Paragraph 2 mainly developed?( A.By giving descriptions. ) .

B.By following time order.

C.By analyzing causes. D.By making comparisons. 3.What is Ben Nevis special for?( )

A.The Inverlochy Castle Hotel. B.The beauty of its surroundings. C.The water from the mountain. D.The challenge up to its top. 4.What is the main purpose of the passage?( A.To introduce Scottish traditions to tourists. B.To show the attractions of Scotland to readers. C.To explore geographical characteristics of Scotland. D.To describe the pleasures of life in Scotland. 语篇解读:苏格兰是一个好地方,是一个著名的旅游胜地,漂亮的城堡、美丽的河流等令人流连忘返。本 文对此作了介绍。 答案及剖析:1.B 推理判断题。作者在第一段用女王的评价“I never saw a lovelier spot.”是为 )

了说明苏格兰的这座城堡 Inverlochy Castle 是一个值得去的好地方。 2.A 事实细节题。第二段作者分别描绘了几个场景:静静的湖泊,草地和山脉交互转换,落日余晖下金 色的山坡和溪流,鲜花相伴在河边垂钓。故答案为 A。 3.C 事实细节题。根据文章最后一段中的“what comes down is unique”可知,从山上流下的东西(当 然是后文中说到的)pure water 是独特的,因为“...it is the single most important ingredient (原料) in Scotland’s best known drink:whisky.”故 C 项与此内容相符。 4.B 主旨大意题。通读全文可知 , 文章旨在向读者展示苏格兰的几个旅游景点 (the Inverlochy

Castle,River Orchy,Ben Nevis 等)。 【长难句子分析】


阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出最佳选项。 【2014 统一模拟】 Car Talk When I got the driving license last summer, Mom and I took our first trip around an empty parking lot. Then I found that my mother was not the best teacher for me. It wasn't that she shouted,

or told me that I was doing poorly. As you can imagine, my mother's "helpful instructions" only managed to make me more nervous. Since I could no longer practice with her, the job was placed in the hands of my father. The idea of learning from Dad was not one that thrilled me. I loved him dearly, but I just did not see Dad as someone I could be comfortable learning from. He almost never talked. We shared a typical father-daughter relationship. He'd ask how school was, and I'd say it was fine. Unfortunately, that was the most of our conversations. Spending hours alone with someone who might as well have been a stranger really scared me. As we got into the car that first time, I was not surprised at what happened. Dad and I drove around, saying almost nothing, aside from a few instructions on how to turn. As my lessons went on, however, things began to change. Dad would turn the radio up so I could fully appreciate his favorite Stones music. And he actually began talking. I was soon hearing about past failed dates, "basic body" gym class, and other tales from his past, including some of his first meeting with Mom. Dad' s sudden chattiness was shocking until I thought about why he was telling me so much in the car. In all the years that I had wondered why my father never spoke that much, I had never stopped to consider that it was because I had never bothered to listen. Homework, friends, and even TV had all called me away from him, and, consequently, I never thought my quiet father had anything to say. Since I began driving with him, my driving skill has greatly increased. More important, though, is that my knowledge of who my father is has also increased. Just living with him wasn't enough —it took driving with him for me to get to know someone who was a mystery. 59. The author couldn't practice driving with her mother because A. she couldn't talk with her mother C. her mother made her nervous B. her father wanted to teach her D. she didn't trust her mother . .

60. At first, the idea of learning driving from her father made her A. happy B. uneasy C. satisfied D. disappointed

61. What surprised the author when the driving lessons went on? A. Her Dad liked modern music. C. Her Dad was a chatty person. B. Her Dad was the best teacher. D. Her Dad told her his sad stories. .

62. With her story "Car Talk", the author indicates that

A. fathers love their daughters dearly B. mothers are less patient than fathers C. family members need real communication D. it takes time to improve the father-daughter relationship 【参考答案】59. C 60. B 61. C 62. C

阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、D)中,选出最佳选项。 【2014 统一模拟】 Now Hear This What do former American president Bill Clinton and rock musician Pete Townshend have in common.'? Both men have hearing damage from exposure to loud music, and both now wear hearing aids as a consequence. As a teenager, Clinton played saxophone in a band. Townshend, who has the more severe hearing loss, was a guitarist for a band called the Who. He is one of the first rock musicians to call the public's attention to the problem of hearing loss from exposure to loud music. Temporary hearing loss can happen after only 15 minutes of listening to loud music. One early warning sign is when your ears begin to feel warm while you listen to music at a rock concert or through headphones. One later is that an unusual sound or a ringing is sometimes produced in your head after the concert. "What happens is that the hair cells in the inner ear are damaged, but they're not dead," says physician and ear specialist Dr. Sam Levine. According to Dr. Levine, if you avoid further exposure to loud noise, it's possible to recondition the cells somewhat. However, he adds, "Eventually, over a long period of time, hair cells are permanently damaged." And this is no small problem. What sound level is dangerous? According to Dr. Levine, regular exposure to noise above 85 decibels (分贝) is considered dangerous. The chart below offers a comparison of decibel levels to certain sounds. Here's another measurement you can use. If you're at a rock concert and the music is so loud that you have to shout to make yourself heard, you' re at risk for hearing loss. That's when wearing protective devices such as earplugs becomes critical.

The facts are pretty frightening. But are rock bands turning down the volume.'? Most aren't. "Rock music is supposed to be loud," says drummer Andrew Sather. "I wouldn't have it any other way. And neither would the real fans of rock. " Continued exposure to loud music and the failure to wear earplugs can lead to deafness, according to Dr. Levine. He states, "There's no cure for hearing loss. Your ears are trying to tell you something. That ringing is the scream of your hair cells dying. Each time that happens, more and more damage is done. " Levels of Common Noises Normal conversation Food blender 50 — 65 dB 88 dB 103 dB 110 — 140 dB .

Jet plane flying above a person standing outside Rock band during a concert 63. From Paragraph 1, we can learn that A. loud music is a major cause of hearing loss B. famous people tend to have hearing problems C. teenagers should stay away from school bands D. the problem of hearing damage is widely known 64. In Paragraph 3, the underlined word "recondition" means A. not to be seen C. to become larger in size B. to fill with sound D. to make good again


65. The purpose of the chart at the end of the article is to show A. a list of harmful sounds B. the effect of rock concerts C. the noise levels of familiar sounds D. relationship between daily activities and hearing loss 66. Which of the following statements will Dr. Sam Levine probably agree? A. When your ears feel warm, your hair cells are dead. B. Drummer Andrew Sather gives good advice. C. Many are taking the risk of losing hearing. D. Doctors know how to cure hearing loss. 【参考答案】63. A 64. D 65. B 66. C




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