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Unit 5 First aid

I. 用上面黑体的单词或短语的适当形式填空 A number of 1)_____________________ people were waiting for having the driving test this morning. 2) Please make your room tidy and put everything in place ________________________. 3) Say it _____________________ until you over and over again remember it. 4) She has to stay at home because her son has fallen ill __________________. First aid 5) _________________ is a temporary form of help given to someone who suddenly falls ill or gets injured before a doctor can be found. 6) A proper amount of exercise can _________________________ to your state of health. make a difference

I. 用上面黑体的单词或短语的适当形式填空 7) Almost everyone has ever met such a case where you need something badly but you won’t put your hands on ________________________________ it at the moment. poisoned 8) The workers were __________________ because of the mushrooms. Now they are being treated _________________ in the hospital. 9) Don’t eat too much food with pepper(辣椒). It is throat bad for your __________________. 10) Hardly had I got home when the rain was pouring _____________________ steadily down. pressure 11) Don’t put too much ________________ on the child. He may not stand it.


巧记忆) injuries In order to deal with common _______________, first it’s very important for us to know some knowledge of _____ aid temporary __________. In our daily life, we often need ____________ bleeding treatment when someone’s nose is ____________ or when skin someone’s ____________ is mildly burnt. In an emergency, put our hands on we should __________ __________ ___________ _______ the apply proper settlement and ______________ our first aid knowledge into practice. Besides, we need ___________ and quick action. bravery For the purpose of performing first aid properly, we can know symptoms about some common ________________ and remember the over and over again first aid processes ______ _______ _______ ______. However, unbearable it is if the situation is complex or the injures are ___________, necessary to call for an __________. ________ is ambulanceThe hospital treatment more professional. It does not mean that first aid is of little use On ______ the contrary ____ _____, the timely help will be of vital importance. make a ______ difference Remember that first aid can _________ ____________!

injury poison danger variety

动词 injure
poison /

injured poisonous dangerous



+可数名词 many; scores of; dozens of; a number of; large numbers of; a good many
much; a large amount of; a large sum of


plenty of; a lot of ; lots of; +可数名词 a large quantity of; +不可数名词 large quantities of

选词填空 1. stuck to 2. had given first aid to 3. over and over again 4. in place 5. got injured 6. prevent…from 7. a variety of

选词填空 1. over and over again 2. take part in 3. fell ill 4. make a difference 5. no doubt 6. cut off


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