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Dear All:This is a professional English group that can provide a platform to help you improve yo ur English grade and know the English world. You can discuss with other people for the topic of war,economy,politics,culture,history,tour,dres s,cate and hobby...etc in this group.We foresee the future of world and discussing the future,today.We reflect the history and learn the experienc e and lensson ,today.Of course,we grasp today, today.We are determined to build the world's largest English discussing group.Trust us,2398416 19 it is worth for you to join.
Dear all:Please alter your group card to the type of Nationality/Origin province—English name.For example:China/Henan-Frank.
We can abide advertisement appear in our group.But we can not abide the staff who make advertisement by Chinese language.
English Paradise Information Security Notice:The information contatined in this mail (and any a ttachment transmitted herewith) is privileged and confidential and is intended for the exclusive use of the a ddressee(s). If you are not an intended recipient,any disclosure,reproduction,distribution or other disseminatio n or use of the information contained is strictly prohibited.If you have recieved this message error,please d elete it and notify us immediatly.


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