高考英语 专题检测卷(二十六) 阅读理解

专题检测卷(二十六) 阅读理解
(建议用时:25 分钟) A 体裁 说明文 题材 球迷癖好 词数 291 On the morning of Super Bowl Sunday in February, I didn’t have to think about what to wear. It was smelly, shabby and too small for me, but none of that mattered - it was my lucky NFL football jersey(运动衫), a black-and-gold No. 36 Jerome Bettis shirt. My dad bought it for me when I was little. I would wear it every day that the Pittsburgh Steelers, my favorite NFL team, played a game. On this particular day, I couldn’t dream of breaking my habit. Sports superstitions like mine are extremely common in the United States, because being a sports fan is a bit like practicing a religion. Just as religious people perform various rituals(仪式)to send love to their gods, sports fans’ routines send supportive energy to their favorite teams. All sports fans stubbornly believe that this helps their teams win. For years, my friends and I would watch the Steelers play football on the same TV, eating the same snacks, wearing the same clothes. We’d even do bizarre things. During crucial plays, we would each grab our left foot and be completely silent. We thought this gave our team favor with the “football gods”. That Sunday, back in 2009, the football gods smiled on us - while we each held onto our left foot, Santonio Holmes caught a pass from Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers won their sixth Super Bowl. As I looked around at the fans celebrating in the Pittsburgh streets, I could see that they felt they had won the game themselves. And in a way, they had—their weird(奇怪的)rituals had worked. None of them asked me to change into a better-smelling shirt. 1. What is the purpose of the text? A. To describe his enthusiasm for football. B. To show why sports fans are superstitious in the US. C. To introduce some common sports superstitions in the US. D. To tell the connection between sports superstitions with religions. 2. What do the underlined words “my habit” in the first paragraph refer to? A. Watching his favorite NFL team play football. B. Performing various religious rituals. C. Wearing the same jersey to cheer for the Steelers. D. Playing football with his friends in the same clothes. 3. The underlined word “bizarre” in the fourth paragraph is closest in meaning to . A. strange B. shameful C. powerful D. inappropriate 4. What can we conclude from the text? A. In the US, some sports fans are as loyal and faithful as religious people. B. Several rituals sports fans do in the US are the same ones used in major religions. C. The author’s smelly jersey dissatisfied his friends who watched games with him. D. It is regarded as impolite to grab one’s left foot while watching football games.

B (2013· 武汉模拟) 体裁 广告 题材 介绍大峡谷漂流 词数 291 Rafting the Grand Canyon Welcomes You! For exciting, fun and challenging white water tours, Rafting the Grand Canyon is here to help you plan the right tour for you. Whether you want to travel for two days or ten, hike in or not, go on an oar raft or motorized trip, we will help you find the trip that meets your needs. For those who will be vacationing on the off-season a trip on the Native American Red River rafting is available year around or a one-day trip is available on the Colorado River from Diamond Creek to Pierce Ferry(about three hours from Las Vegas). Most of the trips depart from Lees Ferry, Arizona(approximately 21/2 hours from the south rim of the Grand Canyon). We offer partial trips which allow you to get on or off at Phantom Ranch located at the bottom of the Grand Canyon National Park South Rim. Requiring a hike in or out, with proper planning the horse ride up or down is also an option. Most trips occur between April and October. Since all rafting on the Colorado requires a permit, planning and reserving your trip requires reservations well in advance. Please let us know when you would like to go and we will contact all the river concessionaires(特许权 获得者)to help you find the best trip for you. For planning your trip, questions, concerns or to make your reservations, please email or call the toll free number below. Since these trips are limited we highly recommend you make your reservations months in advance. To talk to a live person call us toll free: 1-800-222-6966 or 702-655-6060 If you have any questions regarding a trip, please CLICK HERE to fill out our form. This will speed up the process of getting you accurate information regarding your trip. If you would like to send us an email other than about an up-coming trip you can contact us at info@raftingthegrandcanyon. com. We look forward to helping you plan your trip! 5. If you don’t want to take an all-distance trip, you can start at . A. Diamond Creek B. Lees Ferry C. Phantom Ranch D. Pierce Ferry 6. On the trip on the Grand Canyon, you are not recommended to enjoy . A. oar raft rowing B. traveling on foot C. animal riding D. swimming entertainment 7. At which time of the following is an off-season trip on the Grand Canyon? A. June. B. February. C. October. D. September. 8. Rafting the Grand Canyon doesn’t suggest the readers contact them in the way of . A. calling at it in person B. filling out a form C. sending an email

D. making a call C (2013· 桂林模拟) 体裁 记叙文 题材 环境保护 词数 275 Have you ever thought, “I wish I could take a year off and just travel around the world”? Well, three lucky American teenagers were able to do just that. The teens—two males and one female—got an all-expenses paid, year-long hike to five continents. This trip didn’t include any five-star hotels or shopping fun. Eighteen-year-old Jamie Fiel from Keller, Texas, 17-year-old Arsen Ewing from Canyon, California, and 16-year-old Tyler Robinson from Lincoln, Massachusetts, didn’t expect fancy treatment. They signed up for the experience of a lifetime, which included hard work, often uncomfortable accommodations, and encounters with some of nature’s most dangerous animals and environments. Jamie, Arsen, and Tyler were among hundreds of high school kids nominated(推荐)by their science teachers to take this trip. Earthwatch Institute sponsored(赞助)this adventure. Each year, Earthwatch employs thousands of volunteers worldwide to help with scientific research projects. The group went all around the world to get a close look at the most pressing environmental issues of our time. Their assignments were as varied as their locations, and included measuring and attending pink flamingos in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, and tracking giant sea turtles in Costa Rica. As they worked with the Earthwatch scientists, Jamie, Arsen, and Tyler began to understand that we are at a critical moment in the life of our planet. Time for change is running out. As the teens went from country to country and witnessed different environmental dangers and challenges, they understood that solutions to important environmental issues start with the power of one person’s actions. They realized that each of them can make a difference. 9. These teenagers went on the journey around the world . A. to experience the most serious environmental problems on the earth B. to bring the kindness of America to the other parts of the world C. to go on sightseeing around the world D. to call on more teenagers to join Earthwatch Institute 10. What’s TRUE about their journey? A. They had to pay for their journey at their own expense. B. They often had to move from one hotel to another. C. They had to take great pains to collect environmental information. D. They received a warm welcome every time they arrived at a new place. 11. It can be inferred that Earthwatch Institute could be . A. an international university that takes in students from all over the world B. a TV station that makes programs on the beautiful scenery of the earth C. a travel agency that organizes adventure trips specially for school children D. an organization that brings science to life for people concerned about earth’s environment 12. What did these teenagers learn from the journey? A. It was high time that people should protect the environment. B. A long journey was not suitable for school children. C. It should take the whole world to help the children. D. Environmental problems can be solved if school children take part. 【拓展训练】 阅读 A 篇文章, 回答下列问题。 1. Why doesn’t the author like to change a better smelling shirt when watching his favorite team playing?

_____________________________________________________________ 2. What is the best title of the passage? (no more than 10 words) _____________________________________________________________

答案解析 【文章大意】文章讲述了体坛怪癖: 球迷为祈求球队胜利, 每逢比赛必吃同样的零食。 1. 【解析】选 B。主旨大意题。本文作者主要通过自己的经历来说明在美国为什么球迷会有一点迷信, 在 为自己支持的球队呐喊助威时会有一些特别的习惯, 所以答案为 B。 C 项是个干扰项, 作者列举了自己和朋 友的一些习惯, 是为了说明为什么 sports fans are superstitious, 而不是为了介绍在美国普遍存在的体 育迷信, 这些行为本身也不是普遍行为, 所以 C 项不对。 2. 【解析】选 C。词义猜测题。由第一段倒数第二句话可知 C 项为正确答案。 3. 【解析】选 A。词义猜测题。bizarre 对应倒数第二段的“And in a way, they had—their weird rituals had worked. ”所以可以判断它表示“奇怪的”。 4. 【解析】选 A。推理判断题。由第二段可以推知在美国一些球迷就如同一些教徒一样虔诚, 保持一些特 别的习惯, 为自己支持的球队加油, 故 A 正确。 【文章大意】这是一则广告, 介绍到大峡谷漂流的相关信息。 5. 【解析】 选 C。 细节理解题。 由第三段中的“We offer partial trips which allow you to get on or off at Phantom Ranch. . . ”可知, 如果你不想从头到尾地参加这次旅行, 你也可以在 Phantom Ranch 这个地方加入或离开, 只参加部分旅行。 6. 【解析】选 D。推理判断题。本题可用排除法, A 项与文中的“. . . go on an oar raft or motorized trip. . . ” 一致, B 项与文中的“Requiring a hike in or out . . . ”一致, C 项与文中的“. . . the horse ride up or down is also an option”吻合, 只有 D 项 swimming entertainment 文中没有提到。 7. 【解析】选 B。细节理解题。根据第三段中的“Most trips occur between April and October. ”可知, B 项 February 是旅游淡季。 8.【解析】选 A。细节理解题。根据文章后半部分可知, 只有 A 项 calling at it in person 文中没有提及。 【文章大意】本文通过三位青少年环球旅行的事例呼吁人们保护环境。 9. 【解析】选 A。细节理解题。根据短文第四段第一句可知, 他们进行环球旅行的目的是亲身体验一些严 重的环境问题。 10. 【解析】选 C。细节理解题。根据短文第二段可知, 这次旅行没有五星级宾馆也没有购物的快乐, 食宿 不舒服, 还常常会遇到危险。 11. 【解析】 选 D。 推理判断题。 根据第三段最后一句及这次旅行所从事的活动推测可知, Earthwatch Institute 是一个推广环保科学知识的组织。 12. 【解析】 选 A。 推理判断题。 根据短文最后一段“. . . we are at a critical moment in the life of our planet. Time for change is running out. ”推测可知, 人们保护环境已刻不容缓。 【拓展训练】 1. Because he always thinks the shirt will give his team luck/make his team win. 2. Sports Superstitions’ Strange Habits for Blessing/Helping Their Team to Win



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